Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions? Real Reason

I comprehend every situation thoroughly. I have been a dedicated user of Eyelash Extensions for nearly six years. Despite multiple attempts to discontinue, each endeavor was met with a relapse. The most challenging aspect was confronting my bare eyelashes daily; no remedy proved effective. My dependence had grown to such an extent that only a few solitary strands remained for my mascara to adhere to.

Now, having maintained a clean streak for four months, I am pleased to declare that I have successfully overcome my lifelong addiction to lash extensions.

To clarify, reflecting upon my once luxuriant (albeit artificial) lashes from years past, they provided a remarkably voluminous appearance, enhancing the apparent width of my eyes. However, fast forward to six months ago, when the meager remnants left me with minimal material to enhance, I resolved to cease indefinitely.

My Experience With Eyelash Extension

My initial visit, along with each subsequent appointment, proved to be a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. Upon arrival, I was courteously ushered into a private room where I was invited to recline in a comfortable chair reminiscent of those used for facial treatments. Despite the slight chill in the room, I was promptly provided with lightweight blankets until I achieved optimal comfort. Following this, my eyes were gently shielded with a protective paper mask secured in place with medical tape, ensuring their safety during the procedure. This sensation, albeit peculiar, conveyed a sense of meticulous care.

With reassurance regarding my comfort, the technician meticulously began the process of affixing the new lashes onto my existing ones. Notably, the intriguing aspect of eyelash extensions lies in the inability to witness the transformation as it unfolds; a testament to placing trust in the expertise of the technician to tailor the lashes to one’s unique eye shape.

Towards the conclusion of the session, a gentle breeze brushed against my face as a miniature fan hastened the drying of the adhesive. The technician, Daniel, diligently conducted a final inspection of my newly adorned lashes, ensuring their perfection. Following his approval, the protective tape and masks were delicately removed, cautioning me to open my eyes gradually due to potential discomfort, which, albeit fleeting, was swiftly alleviated. Presented with a handheld mirror, I beheld the remarkable outcome: a luxurious array of long, voluminous lashes, fulfilling my aspirations.

Despite the duration of the process, which passed unnoticed as I succumbed to a tranquil slumber, the overall experience was undeniably serene and gratifying. However, my decision to forgo future eyelash extensions stems not from any flaw in the procedure itself, which I found to be impeccable, but rather from other considerations, which I shall now elucidate.

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How Long Can A Lash Extention Last?

In my experience, being in denial about the loss of (almost) all of one’s lashes is a familiar trait. Thus, I am here to convey that it is unnecessary to resign oneself to this state indefinitely. Madeline affirms, “Having extensions applied for a special occasion is not detrimental.”

Madeline explains that lash extensions are crafted to endure 6-8 weeks, naturally shedding during the telogen (resting) phase of the hair cycle.

Should one wish to incorporate lash extensions into their permanent beauty regimen, Madeline recommends adopting a pattern of alternating between periods of 6-8 weeks of application and 6-8 weeks of abstention. This practice gives follicles the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.

Quit Expensive

The principal factor prompting my discontinuation of lash extensions was the challenge of maintaining regular appointments. With each successive session, the experience grew less enjoyable. Gradually, I began to observe the adverse effects fill-ins were inflicting upon my natural lashes.

A typical lash extension procedure requires approximately 2 hours, followed by fill-in sessions every 4 weeks, each lasting about 45 minutes. However, for individuals with a faster lash fallout cycle, salon visits every 2 weeks might become necessary. These appointments evolved into burdensome tasks, disrupting the delicate balance between my personal and professional commitments. I referred to it as my beauty regimen, which was encroaching upon more significant aspects of my life.

By the 5th fill-in, I found myself ruminating, “Opting for a facial or a massage would have proven far more rejuvenating.” Regrettably, the harm had already been inflicted, leaving behind the remnants of my once-lush lashes.

The initial lash extension expenditure amounted to $150, with subsequent fill-in appointments costing $65 each over the ensuing months. Can you fathom investing approximately $600 solely on eyelash enhancements? Regrettably, I did. You may want to read  Miss Actually Eyelashes Reviews and NuVega Lash Reviews.

Time Consumption

Upon reflection, my initial motivation for pursuing this endeavor was to streamline my morning cosmetics regimen, thereby enhancing efficiency. In this regard, the endeavor proved successful. However, the cumulative time expended on attending numerous refill appointments significantly outweighed the time saved during application in front of the mirror.

Moreover, it became evident that I devoted more time to refining the application of other eye makeup components due to the challenges posed by the precise maneuvering of brushes to avoid contact with the newly applied lashes. Additionally, I found myself allocating extended periods to facial cleansing routines, exercising heightened caution to prevent excessive exposure of water or cleanser to the delicate eye area, as such exposure might compromise the adhesive securing the extensions.

Unnecessary Inconvenience

The inconvenience extended beyond the necessity of attending my top-up appointments. It entailed adapting to a new sleeping position, as it is undesirable to awaken with creases in one’s lashes from prolonged facial contact during slumber. Additionally, there arose the inevitable frustration as my lashes approached their final two weeks before requiring a fill, transitioning from full volume to sparse, irregular strands reminiscent of spider legs.

Best Alternative Lash Extensions

Now that my lashes have returned to their natural state, I predominantly rely on mascara for enhancement. However, I discovered a safer alternative to traditional lash extensions: a DIY lash lift procedure. After procuring a lash lift kit, I administered the treatment in the comfort of my own home. Its simplicity and chemical-free nature instilled confidence in me. While my initial attempt yielded subpar results, as anticipated from the guidance found in various blogs, I persisted. After eight weeks, I repeated the process.

This time, the outcome was remarkable. A simple application of mascara transformed my lashes into a stunning feature.

The cost of a DIY lash lift, approximately $40, offers significant savings, providing at least 15 applications. Thus, it presents both economic benefits and enduring enhancements in one package.

The Liaison Hair Bond Lash Lifting Kit stands out as one of the finest beauty solutions for home applications. Offering swift and chemical-free enhancement, I wholeheartedly recommend this kit based on my personal experience. Opting for DIY treatment in the convenience of your own space proves more advantageous than spending money at a salon.

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Wrapping Up

In assessing the suitability of eyelash extensions, it’s essential to weigh the various advantages and disadvantages. Factors including maintenance requirements, associated costs, and the potential effects on your natural lashes warrant careful consideration.

Ultimately, the decision rests on your individual requirements, preferences, and financial considerations. Personally, I’ve observed a marked improvement in the health of my natural eyelashes since discontinuing the use of eyelash extensions.


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