13 Shady Delta 8 Brands to Avoid In 2024

Scammers appear to be a common occurrence in the hemp sector, and the Delta 8 market is no exception. Many D8 brands produce high-quality goods and are raising industry standards, but many fly-by-night vendors just care about their bottom line.

If you want to buy cannabis extracts, conduct your research before purchasing to prevent becoming a victim of con artists.

Here, we’ll examine some of the most typical issues we’ve run into in the Delta 8 market and compile a list of the most crucial elements to take into account when choosing a vendor.

After that, we will present a ranking of the best suppliers that we found to fit these requirements, along with a list of scammers that you should stay away from at all times. Let’s get into it!

Do Not Trust These Scam Delta 8 THC Companies

Up until recently, the only place where delta-8 THC was sold was underground. Before 2020, no one had any knowledge of it.

Many inferior products are being given by producers who were previously able to get away with producing low-quality products, but that is no longer the case since the market has become competitive as the usage of virtual reality has become more widespread.

The most prevalent problem in the delta-8 space is the absence of lab testing. Delta 8 alone is safer than the harsh chemicals used to create it.

If they have been eliminated from the final product, the only way to determine if the company has done its job successfully is through independent testing.

As we progress to the subsequent section, an in-depth exploration of deceitful Delta 8 companies awaits. These entities are categorized as follows:

  1. Vendors displaying unethical practices are advised to refrain from making purchases from them.
  2. Companies neglecting lab testing entirely: avoidance is recommended for enterprises that disregard the significance of lab testing.
  3. Companies lacking purity testing: these entities may assess product potency but omit testing for the aforementioned contaminants. Hence, it is advised to steer clear of such companies.

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Let’s decode the Delta-8 brands that are most likely to be scamming consumers!

#1 Trulieve

Trulieve Logo
Trulieve Logo

Trulieve asserts that its delta-8 THC is derived from the hemp strain known as Charlotte’s Web. However, there is no substantial evidence supporting the presence of significant amounts of delta-8 in the Charlotte’s Web hemp strain.


This claim appears to be misleading, with an apparent intention to capitalize on the popularity of the marijuana strain to encourage product purchases. Additionally, Trulieve raises concerns by withholding lab reports for zinc chloride and zinc bromide.

#2 Honey Creek Labs

Honey Creek Labs Logo
Honey Creek Labs Logo

Recent investigations reveal that Honey Creek Labs, aside from declining to address inquiries about its manufacturing practices, faces accusations of falsifying lab reports.

An independent analysis of a product sample by a Reddit user did not align with the batch number provided by the company. Furthermore, the sample exhibited a 15% delta-9 THC content, rendering it illegal in the user’s state. Despite Honey Creek Labs asserting a delta-8 concentration exceeding 95%, the product’s potency was nearly half that claimed.

It is imperative to emphasize that this brand neglects product safety testing, casting doubt on the fidelity of its offerings and making it challenging for consumers to ascertain the quality of their purchases.

#3 Cake: THC

Cake THC Brand Logo
Cake THC Brand Logo

A company presenting remarkably inexpensive delta-8 THC, devoid of a discernible online presence and with obscure origins, warrants cautious consideration.

Fraud Companies Without Third-Party Lab Test

It has come to our attention that certain companies opt not to publish any independent third-party reports regarding their products or neglect to keep their tests updated post-publication.

In instances where such reports are unavailable, we proactively communicate with these companies to procure them. This initiative stems from the observation that some companies possess independent third-party reports but choose not to make them public.

If a company undertakes testing for a single batch of products, publishes the corresponding report, and subsequently foregoes this practice by only testing one batch at a time, it becomes imperative to conduct separate tests for each subsequent batch.

Furthermore, certain companies do release tests, but these are either conducted in-house or by a third-party testing facility known to manipulate results.

These tests are deemed inadequate due to their in-house or company-affiliated nature. Given the inherent lack of trustworthiness in these reports, they essentially hold no meaningful value.

