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Moerie Good And Bad Reviews: Personalized Approach, Mixed Results

Moerie represents a personalized hair growth brand. Customers complete a questionnaire on the brand’s website and subsequently receive a “clinically proven treatment,” comprising customized shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray.

However, the critical question arises: has Moerie indeed demonstrated clinical effectiveness, or is it merely a marketing assertion? Do the hair care products contain scientifically supported ingredients for promoting hair growth and thickness? Are there any undesirable additives in their formulation? Additionally, what do actual users have to say about their experiences with Moerie?

In this article, we will address these inquiries comprehensively and more. We will conduct a thorough analysis of the ingredients found in Moerie’s Ultimate Hair Growth Spray and Mineral Hair Growth Shampoo, drawing from medical research, to offer our assessment of whether these products are likely to be effective or if they are a potentially wasteful investment.

We will delve into whether Moerie’s products have been substantiated through clinical trials, express our reservations regarding their quiz and “customized” procedure, and feature genuine, unbiased customer reviews from individuals who have used Moerie.

The Ingredients Utilized in Moerie Hair Growth Spray

It’s important to note that the ingredients constitute a “customized” formulation available on their website and differ from the public ingredient list on Amazon.

Regrettably, we were unable to uncover any research studies validating the hair growth properties of these ingredients. Moerie’s website does not make any references to such studies either.

While clinical trials have demonstrated that Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil can prevent hair damage, there is a lack of conclusive evidence suggesting that any of these ingredients directly stimulate hair growth or enhance hair thickness.

This formulation also incorporates various additive ingredients that raise concerns from a health perspective. Notably, sodium benzoate and benzyl alcohol are synthetic preservatives, with the latter being associated with toxicity in a 1991 animal study.

In summary, we do not have confidence in Moerie’s Ultimate Hair Growth Spray’s ability to promote hair growth. However, we should investigate whether shampoo offers a more effective formulation. Let’s examine its ingredients below:

The components contained in Moerie Mineral Hair Growth Shampoo are also presented above.

In a 2016 clinical trial, betaine was established as effective when taken orally to support hair growth. However, we could not locate studies confirming its efficacy in topical applications.

Arginine, an amino acid with documented hair damage prevention properties, was previously discussed in our review of Redken Shampoo.

Caffeine may demonstrate efficacy in addressing hair loss when applied topically. An analysis of clinical trial data published in the Skin Pharmacology and Physiology journal concludes: “Caffeine’s potential to counteract hair loss may offer a valuable non-drug alternative.”

Unfortunately, this shampoo shares the same synthetic preservatives, sodium benzoate, and benzyl alcohol, as the hair spray.

Due to the inclusion of betaine and caffeine, we consider Moerie’s shampoo to hold the potential for hair growth. However, we cannot issue a comprehensive recommendation primarily due to concerns surrounding the preservatives.

Is Moerie Personalized Hair Care Preposterous?

In the realm of personalized cosmetics brands, Moerie, like many others, employs an intake form that solicits health-related information from customers. Subsequently, they profess to create a bespoke product tailored to these responses.

Nonetheless, the brand fails to furnish any substantiated evidence demonstrating that their approach yields superior hair outcomes compared to conventional hair care brands. Regrettably, in our view, this process appears to lack a scientific foundation.

How does Moerie assert such precise hair growth claims in the absence of supporting evidence? Astonishingly, there appears to be no documented involvement in clinical trials, and the source of the accompanying graph remains entirely undisclosed. Consequently, the origins of this data remain shrouded in mystery.

Furthermore, the brand provides no elucidation regarding how they quantify “damage.” While their graphical representations are aesthetically appealing, they lack concrete substantiation. Once again, Moerie offers no elucidation or corroborating evidence for these purported outcomes.

Our scrutiny has yet to uncover compelling clinical proof demonstrating that personalized hair care surpasses the effectiveness of mass-produced hair products. As we explored in our review of another personalized hair care brand, Harklinikken, we consider personalized hair care more of a marketing strategy than one rooted in robust scientific foundations.

What is even more disconcerting on Moerie’s website is the apparent uniformity of results across all users. This raises suspicions that this may be a marketing ploy featuring fictitious data. If you input the following web address into an incognito browser window, you’ll observe identical results to what we encountered: [Insert URL:]

The efficacy of a hair care product hinges on its ingredients rather than its degree of personalization. If it incorporates components with proven efficacy in clinical trials for promoting hair growth, it is likely to be effective. Conversely, if it lacks such elements, its efficacy is expected to be limited.

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Genuine, Unbiased Moerie User Feedback—Both Good and Bad Reviews

Moerie’s products are available on Amazon, a source we consider more objective for customer reviews compared to a brand’s website.

Their top-selling product, the Moerie Hair Growth Spray, has garnered over 900 reviews, maintaining an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

The most favorable review, by a verified purchaser named “armartinez,” highlights the product’s hair-quality enhancing effects:

“I have experienced noticeable hair growth, and I attribute it to this product. During the winter, my hair typically grows at a sluggish pace, but since using Moerie, I’ve experienced reduced hair loss, and my hair looks healthy and shiny.”

Conversely, the top critical review, authored by a verified purchaser identified as “Flymariposa,” raises concerns about the product’s scent:

“I purchased this product with hopes of promoting hair growth, but I can hardly bring myself to use it due to its unpleasant odor. It resembles the smell of janitorial cleaning fluid. Consequently, I’m unsure of the product’s efficacy, as I find the scent intolerable. As a result, I have not used it completely.”

Moerie has also received 12 complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, and regrettably, the brand has yet to address any of these grievances, which is a concerning indicator.

A BBB user, going by the name of “Nicole P,” reports being overcharged by the company without resolution:

“These products have proven ineffective, suggesting that the reviews may be misleading. Additionally, this business imposes excessive charges under the guise of a subscription model. Regrettably, there appears to be no recourse to address this issue, as the company fails to respond to emails and continues to levy charges for their products.”

Final Verdicts

Moerie stands out as one of the more unique hair loss brands we have assessed at Supplements 4 Fitness. The brand professes to provide personalized products. However, as of the date of this article’s publication, they maintain a publicly accessible “results” page that consistently displays identical “results” regardless of the input.

The brand asserts the clinical efficacy of its products but fails to provide links to any supporting clinical studies. Additionally, they employ a stock image of a young woman, purporting her to be a team member on their website.

Moerie further asserts their brand’s featured appearances in numerous major publications, but our investigations only confirmed their presence in two out of the five mentioned.

In light of these observations, we recommend abstaining from this brand altogether.

While their shampoo incorporates certain research-backed ingredients for hair growth, it is noteworthy that both their shampoo and hair growth spray contain two synthetic preservatives.


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