Crigne Reviews

Crigne Reviews: What Do Critics Say About This Clothing Store?

Would you be interested in purchasing a casual dress from the Crigne online clothing store, available at However, it is crucial to exercise caution and read Crigne Reviews, as this online store may not be legitimate. This review aims to elucidate the reasons why it is advisable to refrain from making purchases from this particular establishment.

What Is Crigne?

Crigne is a US-based online clothing retailer catering primarily to mature women. The company offers a diverse array of products, including dresses, casualwear, and tops, all of which are claimed to be of high quality and available at reasonable prices for customers worldwide.

Moreover, according to information on its website, emphasizes its commitment to the well-being of its workforce by providing livable wages. The company asserts that it exclusively collaborates with brands and designers who uphold fair treatment and equitable compensation for their employees. Furthermore, Crigne states that it allocates a portion of its annual revenue to charitable causes worldwide, contributing to the global effort to alleviate poverty.

In conclusion, Crigne appears to be a reputable and ethically conscious company. However, the veracity of these claims warrants further scrutiny to determine whether they genuinely reflect the company’s practices or are merely promotional rhetoric.

Crigne Pros

  1. Secure and valid HTTPS protocol along with an SSL certificate.
  2. Comprehensive contact information has been furnished.
  3. Presence and linkage to social media accounts.

Crigne Cons

  1. Low trust score as indicated on
  2. Utilization of plagiarized photos sourced from other websites.
  3. Presence of negative reviews on
  4. Lack of accreditation by

Is Crigne Legit Or Scam Website?

The authenticity of, also referred to as Crigne or Crigne com, is questionable. This online store raises concerns as it offers a wide range of clothing items, including casual dresses, two-piece sets, tops, sweaters, etc., at remarkably low prices. On top of that, there aren’t many Crigne Reviews that can provide a hint if this store is legit. So, this store is a scam without a doubt.

Below, I outline the notable drawbacks associated with this website.

What Is The Opinion Of Customers Who Bought Crigne Products?

On, we have encountered varied customer reviews about Crigne. According to certain adverse feedback, Crigne’s products failed to align with the specifications outlined for fabric, design, and quality. Additionally, there were grievances about prolonged delivery times by Capatee, the associated entity. Another recurrent concern was the delayed processing of refunds by the company, with partial refunds being the only resolution offered.

Customer Reviews & Reports On

1# Customer Reviews On

On December 15, 2023, I ordered a womens sweater which was to be delivered on December 26,2023. It was never delivered. I took the tracking number to the **** on January 4, **** and they confirmed that the package was never in their system despite Crigne stating that the package was on the way. I sent three emails to the company and I have not received a response to any of the emails. This company has been investigated by the BBB of ***********, ********** for the same reason Im filing this complaint.

2# Customer Reviews On

I ordered two items from this company for my sons wedding. It took forever to get them and when they arrived they were complete junk. They were nothing like the pictures. Ive seen cheap Halloween costumes made better than these. They are not wearable. I wanted to return but have no info on where to return them to. I emailed them abd they offered me $32. I want a full refund. I only wish I had read the online reviews about this company. It is a scam and something needs to be done about this company. It is fraudulent.

Things About Crigne You Should Know

All of the drawbacks of Crigne are according to online data and Crigne Reviews. So, don’t miss out on single details.

  1. Ownership by a Questionable Company: The company responsible for, “XBP International Ltd,” has garnered a negative reputation online. An inquiry into XBP International reviews reveals associations with multiple online stores that have been flagged as fraudulent.
  2. Inadequate Customer Support: Regrettably, lacks a robust customer support system. Not only is there an absence of a provided email address, but the listed phone number, “+447482875871,” has also been associated with several fraudulent entities. Consequently, customers face considerable challenges in reaching out to the store.
  3. Concerns Regarding Product Quality: Noteworthy is the observation that some models’ faces on the website appear to have been cropped, suggesting that the displayed images may not originate from This raises concerns about the quality of the received goods, which may differ significantly from the advertised items.
  4. Unbelievably Low Prices: The pricing strategy employed by appears too good to be true. Such steep discounts are uncommon even during Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Adhering to the adage, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” it is essential to exercise caution as these pricing tactics may be aimed at luring and defrauding unsuspecting customers.
  5. Security Concerns: Notably, the website lacks essential security measures, such as McAfee or Norton certification. This renders the site vulnerable to potential security breaches, placing customers’ personal and financial data at risk.

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Pricing Of Crigne’s Products

The majority of Crigne’s dresses fall within the price range of $30 to $50. While this may be considered somewhat higher than offerings from other budget-friendly retailers, it’s important to note that Crigne frequently extends substantial discounts on its products, resulting in significant reductions in the overall price.

Crigne Reviews: Final Words

Crigne, which can be found at, is unfortunately identified as a viral scam online store that entices customers with seemingly affordable prices. It is imperative not to be misled by these deceptive practices. Regrettably, the store lacks any form of customer support, making it highly likely that you won’t receive your ordered items.


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