Owing to the evident deficiency in testing protocols exhibited by these companies, we strongly advise against engaging with them:

#1: Catskill Hemp Co
#2: Cloud 8
#3: Cosmo
#4: Delta XL
#5: Dr. Zaza
#6: Earthbound Hempz
#7: Hydrohemp
#8: Miracle Leaf
#9: Palm Trees
#10: Puff Delta 8

List of Delta 8 Brand That Provides Lab Tests For Their Products

We have currently evaluated seven businesses that fit our reliable brand requirements.

#1 Area 52

Area 52 Delta 8
Area 52, Delta 8

Despite its recent establishment, Area 52 has effectively met all the criteria essential for a proficient Delta 8 company.

One notable aspect we discovered was that the company does not publicly provide its test results. However, upon contacting them, we found no issues of concern.

#2 3Chi

3CHI Logo
3CHI Logo

Presently, 3Chi stands as the foremost player in the cannabis industry for delta-8 THC.

Renowned for its diverse range of delta-8 THC products, including carts, gummies, tinctures, and capsules, this vendor is recognized for maintaining the highest testing standards.

What distinguishes this company from most other Delta 8 vendors is their commitment to integrity in testing. A comprehensive set of lab reports, encompassing potency, contaminants, solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other microbial contamination tests, is readily available on their website.

All products undergo rigorous testing, ensuring potency and meeting stringent quality standards.

#3, Mr. Hemp Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower
Mr. Hemp Flower

Allow us to introduce Mr. Hemp Flower, a distinguished supplier of raw hemp flowers, CBD oils, and various hemp-derived products.

Recent offerings from the company encompass a diverse array of Delta 8 products.

Their product line includes hemp flowers (raw and pre-rolled), gummies, carts, hash, brittles, lollipops, and honey sticks, all infused with delta-8 THC.

While the company provides lab testing for each product on its website, comprehensive tests, including heavy metals, solvents, and full contamination tests, are not publicly available. However, upon reaching out to their customer service team, we obtained satisfactory results.

Although the rationale behind not providing full tests online by default is unclear, we are content with the information obtained through direct communication with the company.

#4 Arete Hemp

Arete Hemp Logo
Arete Hemp Logo

In the realm of delta-8 THC, Arete Hemp stands out as one of the few companies that openly shares information about its leadership.

Amidst numerous Delta 8 and CBD companies, Arete Hemp distinguishes itself by enabling direct communication with its founder, Todd Campanella, through Twitter or LinkedIn.

The vendor’s product range includes CBD oils, hemp flowers, and CBG concentrations, all meticulously crafted by the company.

In addition to offering tinctures and distillates, Arete Hemp also provides replaceable cartridges for vaping, expanding its product offerings.

All products undergo third-party lab testing, ensuring quality control. However, it is noteworthy that the thresholds for passing solvent and heavy metal tests are not explicitly listed by the company.

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#5 Delta Extract

Delta Extract Logo
Delta Extract Logo

This firm seems to be adding new products every other month and offers much more than just Delta 8.

With a large following, Delta Extract, formerly known as Delta Effex, is a respectable brand.

This brand shows a high degree of care and attention to detail not only on its website and blog but also in the things it produces.

#6 BeeZbee

Although it would not be incorrect to state that BeeZBee has been on our “do not buy list” for some time, we decided to give it another look after the firm contacted us and provided the full panel of tests.

Regardless of whether this company’s product line includes CBD or delta-8 goods, we appreciate that it is feasible to locate a current lab test for every product, even though we haven’t tried any of them.

Furthermore, this company is one of the few brands that sells topical delta-8 THC medicines that we have encountered thus far (mixed with CBD to relieve pain).

#7 Neurogan

It’s crucial to remember that Neurogan is not a delta-8 business. Though they are not a delta-8 firm, they are among the big, well-known CBD companies that are progressively entering the market.

You can trust the company more than one of the numerous new Delta 8 startups that have been springing up everywhere because it has a solid track record and a large number of loyal customers, but none of them seems to be able to provide even the most fundamental details about their executive team or origins.

How to Recognize If a Delta 8 Company Is Reputable

Although there are a few little variations in purchasing CBD extracts, delta-8 products work on the same principles.

If you take the time to understand the red flags that can convince you to purchase unproven, low-quality D8 products to avoid falling victim to fraud, you ought to have no trouble identifying a reputable brand.

