Magic Mushroom Tea

How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea? Step By Step Guide

If you’re reading this, then you should’ve heard of magic mushroom tea recipes by now, or perhaps you’ve even tried one for a novel take on your favorite magic mushroom strains. Shroom tea has also entered the picture now that psychedelics are well on their way to becoming popular and have been decriminalized in an increasing number of states and local governments.

Nothing compares to relaxing with a nicely brewed cup of shroom tea or embarking on a colorful voyage with psilocybin therapy mushrooms, if you can obtain them from a reliable source.

How to Prepare Magic Mushroom Tea

If you can safely obtain high-quality mushrooms from Mind Mend in Canada, making shroom tea at home can be a fun way to spice up teatime without having to worry about your stash being discovered. It is not recommended to use mushroom gummies or chocolates for these dishes; save those for an entirely different experience.

As Per Leafly, Psilocybin and other magical characteristics vary between different species of mushrooms; therefore, it’s important to find out the specifics from your source before consuming or brewing. This is how to make your enchanted concoction! (Source)

Ingredients And Materials You Need to Make Psilocybin Tea

As mentioned in Grow Barato, For a single serving, you will need the following ingredients and materials: 2 cups of water, 2 decaffeinated tea bags of your choice (as caffeine can affect your journey), sugar or honey (keeping in mind that adults should limit their daily intake of free sugar to 30g, approximately 7 sugar cubes), optional ginger slices, the magic mushrooms of your preference, a pot or kettle, a coffee filter or sieve, a knife or clean grinder, and, optionally, a teapot. (Source)

How To Determine How Much To Take

Note that the amount consumed varies from person to person and depends on several various factors. The recommended dosage for magic mushrooms varies from 1 to 2 grams (0.035 to 0.070 oz), contingent on their dryness. Please start with a tiny dose of magic mushrooms if you are unsure of their psilocybin concentration.

Preparations Of Magic Mushroom Tea

  • Step 1: Use a knife to finely chop the magic mushrooms of your choice, or grind them into little pieces. In this manner, the tea and water will coat them.
  • Step 2: Add water to the pot or kettle and bring it to a boil. After the water reaches a boiling point, turn off the heat source and let it a few minutes to stop boiling. Remember that heat might cause psilocybin to degrade, so it’s best to wait until the water cools down.
  • Step 3: Steep the tea bags and magic mushrooms in the kettle or saucepan for approximately fifteen minutes. This is the ideal moment to add ginger, if using, to your brew in the form of slices.
  • Step 4: Strain the tea through a sieve or coffee filter and transfer it to a cup or kettle. You may now sweeten your magic brew with honey or sugar. Acquire some cookies and relish!

To preserve the compounds in any leftover tea, you can store it in the refrigerator in a glass container, such as a jar. For optimal effects, you can also let it set for a few weeks. The strained magic mushrooms can be used again, so don’t discard them.

Benefits Of Magic Mushroom Tea

For thousands of years, people have used mushrooms for a variety of purposes, including spiritual guidance and health treatment. Intoxication speeds up and improves the absorption of mushrooms, which may help treat mental disorders like depression. The below-mentioned facts were taken from Leafly. (Source)

General Benefits Of Psilocybin

  • Helps with Nausea: Stomach cramps are a common adverse effect of eating raw mushrooms. Ultimately, the hallucinogenic properties of mushrooms derive from a mild fungal overdose, which can have adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Faster Results: Even when two people take the same dosage of mushrooms at the same time, their bodies process them differently. However, the onset is frequently halved because tea is delivered liquidly into the absorbent tissue of our intestines.
  • Meets Dietary Requirements: Many suppliers of shrooms blend them into chocolate bars or gummies to provide a more recognizable product, covert packaging, and dosing guidelines. However, not everyone can consume chocolate or sweet candies made of gelatin.
  • More control over dosage: By most measures, 1 gram of mushrooms is usually sufficient to produce the milder effects of mushrooms without producing strong visual hallucinations: everything appears more ridiculous, colors appear brighter, and being active feels fantastic. Tea gives you more options when it comes to dosing; you can use it as a large cup to sip on throughout the day or as a very intense shot.

Medicinal Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

  • Improved Sootheness and Euphoria: Most individuals use mushrooms to get high and access mental regions that are only accessible through psychedelics. In addition to changing our perception, mushrooms also assist us in connecting with our ego, the meaning of life, and humorous things.
  • Efficacy For Cancer Treatment: Studies indicate that shrooms may benefit cancer patients by reducing anxiety and sadness. Internal health is greatly influenced by one’s mental state, and receiving cancer treatment can be physically and psychologically taxing. Using mushrooms may improve a patient’s ability to deal with and, consequently, combat their diagnosis.
  • Improved Mental Health: Assistance for mental health conditions like addiction and despair According to recent research, mushrooms can be used to help alleviate depression symptoms and assist users in overcoming addictions like alcoholism.
  • Visual Triggering: Taking mushrooms to trip balls and see some bizarre sights is totally acceptable. Using mushrooms can be enjoyable, and you don’t have to provide medical advice or self-diagnoses to support your use of them.

Key Takeaway

It’s still up for debate how long mushrooms and mushroom tea keep on the shelf. Treating your mushroom tea the same way you would any beverage from your neighborhood grocery shop can help you get the best benefits. It is best to eat it within a week or two of preparation and to preserve it in the refrigerator.

While properly maintained dry mushrooms can last for several months, the liquid form of mushroom tea drastically reduces its shelf life. Although some users could decide to keep information longer than that, we are unable to ensure its preservation after that point.


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