How to choose the best vape pen for maximum results

How to choose the best vape pen for maximum results?

Vaping has quickly gained popularity among youngsters today, and the vape pen, by far, has become the most popular device of the lot. People vape for prescription reasons, which may be for stress relief, anxiety healing, or to address stress. Meanwhile, recreational users can vape for the high and lightness that is felt with THC oils. However, the most notable use of vape is to transition into quitting nicotine and moving to CBD as a healthier choice. If you’re someone who falls into the categories we’ve just mentioned or just wishes to experiment with vapes, buying your first device can be confusing.

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Too many choices? Well, vapes come in so many types and build that can turn decision-making worse!

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back! This article is meant to specifically address how to choose your first vape and get it right the first time. With our sectioned approach, you’ll be introduced to different factors that can be used to make a good purchase from your favorite dispensary. Excited to get started? Let us walk you through the basics of selecting the best vape.

Disposable or Reusable Batteries?

Before you buy a device, talk to the dispensary manager about your requirement so that they can suggest the best fit for you. In your experimental phase, try a disposable vape till you find your favorite concentration and flavor. Then you can move to vapes with reusable batteries, which is a more sustainable and economical decision.

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Focus on your vaping style:

Before you get to the part about choosing a vape type, try to understand your vaping style first. In the best of ways, we’ll explain the three kinds of vaping styles.

Mouth to lungs or MTL

Practicing the mouth-to-lungs (MTL) vaping style is as simple as holding the vapor in your mouth before you pass it to your lungs. This can be observed in most new vapers’ displays if they’re trying to switch from smoking e-cigarettes. The MTL method also is used when the e-liquid has a high nicotine or THC percentage to give the user a strong hit. Mouth to lungs is a bit easier on the throat as it does not feel as harsh if you’d be vaping such high-concentration e-liquid directly to the lungs.

Direct to lungs or DTL

If you’re vaping low concentrations of CBD or THC vape, then direct-to-lungs is a good method to get the maximum benefit. This involves deeply inhaling the vapor and letting it pass straight to the lungs through the windpipe. The uninterrupted flow of vapor to the lungs ensures that the mild e-liquid still delivers a smooth experience to the consumer.

Restricted direct lungs or RDL

Known as the hybrid method, the restricted direct lungs (RDL) method offers some resistance while inhaling the e-liquid vapor into the lungs. The strength of the vapor leads to bigger clouds upon exhalation, which is why the RDL vaping devices are built a bit differently from the rest.

Nicotine or CBD Vape Pens: Which Are Better for You?

If you’re buying your first vaping kit, it’s better to have an understanding of the e-liquid or build you’ll choose beforehand. Here are the two categories that will help you arrive at an informed decision while buying a vaping device.

To start with, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the composition of e-liquid or vaping juice. While some CBD vape juice and oil devices have nicotine refills and cartridges, others may be a variety of CBD and THC. The difference is based on preference and the results you wish for. If you’re looking to vape for medical or mental health reasons, CBD is the first preference due to its gentle effects and the lack of a high.

If you wish to experience a long high that relaxes you, THC vapes are the right choice for you. This is also a good pick for recreational users. Last but not least, nicotine vapes are a good fit for those who want a short hit and are trying to quit cigarettes. The vapor is much smoother and does not hit your throat as harshly as a cigarette.

e-Cigarettes, Vape Pens, or Vape Mods?

There are primarily three kinds of vaping devices. While e-cigarettes are the thinnest and lightest. They are fit for beginners trying to quit smoking nicotine cigarettes to make a healthier choice. The build and feel are like holding a cigarette, which provides the stimulus needed to avoid any resistance to transition.

Next, vape pens are also handy devices to carry around due to their pocket-friendly size. These are found in reusable variants where you can replace the vape pen batteries easily.

Lastly, Vape mods are meant for seasoned users who know how to change the coil, cartridge, batteries, and other components of the device. This is costlier but will last you years if you’re comfortable with a long-term device. The best example of a sustainable device would be a yocan pillar e-rig from The device delivers the perfect consistency of vapor and cloud to appease consumers.

Final Word

From the information provided above, anyone can choose a vaping device smartly. We hope that you conduct individual research and try a few products before finding your top choice. For more on such interesting reads, stay tuned to our blog section!


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