CoolCura Reviews: Is This Device Legit & Worth Trying?

Looking for a solution to alleviate headaches and reduce stress? Consider the CoolCura device, designed to provide relief through a gentle and non-invasive approach. Its popularity stems from its simplicity and effectiveness.

Having personally faced the challenges of severe migraines, I was enthusiastic about experimenting with this acupuncture technique. Here, I present a thorough report sharing my experience.

What Is CoolCura?

Cool Cura represents an ingenious device meticulously crafted to alleviate pain, anxiety, stress symptoms, and more.

Functioning through precise targeting of the Feng Fu pressure point—one among 400 vital pressure points on your body—CoolCura taps into the profound history of pressure point therapy, deeply rooted in traditional medicine. Innovatively designed to zero in on the Feng Fu point, this ice therapy wonder holds the potential to revolutionize your well-being.

Application is a breeze: Wrap the device around the nape of your neck, then engage in a blissful 20-minute session that promises to harmonize your mind, body, and soul.

Embrace the Opportunity at, where Cool Cura awaits, priced at approximately $29.99 per neckband. Each purchase bestows upon you an adaptable neckband and an ice pod, the latter requiring just three to four hours in the freezer to be primed for action. As you insert the cooled pod into the neckband, prepare to unlock the power of pressure points, tailored to your specific needs.

Should any doubt linger, take comfort in our 30-day money-back guarantee. Whether CoolCura falls short of your expectations or fails to alleviate your discomfort, rest assured that a full refund can be claimed.

Who is Behind CoolCura?

CoolCura originates from the ingenuity of a woman who witnessed her son’s battle with a panic attack. In search of a natural solution to alleviate his stress and anxiety, she embarked on the creation of Cool Cura.

Barbara Canellis, mother to Austin, her eldest son, witnessed his distressing panic attack during a hospital visit. Nurses managed the episode by employing an ice pack on the back of his neck, resulting in an immediate and soothing effect.

This experience prompted Barbara to delve into Feng Fu ice therapy, gaining insight into its scientific basis. Astonishingly, she uncovered the absence of a mainstream device to facilitate easy Feng Fu ice therapy. Driven by this realization, she took it upon herself to bridge the gap.

Years of dedicated efforts, including prototypes and user trials, culminated in the launch of CoolCura. Countless individuals have since benefited from this device, embracing ice therapy for relief from discomfort.

I Tried CoolCura Ice Therapy Device – Here’s My Review

Having endured relentless migraines for a lifetime, I’ve sought countless remedies with little respite. Amazon’s swift delivery of Cool Cura ignited newfound hope—a hope that proved justified.

The moment I unboxed this device, I realized its potential to have transformed my life two decades earlier. As migraines loomed, CoolCura emerged as my saving grace, offering a measure of relief that had eluded me for so long. The delightful coolness, serving as a balm to stress and tension, felt nothing short of miraculous.

Although tailored for the neck, the ice insert felt a tad petite, failing to deliver optimal coverage. Nevertheless, my appreciation for this product remains unwavering, compelling me to recommend it wholeheartedly. Must Read: Chronic Pain Syndrome | Indication, Causes, & How To Diagnose It

The Science Behind CoolCura

CoolCura’s versatility knows no bounds. It caters to those seeking overall well-being, stress reduction, or targeted solutions like migraines.

Cool Cura’s foundation rests on the tried-and-true principles of Feng Fu therapy and pressure points. With over 400 pressure points scattered across your body, their influence extends to pain alleviation and mood enhancement.

Famously associated with headaches, stress, and anxiety relief, the Feng Fu pressure point resides at the base of your skull, where it meets your neck. Activation of this pressure point through cooling and gentle pressure opens the door to its full potential.

Seamlessly applying cooling and pressure, this device effortlessly unleashes the therapeutic prowess of pressure points. Combat headaches, migraines, hangovers, and more, by harnessing the power of an age-old technique.

Why CoolCura Outranks Its Competitors?

CoolCura champions a drug-free, side-effect-free path to pain relief. Its consistent use empowers you with non-addictive, rapid-acting pain relief, diverging from the traditional reliance on medications.

Advantages of Cool Cura over pain relief medications and alternative solutions include:

  • Freedom from chemical dependency for pain management.
  • Natural, non-habit-forming, drug-free pain relief.
  • Speedy, effective relief, achieving results in as little as 20 minutes—unlike the prolonged wait for medication to take effect.
  • Endorsement by medical professionals, including those who specifically recommend CoolCura for pain management.
  • A comprehensive approach, addressing multiple symptoms like stress, anxiety, mood imbalances, and sleep issues.
  • Harnessing the body’s internal mechanisms, Cool Cura activates natural pain responses through pressure points.

