Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss

Griffin Santopietro’s Weight Loss: Real or Hoax?

Griffin Santopietro is a 14-year-old actor best known for portraying the role of Anthony LaRusso, the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso in the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai. The young actor has been involved in acting since he was very young and started studying at the Circle In The Square Theatre School when he was just five years old. He then went on to study at the HB Studio for Performing Arts in NYC before moving to LA to pursue his dream of becoming an actor full-time. We are writing this blog to clear your thoughts about Griffin Santopietro’s Weight Loss Transformation. Let’s dig in!

Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss Speculation

YouTube viewers seem to think Griffin’s weight loss will become part of the storyline in which Anthony LaRusso joins his father in learning karate. Many fans maintained that Santopietro’s weight loss was a hoax under social media scrutiny. However, it appears that there may be some truth to his transformation.

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The Breakdown

Then, the fans noticed Santopietro’s appearance in Dhar Mann Studio’s video, “Brother Hates His Little Brother.” That made them realize the drastic differences in his appearance: his cheeks had slimmed, and his facial structure had slightly changed.

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Santopietro’s weight loss had fans divided over its cause. Some argued he was going through puberty, and that the weight loss was natural. Others claimed he was being prepared for his upcoming part on the show. The fans claimed that nature caused these changes around 2020 (which is when Cobra Kai takes place). In an interview with Pop Alternative magazine from 2020, viewers talked about his slim facial structure and hoarse voice. “He may have thinned out, but that’s just puberty.”

When Griffin Santopietro joined the cast of Cobra Kai, he was 14 years old and weighed over 200 pounds. But now, at 14 years old and 120 pounds, he’s become one of the most popular actors on YouTube. The Cobra Kai season 3 trailer shows a drastic weight loss for Santopietro’s character Anthony LaRusso.

Griffin Santopietro’s Gym Workouts

Griffin Santopietro is an actor best known for portraying the role of Anthony LaRusso, the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso, in the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai. The actor was spotted working out at a gym on Monday (June 12th), where he appeared to be working on his body and toned physique.

You can look for his new look pics and videos on Instagram. Here is the link to Griffin Santopietro’s profile:


Griffin Santopietro’s weight loss may have been a natural result of puberty, or he could have intentionally lost weight for his role in Cobra Kai. Regardless of the cause, his transformation has sparked a lot of speculation among fans. Only time will tell if his weight loss will become part of the storyline in Cobra Kai.


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