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Happy Mammoth Reviews: Does This Brand Worth Investing?

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Happy Mammoth specializes in selling natural supplements designed to harmonize gut and hormone health. Although their products boast a myriad of beneficial ingredients, the company’s focus on profits over customer well-being becomes apparent due to subpar recommendations and an unsatisfactory return policy.


What Is Happy Mammoth?

Happy Mammoth presents an impressive array of all-natural supplements catering to diverse health benefits. These exceptional products are geared towards promoting digestive well-being, alleviating stress, uplifting mood, revitalizing skin health, and effectively detoxifying the body. Composed of wholesome organic ingredients, devoid of harmful additives or fillers, the Happy Mammoth brand ensures a premium standard.

Happy Mammoth
Happy Mammoth Products

Notably, the top Happy Mammoth products include:

Happy Mammoth Bone Broth

Emphasizing digestive health, energy provision, skin enhancement, and hormone level balance, Happy Mammoth Bone Broth is a true powerhouse.

Happy Mammoth Prebiotic Collagen Protein

Happy Mammoth Prebiotic Collagen Protein is a potent formula fostering superior digestive health, facilitating weight loss, preventing mood swings, and amplifying energy levels.

Hormone Harmony Happy Mammoth

Tailored for women, Hormone Harmony Happy Mammoth supports a healthy hormone balance, aids weight management, boosts energy, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode

Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode is an exceptional aid to promote swift sleep onset and enhance the quality of rest, ensuring a more profound and rejuvenating slumber.

Quick Facts

  • Characteristics: Comprehensive Remedies
  • Available in: Capsules, Powder
  • Promotes Health In Gut Function, Skin Revitalization, Restful Sleep, Hormonal Equilibrium, Mood Enhancement, Anti-Aging, Hair Nourishment, Detoxification, and Overall Body Rejuvenation
  • Contains: Chamomile, Rhodiola Rosea, Rosemary Leaf, Chaste Tree Berry, Ashwagandha, Fennel, Ginseng, L-Theanine, Collagen Peptides, Probiotics, Valerian Root
  • Category: Dietary Supplement

About The Happy Mammoth Brand

Based in Australia, Happy Mammoth was founded in 2017 by brothers James and Matthew Murphy with the noble intention of assisting individuals in healing their gut.

Happy Mammoth Owners
Happy Mammoth Owners – James and Matthew Murphy

Their philosophy revolves around tackling seemingly insurmountable health problems that are often disregarded by conventional medical practitioners.

To achieve its mission, the company established a Medical Review Board comprising experts in naturopathy, nutritional sciences, and medicine, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing various health challenges that arise with age.

Now, let’s delve into an overview of some of Happy Mammoth’s most popular products, including New & Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony, Hormone Harmony PLUS, Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine, Prebiotic Collagen Protein, and Deep Sleep Mode.

I Took The Happy Mammoth Quiz And Here Are The Results

With Happy Mammoth, you can access personalized health recommendations through a quick and free 5-minute quiz. The quiz comprises 50 questions, delving into various aspects like digestive health, hormonal well-being, sleep patterns, overall health condition, dietary habits, energy levels, environmental factors, mental health, and more.

I personally took the quiz, finding it impressively comprehensive in its inquiries. Upon completion, I received my results by submitting my email.

Happy Mammoth Quiz
Happy Mammoth Quiz

The results page displayed a Gut and Hormone Health Happiness Score, rating my well-being as 65 out of 100 points. This score was further broken down into Gut Health, Hormone Health, Lifestyle, and Mood, each represented by a corresponding bar graph.

However, I couldn’t help but question the validity of the quiz due to some discrepancies in the information provided. Notably, the website suggested potential hormone issues, despite my quiz responses indicating no such concerns. Curiously, my Gut Health received the highest score.

