BeActive Plus Reviews

BeActive Plus Reviews: Natural Way to Relieve Sciatica Pain

BeActive Plus, an FDA-cleared device, offers relief from sciatic nerve pain by applying targeted compression to pain sites. This method effectively turns off sciatic nerve pain signals, providing quick relief as claimed by the brand.

Is acupressure supported by clinical trials for sciatic pain relief and general pain relief?

Does FDA clearance guarantee the device’s effectiveness? Are there any associated risks with using BeActive Plus? What do actual users have to say about it and its effects?

In this article, we will address these questions and more.

We will review clinical trials to provide our perspective on whether BeActive Plus is likely to be effective for pain relief. We will explain what FDA clearance signifies in terms of a device’s effectiveness and delve into the meaning of this term. Additionally, we will share authentic, unsponsored user reviews of Be Active Plus.

What Is BeActive Plus?

BeActive Plus, a pain-relieving brace, has been designed with the primary goal of alleviating lower back and leg discomfort commonly associated with conditions like sciatica, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis. This brace, which you wear around your calf, actively applies pressure to a specific acupressure point on your calf muscle. This pressure effectively helps to relieve tension and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve.

What’s great about Be Active Plus is that, in addition to providing much-needed pain relief, it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable. This means you can wear it throughout the day without any hassle. Furthermore, its adjustable strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all body types, and it can be conveniently worn on either leg.

You can also use Projoint Plus to get permanent relief from chronic pain.

Technology Behind The BeActive Plus Pain Relief Device

Now, let’s delve into the technology behind BeActive Plus. It’s called acupressure, a term that generally refers to the targeted application of pressure on specific pain points in the body. This method aims to alleviate pain by facilitating energy transfer.

Speaking of effectiveness, a medical review published in the Pain Management Nursing Journal analyzed data from 15 clinical trials and came to a clear conclusion: “Acupressure has been proven effective for relieving a wide range of pains.”

However, it’s important to note that this review primarily examined trials involving acupressure applied manually, not with a dedicated medical device like Be Active Plus.

A separate medical review from 2015 also supported the notion that acupressure can effectively provide natural pain relief. Nevertheless, the authors highlighted a crucial aspect of acupressure: “Selecting the right point to target is a key step in acupressure practice, and precise acupuncture point selection is essential for achieving positive treatment outcomes.”

This suggests that acupressure may not yield the desired results without guidance from a medical practitioner.

In a clinical trial that investigated an acupressure device (distinct from BeActive Plus) for managing menstrual pain, the results were quite promising. The researchers discovered that the acupressure device reduced pain by 50% in more than two-thirds of the trial participants.

Early research indicates that acupressure can effectively reduce pain. However, it’s important to note that we couldn’t identify any specific clinical trials proving acupressure’s efficacy for treating sciatic nerve pain or for Be Active Plus specifically.

BeActive Plus Customer Reviews

If you’re considering using BeActive Plus, it might interest you to hear what other individuals think about it. Below are some user reviews and testimonials from people who’ve given the product a try:

“BeActive Plus significantly eased my lower back pain. It’s comfortable to wear, and I can keep it on all day without any discomfort.” _John M.

“I was initially skeptical, but BeActive Plus truly works wonders! It’s a real lifesaver for my sciatica pain.” _Julie M.

“I’ve been using BeActive Plus for a few weeks now, and I’ve noticed a substantial improvement in my hip pain. It’s an excellent alternative to relying on pain medication.” _Jonah G.

“Regrettably, BeActive Plus didn’t work for me. I found it uncomfortable to wear, and it didn’t provide any pain relief.” _Alex H.

On the whole, most users appear to have had positive experiences with Be Active Plus, finding it effective at alleviating their pain. Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that everyone’s experience may vary, and what works for one person may not be the same for another.

Is BeActive Plus Proven to Work if It’s FDA-Cleared?

There’s a key distinction between FDA clearance and FDA approval that consumers should be well-informed about.

FDA clearance doesn’t necessarily guarantee the effectiveness of a medical device. As detailed in our Relief Band reviews article, which discussed another FDA-cleared device, this designation signifies that the device is “substantially equivalent” to another device already on the market.

In BeActive’s case, it’s likely that there’s another acupressure device with a similar structure and function already available.

On the other hand, FDA approval indicates that the FDA has assessed a product, drug, or supplement’s effectiveness through a review of clinical research. This is a separate process from FDA clearance, as explained on the FDA’s website.

The fact that Be Active Plus has taken the steps to obtain FDA clearance is a positive sign and speaks to the legitimacy of the brand and the safety of the product. However, it doesn’t definitively confirm the device’s effectiveness in providing pain relief. Flexi Knee Patches are also a perfect solution for joint pain.

