Nood Flasher 2.0 Hair Removal Device

Nood Hair Removal Review: Does It Work Or Gimmick?

Nood Hair Removal is a brand specializing in hair removal, self-described as the “#1 Permanent Hair Removal Solution.” Their flagship product, The Flasher 2.0, utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) technology and claims to offer a more cost-effective alternative to procedures such as waxing or laser hair removal over the long term.

But, is IPL backed by medical studies to substantiate its effectiveness in hair removal, or are these assertions merely marketing tactics? Are there associated side effects? How does IPL’s efficacy stack up against other hair removal methods, like laser hair removal? Furthermore, what do actual Nood users have to say about their experiences?

In this article, we will address these inquiries and more by examining medical research on IPL, offering our perspective on its potential for permanent hair removal, and assessing any associated side effects. We will also compare IPL with alternative permanent hair removal methods, like laser hair removal, and share authentic, non-sponsored reviews from Nood customers. Finally, we’ll provide a cost comparison to identify the most economical retailer for Nood products.

What’s Nood Flasher 2.0?

Nood Flasher 2.0 is a hair removal device. It employs IPL (Intense Pulsed Light technology) to deliver gentle pulses of light to the hair root, causing the hair to enter its resting phase. As a result, the existing hair falls out, and over time, less hair grows in that area. It can be used for hair removal on various body parts, including armpits, face, legs, and the Brazilian area.

One common question is, “Is it safe?”

The Safety And Efficacy Of The Technology (IPL) Used In Nood Hair Removal Device

The effectiveness and safety of IPL have been extensively studied in reputable medical journals and received FDA approval.

In a clinical trial featured in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, IPL was tested for at-home hair removal. Participants used an IPL device a total of six times over 16 weeks, yielding impressive results.

By the end of the trial, 95% of patients experienced some level of hair reduction, with an average reduction of 78% after just one month.

A 2019 medical review on IPL for hair reduction, which analyzed data from various clinical trials, documented an average hair reduction of 80% one year after the last treatment.

It’s worth noting that IPL may also offer secondary benefits for skin quality and rejuvenation. Our review of Deluxe Skin Hair Removal revealed that red light therapy, well-established in medical studies for its skin-rejuvenating effects, suggests that other light therapy wavelengths might similarly benefit the skin.

In a 2016 medical review, IPL was found effective in reducing hyperpigmentation, skin lesions, and acne. Additionally, some patients experienced positive results in treating rosacea.

While IPL proves highly effective for hair removal in most individuals, it may be less suitable for those with very fair or dark skin and hair, as indicated in Nood’s efficacy chart by skin and hair color.

Now, let’s explore whether Nood IPL treatment leads to any side effects in the next section of this article.

Is Nood Hair Removal Device Safe?

A medical review published in the Lasers in Surgery and Medicine journal assessed the safety of IPL devices like Nood. The study authors examined results from various clinical trials on IPL for hair reduction and the reported side effects.

Side effects were infrequent and mild. Some patients experienced slight discomfort, while others had temporary hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation that faded over time. No serious side effects were reported.

The FAQ page on Nood Hair Removal Device’s website asserts the procedure’s safety.

We couldn’t locate any information about the power and wavelengths of light on Nood Hair Removal Device’s website, so we anticipate that the brand will publish these technical specifications in the future.

All in all, we regard Nood Hair Removal as safe and unlikely to induce side effects, especially considering the FDA’s clearance of the device.

Nood Hair Removal Device: The Good and the Not-So-Good

So, let’s talk about what’s great and what’s not-so-great about the Nood Hair Removal Device, based on our perspective:


  • The technology behind it is backed by clinical research.
  • It might deliver long-lasting results.
  • Over time, it can be quite budget-friendly.
  • There’s a low risk of experiencing side effects.
  • It could potentially give your skin a little boost in the rejuvenation department.


  • On Amazon, it’s received some pretty average reviews.
  • It’s a bit pricier compared to an epilator.
  • If you have extremely fair or very dark skin, it might not be as effective for you.

Customer Feedback On Nood Hair Removal Device

In our view, Amazon tends to provide more reliable customer reviews than a brand’s website.

Currently, The Nood Flasher 2.0 Hair Removal Device boasts an impressive average review rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google.

The Nood Flasher 2.0 Hair Removal Device has garnered an average review rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, backed by over 1,000 total reviews.

Let’s take a look at the most positive review from a verified purchaser, Hailey, who conducted a half-body hair test and found the device effective:

“I was quite skeptical, so I decided to treat only one side of my body for comparison. Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve consistently used it on my right side – legs, thighs, bikini, arm, and underarms. Now, at week 8, my lower leg is nearly hair-free. My bikini hair has significantly reduced, but I’m planning to continue to see if I can eliminate it entirely. My arm is now completely hair-free, and my underarm has considerably less hair. I’ll continue working on that one too.”

On the flip side, the top negative review from a verified purchaser, Carly Canilagan, mentions experiencing side effects with the product:

“It actually zapped me, and it was painful. It made me nervous to continue using it, but I gave it a couple more tries, and it zapped me again. I’m now quite apprehensive about using it, and I’m disappointed because it was a significant investment, and I had high hopes for it to work.”

What Is The Price Of Nood Hair Removal Device And Where To Buy?

The Nood Flasher 2.0 is available at various online retailers. Here’s the current price breakdown:

  1. Walmart: $249.69
  2. Official brand website: $189 (link to product page)
  3. Amazon: $169 (link to Amazon listing)

Nood Hair Removal Device is currently 11% more affordable on Amazon compared to the brand’s website.


The Nood Hair Removal Device is an FDA-cleared product that can effectively reduce long-term hair growth, particularly for individuals with skin tones that are neither extremely pale nor very dark. This device employs IPL technology, a light-based therapy, with a low likelihood of causing adverse reactions.

Considering various factors, we regard Nood as the top choice for hair removal due to its solid backing by clinical research and cost-effectiveness, except for epilators, which can be more painful.

For individuals with extremely fair or dark skin tones, consulting a dermatologist for laser hair removal or alternative treatments may be worth considering.

Nood is generally safe and associated with minimal, short-lived side effects, as indicated by clinical research on IPL therapy.

The majority of online reviews we encountered for Nood were positive.


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