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Deluxe Skin Hair Removal Reviews: I Bought It & Got Scammed

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Are you considering purchasing the Deluxe Skin Hair Removal? Are you concerned that it might be just another trendy hair removal method that will result in skin irritation? Is this IPL Laser hair removal product truly worth its high cost?

Within this review, I have detailed my personal encounter with the Deluxe Laser Skin Hair Removal Handset, including its advantages, disadvantages, and what you can anticipate if you decide to invest in this laser hair removal device.

What Exactly Is Deluxe Skin Hair Revomal?

The Deluxe Skin Hair Removal device, supposedly designed with your skin in mind, promises to eliminate hair effortlessly, without the discomfort of razor burn or unsightly ingrown hairs. Allegedly, you can conveniently use it at home, enduring minimal pain.

Utilizing Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL), the Deluxe Skin Laser Removal Handset emits gentle light pulses onto the hair roots, supposedly inducing a dormant phase. As a result, the hair you currently have falls out, and over time, your body is expected to produce less hair in that particular area.

According to the brand’s claims, the Deluxe Skin Laser removal system is said to be effective on all areas where hair grows, including the bikini area, Brazilian region, underarms, legs, and face. It promises that you may begin to observe noticeable results within 2-3 weeks and achieve permanent hair removal within 6-8 weeks. Allegedly, it utilizes a high-intensity lamp to specifically target the melanin in your hair follicles without causing irritation to sensitive skin.

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Additionally, the product boasts a UV-filtered lens that purportedly shields your skin from harmful ultraviolet light while you utilize the device to eliminate unwanted hair.

Manufacturer’s Claims Regarding Deluxe Skin Hair Removal

  • Supposedly painless light-based technology
  • IPL Handset (as claimed)
  • Generic plug that fits multiple outlets
  • Allegedly FDA APPROVED (but take it with a grain of salt)
  • Short 10-minute treatments (promised to be quick, but who knows)
  • Some level of UV Protection (but don’t rely on it too much)

How I Bought Deluxe Skin Hair Removal Device And Got Caught In The Scam?

Hey everyone, I’m Emma, and I’m here to give you a dose of reality regarding the Deluxe Skin Hair Removal Device. Don’t mistake me for John, who’s on vacation. So, brace yourselves for my honest take on this Deceptive and Overhyped Product.

To begin with, the Deluxe Skin website, ‘deluxe’ promised free 2-3 day shipping and handling. However, it took a whopping 25 days for the product to finally reach me. I sent them numerous emails while anxiously awaiting their arrival, but their responses consistently arrived 5 to 6 days late. I feared that I had wasted my money, but a miracle happened and the product unexpectedly arrived at my doorstep on the 25th day.

When I finally received the product, it came all the way from China and had a fake address in Illinois. Nowhere on the packaging or the item itself did it mention the brand name or anything like that. The instructions inside were written in Chinese, making everything worse than before.

Moreover, the provided directions differed from what was stated online. They included additional user warnings, stating that the product could not be used on the bikini line, despite the official website claiming otherwise. It also mentioned that the product should not be used “during menstruation, while pregnant, or while breastfeeding,” along with other health-related warnings.

To make matters worse, the device stopped working after less than 5 minutes of use. I reached out to the company via email to request a refund, but I received no reply. I even attempted to leave a review on their website, but it was impossible to do so.


  • The portability is its only redeeming quality.
  • The official site is selling directly.
  • No skin irritation or redness occurred, but that’s about it.


  • The price is exorbitant.
  • The device malfunctioned within a mere 5 minutes of use.
  • Deluxe Skin company adamantly refuses to issue refunds.
  • It took an agonizingly long period of over 3 weeks for the item to finally arrive at my doorstep.

Here’s My Verdict

Despite being a viable choice for home laser hair removal, Deluxe Skin Hair Removal has several drawbacks and comes with a hefty price tag compared to similar options available online. The online store that sells this product is riddled with issues that require attention. Their customer support is abysmal, shipping and delivery take an exorbitant amount of time, and to make matters worse, they refuse to provide refunds. If I were to evaluate this IPL skin hair removal device, I would rate it a mere 1 out of 10 based on my extremely negative experience.

Have you ever purchased the Deluxe Skin IPL? We would appreciate it if you could share your own experience in the comments section.


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