John B Haircut

Should You Try John B Haircut? An Honest Review

In the contemporary portrayal of the lead character, John B, in Outer Banks, as portrayed by Chase Stokes, his rugged beach aesthetic and sun-kissed hair evoke a striking allure that resonates strongly with many adolescent viewers.

A discernible trend is emerging, not solely in their sartorial preferences but also in their chosen hairstyles. Consequently, our focus shall be directed towards the hairstyle sported by John B, portrayed by Chase Stokes, in Outer Banks, along with the requisite elements for its emulation.

A Little About John B

John B, aged 28, hails from the Outer Banks region. During his childhood, he experienced the divorce of his parents, subsequently relocating to reside with his father, who is a marine biologist. Tragically, at the age of seven, he faced the loss of his mother. Throughout his formative years, he was accompanied by his close confidant, JJ. You may also read Hair Envy Reviews and Folix 22 Reviews.

What Is John B Hairstyle? Step-By-Step Guide

The main character in The Outer Banks is John Booker Routledge. John B sports a layered haircut with abundant texture, evoking a beachy or surfer aesthetic.

Characterized by a longer, textured top and short sides, John B’s hairstyle offers a striking contrast. It’s particularly well-suited for individuals with naturally wavy hair, seamlessly blending with their hair type.

Those with straight hair can emulate this look by introducing natural waves using wave cream or sea salt spray.

Minimal styling is required for the John B hairstyle, as it’s not meant to appear meticulously groomed but rather effortlessly tousled. Its relaxed, disheveled appearance contributes to its surfer vibe.

Overall, I commend the John B hairstyle for its departure from current trends, opting for a shorter, more refined aesthetic. If you aspire to replicate this style, be prepared for a journey of patience as your hair grows out.

Considering The Hair Type

One primary consideration to keep in mind pertains to hair type and texture. It’s essential to acknowledge that this particular haircut may not complement every hair type universally. Individuals with dead-straight, Asian, excessively thick, or overly curly hair may find it challenging to replicate precisely the look sported by John B. (Chase Stokes). Moreover, those with particularly thin hair may encounter difficulties in recreating this style.

Chase Stokes possesses hair characterized by a moderate thickness with a subtle wave, allowing it to achieve its distinctive appearance. While sufficiently thick, his hair retains a certain fluidity that contributes to its overall aesthetic. Conversely, excessively thin hair tends to lack volume and may fall flat, whereas hair that is overly thick and straight may struggle to achieve the desired texture and movement, resulting in a less-than-ideal outcome.

Considering The Hair Length For John B Haircut

The second aspect to consider is hair length. This style necessitates considerable length, and Chase Stokes boasts an abundance of hair!

When compared to current men’s hair trends, particularly here in Australia, gentlemen aspiring for this haircut will need to embark on a substantial journey of hair growth. Approximately 5-7 inches of length are required all around.

Thus, if you are committed to cultivating your hair to such lengths, then achieving this hairstyle is within reach, albeit over time. However, if not, perhaps this style isn’t the best fit for you!

Should you aspire to grow your hair, whether for this particular style or in general, a valuable tip to heed is this: approach hair growth akin to a marathon. Frequent trims during the growth phase only impede progress and prolong the journey to your desired length.

Certainly, there comes a juncture where split ends may emerge, necessitating a trim to foster continued growth and maintain hair health. Apart from such instances, allow your hair the liberty to flourish!

What Will You Need To Make John B Haircut?

  • Shaping gel, hairspray, or gel mousse are all viable options.
  • A hairbrush or comb can be utilized.
  • The use of a blow dryer is optional in this context.

Begin by growing out the hair at the crown of your head.

The uppermost section of lengthy hair atop the crown serves as the focal point for crafting the windswept allure of this gentleman’s flow hairstyle.

The attainment of haircut perfection necessitates both patience and diligent effort. The reason for emphasizing “patience and hard work” lies in the requirement to initiate hair growth, particularly if one’s hair length falls short of medium or long. This process may span several months contingent upon the current length.

The optimal length for the upper hair in a flowing hairstyle is deemed to extend to the level of the ears.

Styling John B Haircut

  1. This hairstyle necessitates minimal styling, as its intent is not to achieve a meticulously groomed appearance, but rather an effortlessly tousled aesthetic that appears casually arranged. The inherent texture and gentle waves contribute to a relaxed, yet deliberately unkempt look – evoking the essence of a carefree surfer persona.
  2. The application of a sea salt spray would be ideal to impart this hairstyle with requisite hold, volume, and textural definition. Sea salt spray serves as an effective tool for augmenting the natural waviness of the hair.
  3. In summary, we endorse the John B hairstyle for its embodiment of a cool, laid-back beach-inspired demeanor. It stands in stark contrast to prevailing trends characterized by short haircuts and fades – a departure that underscores the merit of embracing change. However, it bears emphasis that the suitability of this style hinges upon individual factors. For those with shorter hair aspiring to emulate this aesthetic, it is imperative to brace oneself for the patience-testing process of growing out one’s locks.


Numerous men’s hairstyles may fluctuate in popularity, yet one enduring style that has consistently maintained its appeal is the casual and tousled aesthetic.

Surfer Hair epitomizes the quintessential summer haircut, imbuing its wearer with the aura of belonging on a sun-drenched beach and the refreshing scent of the sea wafting through their locks. This style complements a wide array of individuals seeking a relaxed appearance, and its upkeep is notably straightforward.


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