Miss Actually Eyelashes Reviews

Miss Actually Eyelashes Reviews: Just Another Gimmick?

Are you sick of putting on fake eyelashes to make yourself seem better? You’re not the only one if you said yes. Long, black, and thick lashes significantly enhance one’s appearance. We must, however, rely on substitutes like falsies and lash extensions because not everyone is born with them. Despite the fact that those options work, this review will be useful for individuals looking for reasonably priced, excellent lashes that will last for days. This review will talk about the lashes that the Miss Actually company sells. We should investigate the veracity of these Miss Actually Eyelashes Reviews as they are receiving a lot of positive online feedback.

Miss Actually Eyelashes Reviews: Are They Worth the Hype or Just Another Gimmick?

Miss Actually is a female-owned and operated company. They want to motivate people and give everyone access to cost-efficient beauty products. Their well-known lashes are handcrafted, and they promise a two-week lifespan. To satisfy everyone’s demands and tastes, they come in a range of designs, lengths, and thicknesses.

Miss Actually Eyelashes are reusable, quick-to-apply adhesive eyelashes. Additionally created from real hairs, it may be fixed without glue.

Although the Miss Actually Eyelashes appear to be genuine, the major goal of this review is to determine whether they are indeed worth the hype and whether they are worthwhile to purchase.

You can compare the following Eyelash brands with Miss Actually:

  1. Sorella Lash Serum
  2. Lash Cosmetics
  3. Levaye Show Lash

Benefits of Miss Actually Lashes

  1. Miss Actually Lashes offers a cost-effective alternative to beauty procedures like lash extensions.
  2. These lashes boast easy application and impressive durability, lasting for a minimum of two weeks. Moreover, they are entirely waterproof.
  3. Skilled artisans handcraft all lashes using high-quality faux Korean silk fibers.
  4. You’ll be pleased to know that Miss Actually Lashes are both cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.
  5. You’ll find a diverse range of sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and curls to choose from, catering to various preferences.
  6. These lashes are designed to fit most eye shapes, including Almond, Monolid, Hooded, and Round.
  7. Each set of lashes comes divided into five distinct segments, giving you the flexibility to use as many or as few as you desire.
  8. Whether it’s for daily wear or special occasions like nights out, events, or birthdays, Miss Actually Lashes are a versatile choice.

Drawbacks of Miss Actually Lashes

  1. While Miss Actually Lashes offers numerous benefits, it’s worth noting that first-time users might encounter some challenges during the application, and the process may consume a bit of time.

How To Use

Items You’ll Need: Lashes (of your choice), Lash Bonding Agent, Lash Bonding Sealant, Applicator, Tissues, Water-Based Makeup Remover.

  • To begin, please ensure you have the following items ready.
  • Start by gently cleaning your lashes with a mild, yet effective, facial cleanser or face wash.
  • Apply a generous and even coat of the Lash Bonding Agent to your eyelashes, from root to tip, just as you would apply mascara.
  • Take a small section of the lashes and apply the same bonding agent to the root of that section.
  • One by one, carefully place these lash segments beneath your lash line.
  • Hold the applicator horizontally and gently press the lash extensions together, allowing them to bond with your natural lashes.
  • After each use, clean the applicator with a makeup remover before repeating the procedure.
  • Allow the lashes to rest for approximately 5 minutes before applying the sealant. Please remember to use the adhesive only at the roots of the eyelashes, not all over them.
  • Repeat these steps several times until the lashes are securely attached and can last for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Follow the same process for your other eye.

How To Safely Remove Miss Actually Lash Extensions?

To remove Miss Actually lash extensions, you’ll need the following items: lash removal serum, sponge-tip removal sticks (or cotton swabs), an applicator, and an eye-safe cleanser.

  • Begin by applying lash removal serum onto a cotton swab or directly onto your eyelashes. Ensure you use enough serum to facilitate a smooth and gentle removal process.
  • Wait patiently for 1-2 minutes before using an applicator to gently remove the lashes. They should come off easily at this point.
  • If necessary, apply more removal serum until all segments are removed, and then cleanse your eyes with a gentle cleanser.

Do’s And Don’ts While Using Eyelash Extensions


  • If you desire to relash your eyelashes, delicately apply a sealant to the lash roots and blend them with your natural lashes using an applicator.
  • Should you notice a lash segment lifting or falling off, simply remove it and reapply as needed.
  • Wait for your eyelashes to dry if they become wet before rebinding them.
  • Regularly brush your lashes throughout the day to maintain their fluffy and fresh appearance.


  • Avoid pulling, rubbing, or tugging on your eyelashes.
  • While showering, steer clear of directing water directly onto your lashes to prevent tension and prolong their wearability.
  • Resist sleeping on your face to protect your lashes.
  • Use micellar water and a cotton swab, rather than an oil-based cleanser, to clean or remove makeup from your eyes.

Can A Beginner Apply Miss Actually Eyelash On His Own?

Any novice can easily follow the Miss Actually lash application instructions and acquire lovely lashes while lounging at home. The company’s official website has tutorials available that make your application process very easy. However, Miss Actually also offers a solution for you if you need personal support. To get help with the application procedure, you can get in touch with the company and schedule a private consultation with an expert.


Miss Actually Eyelashes are a great way to get full, thick, and long lashes from the comfort of your home, according to a plethora of positive reviews. We’re sure you’ll find the ideal eyelashes for you among the many designs offered because they were created by top professionals. These 14-day eyelash extensions are easy to apply. If you take good care of them, we’re confident they’ll last even longer.

We think Miss Actually Eyelashes are perfect for people who don’t want to consistently spend money on lash extension treatments and for people who want a vacation from wearing false eyelashes. Miss Actually lashes are reasonably priced, excellent, and very wearing. With these light and airy lashes from Miss Actually, you will look gorgeous whether you’re going for everyday glam or a big occasion.


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