How to Use BeActive Plus?

Using this product is incredibly simple – just follow these steps:

  1. Slide the brace below your knee on either leg.
  2. Align the “R” for right or “L” for left with the front.
  3. Tighten it to apply pressure to your calf muscle.
  4. Experience the pain relief below your knee. It’s that easy!

Check out a YouTube review from a physical therapist who unboxes the BeActive Plus device, explains the correct application, and shares their expert opinion on its potential effectiveness:

Is There Any Side Effect Of Be Active Plus That I Need To Concern About?

We confidently believe that BeActive Plus is unlikely to cause any side effects. As previously mentioned, the device has received FDA clearance, indicating its similarity to other FDA-approved acupressure devices on the market with established safety records. If similar devices were causing widespread side effects, it’s improbable that the FDA would have granted clearance to BeActive Plus.

This device functions as an external acupressure tool, securely strapped to the affected area of the body. Given its external nature, the risk of injury or side effects is minimal. If, by any chance, the device causes irritation or discomfort, users can simply remove it. We cannot envision a scenario where this device could lead to long-term adverse effects.

While BeActive Plus hasn’t been subjected to clinical trials, making it impossible to guarantee the absence of side effects, our well-informed assessment suggests it is a safe choice for use.

Is This Acupressure Device Worth Your Money?

Sure, it is worth your hard-earned money. Almost 80% of Customer reviews on Reddit and Amazon have reported positive reviews about the pain reliever. Most people found it to be effective, while some others found it to be uncomfortable or ineffective. Ultimately, whether or not it is worth your money depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Here is one review from a customer named M. Canada:

“It works for ME! It reduces the pain and stiffness in my lower back. I sleep in it and wear it to work. It’s not needed all the time… just when I have symptoms. It’s worth it in my opinion!”

The BeActive is FDA-approved, but it’s important to note that the results will vary for everyone.

Where To Buy BeActive Plus?

BeActive Plus is available for purchase on both the official manufacturer’s website and Amazon. Additionally, please be aware that there is another product labeled as “BeActive Plus” currently listed on Walmart. However, it features a completely different design. We would advise against purchasing this item since we cannot confirm its authenticity as the official BeActive Plus device.

As of the time this article was written, BeActive Plus is more affordable on Amazon. Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

  • Manufacturer website: $29.99 (plus $8.95 for shipping and handling)
  • Amazon: $29.99 (with free shipping)

Final Words On BeActive Plus Review

BeActive Plus utilizes technology that seems effective in providing at least some level of pain relief. While the device itself hasn’t undergone clinical trials, given its reasonable price and lack of reported negative effects, it may be worth a try for patients who regularly experience pain.

In our opinion, it’s a logical choice for patients with minor or moderate pain to explore natural solutions like BeActive Plus before turning to pharmaceutical pain medications, which carry a significant risk of addiction and other adverse health effects.

Be Active Plus has received FDA clearance, indicating the brand’s legitimacy and assuring users that the device is unlikely to cause harm.

FAQs: Consumers Also Ask

Q: How exactly does Be Active Plus operate?

A: BeActive Plus works by targeting the sciatic nerve to alleviate pain and discomfort in the lower back, buttocks, and legs. It achieves this through pressure point therapy, providing effective relief.

Q: Is using BeActive Plus simple?

A: Absolutely, using BeActive Plus is a breeze. Just position it over the affected area and adjust the strap to your desired level of comfort.

Q: Who can use BeActive Plus?

A: Be Active Plus is designed for individuals experiencing lower back, buttocks, or leg pain due to sciatica. However, it’s always wise to consult with a healthcare professional before introducing any new product.

Q: Are there any adverse effects to using BeActive Plus?

A: BeActive Plus has no reported side effects. Nonetheless, if you encounter any discomfort during use, discontinue and consult a healthcare professional.

Q: Can I wear Be Active Plus all day?

A: It’s not advisable to wear Be Active Plus for extended periods. It’s best to wear it briefly and take breaks to allow your skin to breathe.

Q: Can you machine wash BeActive Plus?

A: Yes, Be Active Plus is machine washable. To ensure it stays in top condition, be sure to follow the care instructions provided with the product.

Q: How quickly can I anticipate results?

A: Results may vary among individuals. While some users experience immediate relief, others may require consistent use over time to notice a difference.

Q: How can I tell if Be Active Plus is right for me?

A: If you’re grappling with lower back, buttocks, or leg discomfort caused by sciatica, BeActive Plus could be a fitting solution. However, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new product.

Q: Is there a warranty included with BeActive Plus?

A: Be Active Plus is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

Q: In what stores can I buy BeActive Plus?

A: BeActive Plus is available both online and in stores. For specific locations, please refer to the official website or inquire at your local retailer.


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