Surprisingly, I was recommended to purchase The Complete Hormone Synergy System, a package of three Happy Mammoth formulas designed to address unique hormonal imbalances, provide essential nutrients for women of all ages, and reduce signs of aging on the skin, body, hair, nails, and joints. This recommendation seemed inconsistent, as I had clearly stated my gender as male in the quiz, yet I was being directed towards products designed for women’s hormonal needs. Happy Mammoth Says:

What Your Score Means: Hormone imbalances can come in many different forms. And it looks different from woman to woman. Whilst there are a few different hormones that create imbalances, the single biggest “domino” hormone is Estrogen. Estrogen is crucial for day-to-day functioning. Without it, you end up with vaginal changes that lead to painful urination, hot flashes, moodiness, irregular periods, and brain fog.

As I continued to explore, the website highlighted that my hormone balance was “severely imbalanced,” and it urged me to consider their products as “Urgent Recommendations.”

In total, I was recommended a selection of products and systems amounting to approximately $200 to $250.

Results From My Second Happy Mammoth Quiz

To confirm my suspicions, I retook the quiz, altering some answers to get a better and higher score. Yet, to my surprise, the same products were recommended once again and my initial scores were a little higher.

Happy Mammoth Quiz 2
Happy Mammoth Quiz 2

This experience felt ironic, given that their “About Us” page emphasizes avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions and acknowledging the uniqueness of individual needs and problems.

Throughout this process, I couldn’t help but feel skeptical about the survey’s reliability due to the fearmongering language used on the website. The phrases like “severely imbalanced” and “urgent recommendations” could easily persuade the average person to consider purchasing their products.

This approach may target individuals who have tried various health approaches without much success, presenting Happy Mammoth as a beacon of hope for their health concerns. However, I questioned whether this in-depth supplement quiz genuinely translated into meaningful and personalized results.

How Do Happy Mammoth Products Work?

Happy Mammoth operates through a range of distinct products, each with its unique function. All of these offerings are packed with antioxidants that effectively combat free radicals within your body, leading to reduced oxidative stress and promoting overall healing while bolstering the immune system.

Certain products are designed to achieve hormone balance within the body. Notably, some supplements work to elevate estrogen levels, leading to a reduction in menopause-related symptoms like hot flashes.

In terms of weight loss, Happy Mammoth offers solutions that inhibit fat storage, potentially aiding in weight reduction. A review featured in Climacteric explores the effectiveness of phytoestrogens in mitigating menopausal symptoms.

For digestive health support, Happy Mammoth provides various products, some of which contain prebiotics that nourish beneficial gut bacteria, fostering a healthier and more balanced microbiome. Additionally, collagen protein aids in gut repair and may help suppress appetite, contributing to possible weight loss. The Journal of Functional Foods discusses the impact of a high collagen-peptide diet on gut health.

The brand’s products also boast significant anti-inflammatory properties, reducing gut swelling and alleviating bloating. Specific ingredients like herbs elevate levels of essential brain chemicals like serotonin and GABA, elevating mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

It’s worth noting that all Happy Mammoth ingredients are completely organic and have solid scientific backing for their health benefits. Consequently, these products are likely to yield positive effects on your well-being.

The extent and timing of their effectiveness, however, vary from individual to individual. On the official site, the reviews have been predominantly positive, particularly the Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony review posts.

Ingredients Used In Happy Mammoth Supplements

These represent some of the key active ingredients found in Happy Mammoth products:


As a dietary fiber, prebiotics nourish the beneficial bacteria in your gut, promoting a balanced microbiota. This supports regularity and can alleviate issues like gas and bloating.

A publication in Current Developments in Nutrition extensively covered the health benefits and sources of prebiotic fiber.

Functioning to maintain a harmonious balance of microorganisms in the digestive system, probiotics aid in healthy digestion, enhance nutrient absorption and fortify the immune system. As our Bioma Reviews elaborated, probiotics may also contribute to balanced gut microbiota, crucial for overall health, including mental well-being, immune system function, and inflammation regulation.


This amino acid, found in green and black tea, elevates serotonin and GABA neurotransmitter levels, resulting in improved mood and reduced stress and anxiety.

L-theanine is also associated with promoting restful sleep. A study on Nutrients indicated the potential in alleviating stress and stress-related ailments of L-Theanine.


A time-honored herb with sedative properties, chamomile has the ability to soothe, relax, and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, it proves effective in treating skin inflammation, wounds, bacterial conditions, and respiratory infections.