Third-Party Testing Of All Products

Lab testing is considered the gold standard in the cannabis market, not only for Delta 8 but also for other areas.

Companies need to test their products to make sure they live up to these high requirements because of the way Delta 8 manufacturers make their items these days.

Delta-8 goods must be made from CBD using a few harsh chemicals, including zinc bromide or hydrochloric acid, for them to be used.

It will be necessary to convert the delta-8 product from CBD when it is produced from marijuana plants, which may be prohibited in your area.

These compounds in the cannabis plant mean that, following extraction, the product needs to be filtered to be free of them, but doing so correctly calls for a high level of expertise and sophisticated equipment.

Not all of these compounds are permanently eliminated from the finished product by low-quality companies.

The purpose of a third-party examination of delta-8 extracts is to confirm the statements made regarding the D9 THC level and to show that these substances have been eliminated from the examined sample.

This offers a thorough examination of the extract’s composition and is the only method to guarantee that the compounds listed above have been eliminated.

The test must be performed by an independent laboratory that is not associated with the company for it to be considered third-party; in the US, there are a number of these labs that offer unbiased analysis of a variety of cannabis products.

It is advised that you avoid purchasing goods from businesses that do not supply pertinent independent laboratory reports.

Favorable Customer Feedback

Undoubtedly, the cannabis community exhibits unwavering support and a profound passion for the herb. Online platforms, notably forums such as Reddit, serve as arenas for extensive discourse on Delta 8, attracting numerous well-informed enthusiasts.

Conducting an online search for the brand is likely to yield numerous results, featuring comments from previous customers who have shared their experiences with the company.

Outlined below are key indicators that merit careful consideration:

  1. Reviews displaying an exceptionally high degree of negativity are alarmingly prevalent.
  2. The absence of any mention of the brand within the content raises suspicions of potential fraudulent activity.
  3. As we delve further into this article, discernible cues will be highlighted, indicating the possible illegitimacy of the company or the authenticity of the brand.

GMP Standards

When choosing a vendor, you should take their manufacturing standards into account.

The easiest way to extract delta-8 THC from marijuana is to do so straight from the plant, without the use of harmful chemicals. Note that not all states may allow the use of this method.

Synthesizing delta-8-THC from CBD is the most commonly used process. Despite being allowed at the federal level, this procedure necessitates the use of chemicals.

It’s critical to understand where your delta-8 THC comes from. For instance, if it originates from a business that grows marijuana plants, you might be breaking the law.

Key Takeaway

Delta 8 brands are a growing concern in the hemp industry, with many producing high-quality products and raising industry standards. However, many fly-by-night vendors prioritize their bottom line over trust and quality. The most common issue in the Delta 8 market is the absence of lab testing, as Delta 8 alone is safer than the harsh chemicals used to create it.

To avoid scammers, it is essential to conduct thorough research before purchasing from Delta 8 companies. Some deceitful Delta 8 companies include Trulieve, Honey Creek Labs, and Cake THC. Trulieve claims its delta-8 THC is derived from Charlotte’s Web, but there is no substantial evidence supporting this claim. Honey Creek Labs faces accusations of falsifying lab reports and neglecting product safety testing.

Cake THC presents remarkably inexpensive D8 THC without a discernible online presence or obscure origins.

Fraudulent companies without third-party lab tests are advised to avoid engaging with them. Some companies opt not to publish independent third-party reports or keep their tests updated post-publication. To ensure the integrity of testing protocols, it is crucial to conduct separate tests for each subsequent batch.

Area 52 Delta 8 is a proficient Delta 8 company that meets all the criteria essential for a proficient brand. 3Chi stands as the foremost player in the cannabis industry for delta-8 THC, maintaining the highest testing standards. Mr. Hemp Flower offers a diverse array of D8 products, including hemp flowers, gummies, carts, hash, brittles, lollipops, and honey sticks. Arete Hemp stands out by openly sharing information about its leadership and offering tinctures, distillates, and replaceable cartridges for vaping.

In conclusion, it is essential to conduct thorough research before purchasing from Delta 8 brands to avoid falling victim to scammers.


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