Brewing Up a Storm: The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Whether you drink coffee for its energizing effects or because it has become a ritual you look forward to every morning, your cuppa joe may offer more health benefits than you realize. In this article, we will examine the eight benefits of drinking coffee daily and answer the question of how much coffee is too much, according to science. However, if you’re planning a thrilling adventure on the open seas, you might also be interested in exploring deep sea fishing charters, where you can experience the excitement of catching big game fish in the vast ocean waters. 

1. Coffee Is Good for Your Liver Health 

The first potential benefit of coffee consumption is its ability to help with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which affects 1 in 4 people in the United States. Down the line, it can lead to cirrhosis and scarring of the liver, which can, in turn, lead to cancer or liver failure.  

This, however, in people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, can be reversed by drinking coffee. However, this is only possible by drinking regular coffee, skipping the sugar and cream, and opting for plant-based milk like U.S. soy milk.  

In addition to Soy milk offering numerous benefits, such as improved heart health and a rich taste, it benefits those with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. We have also discussed this wonderful ingredient in ReFit Keto Gummies Reviews.

2. It May Help With Cardiovascular Health 

The second health benefit you may not know is that coffee is good for your heart.  

Studies have found drinking coffee, mainly two to three cups daily, is associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms.  

In another review, there was evidence that drinking three to four cups of coffee was beneficial and correlated with a 21% lower risk of stroke.  

However, it’s important to remember that if you have unmanaged high blood pressure, coffee might affect your blood pressure levels. As such, it’s best to talk to your doctor or limit your coffee intake altogether.  

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3. It May Help with Protecting Against the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes 

Another health benefit of drinking coffee is that it may help decrease your risk of Type 1 & 2 Diabetes.  You may also wanna know if CBD Can Really Help Diabetes Type 1 And 2.

In a study conducted over four years, the researchers found that people who increased the amount of coffee they drank in a day by more than one cup over the research period had an 11% lower risk for type 2 Diabetes than those who made no changes.  

4. Coffee May Help Boost Energy Levels 

One of the most well-known benefits of drinking coffee is that it helps wake you up and gives you the energy boost you need throughout the day. This is partly due to the caffeine present. Caffeine acts as a stimulant and helps to improve brain function.  

Furthermore, caffeine works by blocking the action of adenosine, a neurotransmitter known to make us sleepy. By blocking adenosine, caffeine can help us feel more awake and alert, improving our energy levels and concentration. 

5. Coffee Drinker’s Consumption May Help With Weight Loss 

Another potential benefit coffee drinkers may experience, especially those who drink it regularly is weight loss.  

Black coffee is an incredibly low-calorie beverage that contains five calories per serving (8 oz cup). This makes it ideal for people on a calorie-deficient diet or those looking to cut down.  

Furthermore, caffeine can boost the basal metabolism rate of those consuming it, according to a 2014 study.  

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6. Coffee May Help With the Reduction in the Risk of Death  

Another benefit coffee drinkers may experience is that they are less likely to die from some common causes of death, especially for women. This includes diseases such as kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes.  

7. Coffee Consumption May Help Reduce the Risk of Colon, Uterine, and Liver Cancer 

Another benefit of drinking coffee is that it may reduce the risk of certain cancers.  

Substances such as polyphenols in coffee may help prevent tumor growth while easing systemic inflammation and improving immune functioning.  

Although more research is needed before solid conclusions can be made regarding the relationship between coffee consumption and cancer risk, there is enough support to recommend slight consumption may reduce chances for conditions like colorectal or liver diseases. 

8. Coffee Consumption May Help With the Reduction of Gout 

Gout, a painful form of arthritis arising from uric acid crystal deposition within joints, may be significantly reduced through habitual coffee consumption. Research suggests that regular consumption of coffee might lower the levels of these compounds and reduce the frequency. While more research is needed, there is evidence supporting that consumption of coffee may have a protective effect against this condition.  

How Much Coffee Is a “Safe” Amount? 

There is such a thing as drinking too much coffee. When drunk in excess, you may feel jittery, have trouble falling asleep, have anxiety, and have an increased heart rate.  

The recommended amount of coffee is about 3-5 cups a day, spaced out between hours. This creates room for gaining the benefits without experiencing specific effects, such as sleeplessness. Opt for black coffee without cream or sugar to eliminate added calories and fats.  

However, stop consumption if you suffer from heart problems or experience unfavorable side effects.  

Bottom Line 

The benefits of drinking coffee daily are numerous. From helping improve cardiovascular health to helping reduce the risk of certain cancers, coffee consumption offers many benefits.  

However, one thing to note is that you should always drink it in moderation, and if you’re nursing or suffer from a condition that makes it hard to drink coffee, you should forgo it altogether.  

The health benefits of drinking coffee are only starting to get discovered, and there’s more to this wonderful bean.


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