Chamomile also lends support to digestive health and may alleviate symptoms like gas and bloating. A study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing revealed that chamomile can enhance sleep quality and reduce depression in postnatal women.


Boasting high levels of antioxidants, ginseng aids in repairing the body and strengthening the immune system. It shows potential in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, while significantly enhancing energy levels.

An article in the Journal of Ginseng Research delved into the pharmacological potential of ginseng.

Happy Mammoth Product Line

I’ll explain the 5 best products of Happy Mammoth. Let’s get going:

New & Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony

Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony is the latest addition to the Happy Mammoth line is a supplement crafted to naturally restore hormonal balance, effectively manage weight and digestion, and provide a significant boost in energy, desire, and overall happiness.

New & Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony is brimming with an array of herbal extracts, including fennel seed, maca root, chamomile, broccoli sprout extract, berberine, chaste tree, American ginseng root, Gymnema Sylvestre, ashwagandha root, Rhodiola rosea, wild yam, and rosemary.

With its multitude of ingredients, New & Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony offers numerous benefits for hormonal health, mood enhancement, improved digestion, and better weight management.

While the supplement holds great promise, it’s essential to acknowledge that certain ingredients rely on animal studies or small-scale clinical trials to support their reported benefits.

Happy Mammoth Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony Pros

  • Many ingredients show the potential in reducing symptoms associated with hormonal conditions.

Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony Cons

  • Some ingredients rely on animal studies or limited research to substantiate their claims.

Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony PLUS+

Experience the full potential of New & Ultra Potent Hormone Harmony with this exceptional supplement specially crafted to optimize hormone balance, elevate overall health, and combat premature aging effectively.

Hormone Harmony PLUS+ is enriched with essential components like vitamin D3, pomegranate fruit extract, and myoinositol, scientifically proven to enhance the absorption of Hormone Harmony by an impressive 115%.


  • Incorporates standardized, high-quality ingredients
  • Backed by comprehensive research and clinical studies to substantiate its claims
  • Embraces vegan-friendly vitamin D3 for ethical consumers


  • The product may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, considering it is a “secondary support” supplement.

Happy Mammoth Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine

Introducing the flagship product, Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine, a cutting-edge supplement designed to optimize gut health and accelerate weight loss. Happy Mammoth confidently asserts that this exceptional supplement not only relieves leaky gut symptoms but also aids in curbing sugar cravings and facilitates a smoother, more sustainable weight loss journey.

Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine Pros

  • Research on L-glutamine has been consistently positive, highlighting its numerous health benefits.
  • Being a plant-based product, it seamlessly integrates into any dietary regimen, accommodating various restrictions.

Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine Cons

  • While undeniably effective, the premium quality of Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine comes at a higher cost compared to similar products.
  • One aspect that could be improved is obtaining more substantial third-party certification for sports-related applications.

Happy Mammoth Prebiotic Collagen Protein

Prebiotic Collagen Protein, is a daily collagen supplement designed to offer instant digestive comfort, aid in the restoration of gut lining integrity, and foster healthy weight loss.

Incorporating hydrolyzed collagen peptides, chicory root fructooligosaccharides, and organic sprouted pea fiber, this supplement boasts a unique formula that places emphasis on prebiotics.

Prebiotic Collagen Protein Pros

  • All ingredients are backed by research supporting their effectiveness in promoting gut health.
  • The formulation stands out with its exclusive focus on prebiotics.

Prebiotic Collagen Protein Cons

  • Some ingredients might not be present in clinically significant doses.

Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode

Happy Mammoth takes pride in its groundbreaking supplement, Deep Sleep Mode, which not only enhances sleep health but also facilitates weight loss simultaneously.

According to Happy Mammoth, this remarkable product offers the potential to indulge in 8-10 hours of uninterrupted, rejuvenating deep sleep every single night. Moreover, it actively supports weight loss efforts by preventing fat storage while providing a calming and soothing effect for a restless, anxious, or overwhelmed mind.

Deep Sleep Mode’s potent formula incorporates a blend of essential ingredients, including magnesium glycinate, zinc picolinate, hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, L-theanine, GABA, mesquite powder, baobab fruit extract, 5-HTP, turmeric root, valerian root, passionflower, black pepper extract, melatonin, and Lactobacillus casei. With this powerful combination, you can experience the ultimate sleep and weight management solution.

