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5 Common Myths or Misconceptions about Gum Disease

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Many oral or dental diseases are misunderstood as periodontal diseases. People tend to underestimate the damages and therefore the issues become very vulnerable. Gum diseases may severely compromise your health and spoils the integrity between the gum and the teeth. It is very important to keep your gum and teeth clean before the gum problems sets in. Here are some of the common misconceptions or myths about gum disease.

Myth 1: Gum Disease Is Not Very Common

Gum diseases are very common oral problems, on the contrary. After the age of 30, almost half of adults suffer from one or the other gum problems. This disease occurs when an infection forms by plaque surrounding the tissues that support your teeth. The plaque is a sticky coating of bacteria that forms around the teeth. It may not be removed with daily cleaning and brushing between the teeth. Plaque can even get hard to tartar or calculus.

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Myth 2: I have gum disease so I will lose all my teeth

When you are practicing proper oral hygiene, gum diseases will never let you lose your teeth. Common oral hygiene will include eating a healthy diet, brushing teeth twice daily, cleaning between teeth, and maintaining a proper dental visit to the dentist. Century Smile Dental – a reputable dental office in Culver City will guide you with proper preventive hygiene which is required for your gum and teeth.

Myth 3: As I have diabetes, I will also have gum disease

It is not always true that everyone having diabetes will have gum disease also. Diabetes is a chronic disease that may result in many problems with your kidneys, heart, nerves, eyes, and other parts of the body. As diabetes decreases your resistance to infection and makes the healing process very slow, you are a risk of getting many gum diseases. So, if you are having diabetes, you should be extra cautious with your oral health.

Myth 4: During pregnancy bleeding gums is normal

Some women may suffer from a situation known as ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ which may not be true for all pregnant women. You may take care of your oral health with proper brushing and flossing schedule. Your dentist may customize a more frequent cleaning schedule for preventing oral issues for pregnant women.

Myth 5: As I don’t have cavities, I don’t have gum disease

When you are cavity-free, you are not ensured that you will not have gum disease. Sometimes gum diseases remain painless and people may not have any idea that they have gum problems. The earliest sign of gingivitis is tender, red, and swollen gums, and the only stage that can be reversible. When you see the signs, you should immediately consult the dental professional to get it treated.


All the above-mentioned myths are very common and believed by most common people. But when you take proper dental or oral care and maintain proper professional visiting schedules, you will solve most of your oral issues. Many gum diseases may be painless, so you need to identify the earliest signs to get the issues treated as soon as possible.



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