Using CoolCura: A Simple Path to Relief

Cool Cura’s user-friendliness is evident in its usage instructions. Freeze the ice pod for three to four hours or leave it in the freezer until needed. Insert the chilled pod into the neckband, and then drape it around your neck for around 20 minutes—a gateway to proven, lasting relief.

For a successful debut experience:

  • Step 1: Freeze the Cool Cura ice pod for three to four hours, or leave it in the freezer until use.
  • Step 2: Place the ice pod into the neckband.
  • Step 3: Wrap the neckband around your neck, then allow yourself to unwind. The neckband’s secure fit ensures potent relief, whether you’re stationary or active.

Embrace the recommended usage: Two 20-minute sessions daily. For cleaning, rinse the ice pod and hand wash the neckband in warm water with a gentle detergent.


A multitude of pain relief solutions exist, but CoolCura stands apart for various reasons. Why opt for Cool Cura over a mere cold cloth application?

Behold the distinctive facets and advantages of CoolCura, as presented by the official website:

  • Optimal Comfort: This device prioritizes your comfort with its thoughtful design.
  • Swift Pain Relief: Within minutes of wearing this ice therapy device, tangible pain reduction becomes a reality.
  • Flexible Duration: While 20 minutes is the recommended duration, you possess the freedom to adapt it to your preferences.
  • Unrestricted Usage: This ice therapy device’s comfort transcends boundaries, permitting usage during desk work, walks, workouts, and more. Its secure neck fit guarantees unwavering stability.
  • Convenience and Neatness: Traditional cold cloth or ice cube methods are messy and inconvenient, providing short-lived cooling. Cool Cura counters these setbacks by delivering optimized Feng Fu therapy without the hassle.
  • Safety Assured: This Feng Fu ice therapy is tailored for individuals aged 13 and above, excluding pregnant individuals.
  • Instant Relief at Hand: Designed to nestle in your freezer, this ice therapy device grants instant relief whenever you desire. Retrieve it, place it in the neckcloth, and indulge in Feng Fu therapy’s marvel.
  • Enduring Coolness: This ice therapy device’s ingenious metallic construction preserves coldness, ensuring sustained cooling even when draped around your neck.
  • Resounding Reviews: Countless users testify to CoolCura’s efficacy, reporting relief from migraines, stress, anxiety, and more. Some employ it for overall well-being and mood elevation.
  • Stainless Steel Ice Pod: This ice therapy device’s enduring cooling capability owes its success to the stainless steel ice pod.
  • Adjustable Neckband: Tailored to fit all, this device’s adjustable neckband guarantees a comfortable experience.
  • Convenient Travel Bag: Every purchase includes a travel bag, simplifying portability.
  • Foam Ice Pod Holder: The stainless steel ice pod arrives with a foam holder, allowing for easy handling without compromising the pod’s temperature.
  • 30-day Refund Guarantee: The brand’s commitment extends to a 30-day refund policy, ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Universal Fit: The device eliminates size selection concerns with its adjustable neckband, adaptable to all neck sizes.
  • Empowered by a Mission: Conceived by a mother driven by the quest to alleviate her son’s panic attacks, this ice therapy device’s origin story inspires its unwavering mission to provide drug-free solutions to such challenges.

Affordability of the Ice Therapy Device

CoolCura Price

Cool Cura can be acquired via, with a competitive price tag of approximately $29.99 per unit. Each unit boasts an adjustable neckband, a convenient portable case, and the stainless steel cooling pod – a comprehensive package for initiating therapy in the comfort of your home, starting today.

Furthermore, the more you invest, the more you economize. With bundle orders, the price per unit reduces to as low as $23.99.

Here’s a breakdown of the online pricing for Cool Cura:

  • 1 x Cool Cura: $29.99 + Shipping
  • 3 x Cool Curas: $79.98 ($26.66 Per Unit) + Free US Shipping
  • 5 x CoolCuras: $119.97 ($23.99 Per Unit) + Free US Shipping

Refund Policy

CoolCura stands behind its product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should your purchase fall short of satisfaction within 30 days, simply reach out to the manufacturer.

For a refund, ensure your product remains in its original, unworn, and unused condition, accompanied by its pristine packaging.

Contact Details: Stay Connected

To reach the Cool Cura customer service team, you have the following avenues:

  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: 60 Stirling Road, Watching, New Jersey, 07069, USA

Final Thoughts

Cool Cura harnesses the potency of Feng Fu ice therapy to activate your body’s innate pain relief mechanisms.

By dedicating just 20 minutes to applying ice therapy on the nape of your neck, you can stimulate the release of endorphins and enhance blood circulation, thereby activating your body’s natural pain alleviation processes.


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