Whether you’re a veteran indoor grower or just getting started and buying the best Northern Lights weed seeds online, learning how to harvest indoor-grown cannabis will be a big help. You can easily identify when it’s time to harvest your plants by watching the trichomes. Cloudy trichomes are ready to be harvested, as they contain the most THC. Amber trichomes are too mature and are the sign that THC is starting to break down into CBN, which gives a mellower buzz. To determine the perfect harvest time, try to experiment with different harvest times.

Harvesting indoor-grown cannabis plants aren’t that easy. There are some steps you need to keep in mind. Let’s take a quick look at these steps!

Do not overwater

Overwatering your cannabis plant is one of the most common mistakes beginners make when growing marijuana indoors. The good news is that this problem is fairly easy to fix, as long as you have a method for watering properly. Proper watering will help your cannabis plants grow faster, while at the same time keeping the soil from becoming too wet.

Avoid hot, sunny days

Growing cannabis in a hot climate can pose challenges. Not only is sweat a problem because it sticks to the skin, but it also causes mold and fungus to grow. Mold and fungus can wreak havoc on your plants by colonizing small areas of damage. In the end, your harvest may be less than stellar. To avoid this situation, follow these steps to grow your plants as healthy as possible.

Wait until trichomes turn cloudy

The most common way to determine when to harvest indoor-grown cannabis is by observing the trichomes. Cannabis plants can undergo four different stages, each with a specific effect on the plant. By monitoring the color and density of trichomes, growers can determine the optimal harvest time. Clear trichomes indicate the plants are close to peak concentration, while cloudy trichomes are an indication of ongoing resin production. As resin slowly fills the trichome glands, harvesting a cannabis plant during this stage could reduce yield and quality.

Avoid overwatering

Water is the most important part of your cannabis plant’s life cycle. It’s essential to provide clean, chlorine-free water, as well as filtered water. When you water your Cannabis plants, be careful not to overwater them, and make sure that they’re getting good drainage. A finger test can help you determine when to water your plants. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s probably time to water.

Avoid over-drying

For dry marijuana buds, you need to keep the humidity level low. If you dry your buds too quickly, they will be too dry to trim. A dry, moldy product is the last thing you want. Also, you should avoid touching buds during the drying process, as this will lead to the growth of mold. To avoid overdrying, cut marijuana plants into individual branches. Cut the branches with a hook, which makes hanging them easier than using clothes pins. When you trim marijuana, you need to cut them so that the stems do not touch, as moisture can cause mold.

Check for mold and mildew

Powdery mildew is an unpleasant fungus that infests your cannabis plants. It can cause stunted growth and distort leaves. It can infect newly-formed flowers and leaves. Also, It thrives in warm and humid environments, which makes greenhouses an ideal breeding ground for the disease. To prevent mildew, make sure to leave plenty of space between plants, and promote proper air circulation. A dehumidifier will help lower the humidity level, and good soil drainage can prevent the spread of the fungus. If you notice any of these symptoms, take the necessary steps to cure the problem.

Trim plants before they dry

While cutting the plant back after harvest is more practical, some growers choose to start trimming the plant a few weeks before harvest. Doing this too early may stunt the growth of the plant, so trimming should only be done during the last week before harvest. This will remove the fan leaves and any dead foliage. In addition, trim the plant after harvest if you notice that it is displaying signs of dryness.


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