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Glov Beauty Micro Infusion Reviews: Better Than Qure? Before & After Pics

Have you encountered before-and-after pictures of Glov Beauty Micro Infusion and questioned their authenticity or dismissed them as mere hype? Is it genuinely beneficial for the skin, or is it a frivolous expense? Like yourself, I was curious and opted to try it, hoping for positive results. Here is the outcome of my personal experience.

Within this review, I aim to provide insight into my journey with this micro-infusion treatment, outlining its advantages and disadvantages, to assist you in making an informed decision.

Glov Beauty Micro-Infusion Overview

The Glov Beauty Micro Infusion System serves as a tool designed to enhance both skin and body. It includes a serum and a micro-needle infusion system for applying the serum to the skin. This micro-infuser aims to address aging-related concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, and laugh lines.

According to the manufacturers of the Glov Micro Infusion System, it contributes to smoother and younger-looking skin by boosting collagen and facilitating better absorption of serums. However, the question arises: is this micro-infusion system a preferable alternative to Botox?

The serum boasts a formulation comprising water, sodium hyaluronate for hydration, collagen for elasticity, and various other components such as oligopeptide-1, acetyl hexapeptide-8, carnosine, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ethylene glycol, octanoyl hydroxamic acid, and 1,2-Pentaned.

My Personal Experience With Glov Micro Infusion System

Initially, I anticipated experiencing some discomfort when utilizing the infusion system, but to my surprise, I did not. The micro-needles, measuring a mere 0.5mm and as thin as a hair strand, caused a minimal sensation as they gently pricked my skin.

In just a few days, I observed a remarkable radiance in my skin, a sentiment echoed by my colleagues at work. While my skin is typically in good condition, this product elevated it to an unprecedented level. Admittedly, the scientific foundation for at-home needling may not be unequivocal, but this particular product worked wonders. My only complaint pertains to a slight irritation in the initial stages, which I attribute to my super-sensitive skin; however, it subsided within a week.

Glov Beauty Micro Infusion Before and After Pics
Glov Beauty Micro Infusion Before and After Pics

In summary, while microneedling may lack a Ph.D. in scientific validation, my consistent use yielded notably positive results.


  • I availed of a 70% discount during the Black Friday sale.
  • The product was delivered promptly; I received it within 5 days.
  • Unboxing and following the instructions proved to be straightforward.
  • The experience of using them was nearly imperceptible.
  • This product is suitable for home use.


  • Unfortunately, it did not effectively reduce my wrinkles or laugh lines.
  • Regrettably, the product did not come with instructions on usage.
  • Similar to my experience with the Glamory infusion I tried earlier, there is a scarcity of customer reports online.
  • I experienced an allergic reaction to the needle.

Instructions for Utilizing the Glov Beauty Micro-Infusion System

  1. Carefully pour the serum into the infusion system, ensuring a secure seal afterward.
  2. Gently flip the device for a duration of 1-2 minutes.
  3. Remove the lid to commence the micro-infusing process.
  4. Initiate the application at the center and gradually move outward.
  5. Upon completion, replace the lid and exchange the needle for future use.

 Is There Any Potential Side Effect?

I haven’t experienced any significant side effects personally; I only observed a slight redness after the initial use. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remain vigilant for any indications of irritation, redness, infection, or scarring.

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Does It Really Work?

Certainly, the product is effective to a certain extent. However, it doesn’t serve as a substitute for Botox, and I haven’t observed a reduction in my fine lines or laugh lines during the four weeks I’ve been using it. Nevertheless, I am genuinely enthusiastic about the results and appreciate the convenience of being able to use it easily at home.

Final Words

Glov Beauty Infusion asserts its ability to address wrinkles and promote youthful skin. While I have noticed an improvement in skin radiance, I am still awaiting visible results for fine lines and wrinkles.


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  1. I was confused as you said as a “pro” instructions were straightforward but listed as a “con” no usage instructions were included. Can you clarify? Thanks

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