Deep Sleep Mode Cons

  • The ingredients in this product have undergone rigorous clinical trials, demonstrating their efficacy in promoting better sleep, mood enhancement, and improved gut health.
  • Setting itself apart from other competing brands, this unique formula contains ingredients in doses that closely align with clinically proven amounts.

Deep Sleep Mode Cons

  • It is essential to be cautious about potential interactions with medications, as some ingredients in the product may have this possibility.
  • While the product shows promise in various aspects, its research on weight loss efficacy remains limited.

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Is Happy Mammoth Safe To Consider?

The FAQs provided for individual supplement pages lack information regarding potential allergies or side effects when using Happy Mammoth’s supplements.

On the Refund Policy page, it is explicitly stated that customers are responsible for researching the product’s ingredients to identify any potential allergens.

Considering the 11 diverse products offered by Happy Mammoth, it is beyond the scope of this article to delve deeply into the potential side effects associated with each of them.

Given that many of Happy Mammoth’s products focus on gut health, it is important to note that certain ingredients may cause mild symptoms during initial use.

For instance, probiotics-containing products may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal tightness, mild nausea, and stool changes during the first few days of use.

Similarly, prebiotics, depending on the dosage and gut sensitivity, might cause gas, bloating, abdominal pain, and GERD.

While not all products on the Happy Mammoth website are vegan, they are guaranteed to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from GMOs, soy, corn, and added sugars.

Before trying any new dietary supplements, it is essential to consult with your doctor for personalized guidance and medical advice.

Happy Mammoth’s Price And Refund Policy

Happy Mammoth presents an array of products offered at various price points, ranging from $55 to $189.99 per month.

The Complete Hormone Synergy System stands as their most high-priced product, comprising three distinct supplements, currently priced at $189.99 for a one-month supply.

Happy Mammoth provides bundles for all supplements within their line, offering options for 1-month, 2-month, and 6-month supplies, while some bundles are available in 1-month, 2-month, or 4-month options.

For added savings, customers have the opportunity to subscribe to their preferred products, granting an additional discount of 15%–20%. However, it’s essential to be aware that subscriptions entail a minimum three-month commitment and cannot be canceled or refunded. To avoid further charges, customers must cancel their subscriptions before the subsequent billing date.

Regrettably, the company’s refund policy is somewhat restrictive. They solely offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for purchases of a single package or tub. Bundles and other packages are not eligible for refunds.

Moreover, Happy Mammoth’s return policy for gut-related products is unconventional. To qualify for a refund, customers must demonstrate consumption of at least 9 servings of the product and provide evidence of following a specific diet that excludes junk food, alcohol, high-fiber, and high-carbohydrate foods. This rigorous process seems overly complicated for a simple return.

What’s even more revealing about the company is their inclusion of sections in the return policy that restrict refunds for reasons such as not liking the taste (though they consider benefits as the primary factor), ordering excessive quantities, experiencing financial hardship, or displaying “anti-social behavior” when requesting a refund.

Considering the considerable expense of purchasing multiple supplements, as advised by Happy Mammoth, along with the arduous refund process, potential difficulties may arise for some customers.

What Is The Point Of View Of The Consumers Of Happy Mammoth?

Happy Mammoth has garnered thousands of customer reviews, accessible on various online platforms, including their official website. However, it’s worth noting that the official website mainly showcases positive feedback.

Happy Mammoth Reviews From ProductReview

Customer Reviews From ProductReview
Happy Mammoth Customer Reviews From ProductReview

Asha015 from South East Queensland, QLD, shares her experience with Happy Hormones over the last 3 months. At 38 years old, she initially purchased it to alleviate PMS, period symptoms, mood swings, and weight gain. Astonishingly, her periods have now returned to their pre-pregnancy state – light and lasting only 3-4 days. All mood swings have vanished, and she’s achieved a significant weight loss of about 7kgs in just 3 months, bringing her weight below 70kgs for the first time in years. Notably, her belly weight gain has disappeared, all without altering her diet or exercise routine. She admits to being skeptical about taking 4 tablets at once but now comfortably incorporates it into her morning routine. She’s so impressed that she’s enrolled in auto-ship and cannot imagine being without this life-changing product.

Mel from Sydney, NSW, also shares her success with Happy Mammoth’s product, specifically for perimenopausal symptoms. She expresses relief in having bid farewell to night sweats, dizziness, and mood swings.

However, there is an unfavorable review from Miryam D., who experienced disappointment with the product. Sadly, she encountered adverse effects such as diarrhea, bad mood, nausea, and stomach aches, leading to a negative impact on her mental health. It’s important to highlight that she purchased the product in June 2023 for $232.99.

Happy Mammoth Reviews From Official Website

Lauren A.

Bloat Banisher! I feel even better after my big dinners now! Excited to continue using it and witness more significant changes.

Mirjam A.

Revitalized and Energized! I can already sense the positive impact with reduced fatigue, and increased energy, and I believe my skin has improved too. Ordering my second bottle without hesitation!

Sandra T.

A Genuine Help! Undoubtedly one of the most effective hormone helpers available! I couldn’t be more delighted and eagerly anticipate ongoing improvements in my overall well-being and happiness.

Final Thoughts: Do I Recommend Happy Mammoth?

Happy Mammoth, an Australian-based company, takes a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the balance between gut and hormone health. My personal experiences with their quiz lead me to believe that their recommendations are not adequately tailored to individual needs. Instead, they seem primarily focused on promoting two major products: the Ultra Absorb L-Glutamine and The Complete Hormone Synergy System, with additional products suggested as required.

Moreover, I found their return policy to be off-putting, as it appears to minimize their liability as much as possible. Nonetheless, the products offered by Happy Mammoth do appear to be of high quality, made from top-notch ingredients, even though they might be priced slightly higher than alternatives.

In conclusion, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Happy Mammoth, as I believe there are other options like Peak BioBoost available that offer better cost efficiency and customer support. These alternatives may even guide a qualified health professional rather than solely relying on a quiz.

If you are currently facing any issues related to hormonal or gut health, it is advisable to collaborate with your primary care team to create a truly personalized and effective care plan.

Happy Mammoth FAQs: Consumers Also Ask

Q: What are the opinions expressed in the Happy Mammoth reviews?

A: The Happy Mammoth reviews found on the official website are filled with praise for these products. Many users reported experiencing remarkable health benefits, such as smoother digestion, increased energy, and improved sleep. However, it’s worth noting that no independent Happy Mammoth reviews have confirmed this positive feedback.

Q: How should Happy Mammoth products be used?

A: Happy Mammoth offers a range of products in both capsule and powder forms, each with its own specific set of directions. It is important to carefully read and follow these instructions, and it is advisable not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Q: What is the Happy Mammoth Return Policy?

A: The Happy Mammoth products do not have a return policy due to their perishable nature. All purchases are considered final sales.

Q: Is Happy Mammoth a cruelty-free brand?

A: Regrettably, Happy Mammoth is not classified as a cruelty-free brand. There is no mention of their stance on animal testing on their website, and they are not listed among PETA’s cruelty-free companies. This suggests that they may either test their products on animals or have associations with companies that do.

Q: What sets Happy Mammoth apart from its competitors?

A: While Happy Mammoth is a general health and wellness brand, its products particularly target digestive issues and gut health, setting it apart from other typical health supplements companies like NativePath Collagen, Orgain, and Mud WTR.

Q: Are there any potential side effects of Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony?

A: According to the Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Reviews, this product is generally considered safe with no major side effects reported. However, users are advised to review the product’s ingredients to determine the possibility of allergic reactions.

In general, caution should be exercised when using any dietary supplement or product claiming to alter the hormonal balance, as changes in hormone levels can significantly impact the body. It is always advisable to consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement or making significant changes to one’s diet or lifestyle.

Q: How effective is the Bloat Banisher?

A: Based on the Happy Mammoth Bloat Banisher reviews, this product relies on natural ingredients that have undergone scientific research and continuous use, proving to be safe and effective in alleviating bloating, gas, and irregular bowel movements in just 29 minutes.


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