Olecci Review

Olecci Review: Unmasking The Olecci Scam

Interested in purchasing wristwatches or rings from Olecci? This review aims to explain the reasons behind the low trust score assigned by our scam detector to Olecci.com. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has identified online shopping and negative reviews as the second most frequently reported fraud category in 2021. In response to this, we have taken on the responsibility of evaluating products, stores, websites, and more, all with the goal of ensuring the financial safety of our readers.

If you’re in search of emerald jewelry, this article will delve into the legitimacy of the platform: Is Olecci a Scam?

Contemplating the addition of a watch collection to your ensemble? Perhaps you have a penchant for emerald necklaces or bracelets? This post aims to steer you in the right direction. Just as ingredients can elevate the flavor of our food, accessories or jewelry can elevate the appearance of our outfits. The global interest in incorporating accessories into attire extends to the United States as well.

This article provides insight into a platform that claims to offer a selection of Emerald jewelry. Let’s delve into the question: Is Olecci a Scam or Legit?

About The Shaddy Website Olecci.com

With regard to ensuring our readers’ financial security, it is important to discuss the olecci.com website. Olecci, found at olecci.com, operates as an online retailer specializing in jewelry such as rings, wristwatches, cuff-links, necklaces, bracelets, and more, catering to both men and women. These items are available at highly competitive prices.

Regrettably, our investigation has revealed that Olecci is yet another fraudulent entity in the realm of online shopping. The following issues were identified:

  • Utilization of a fictitious business address.
  • Absence of company information on the website.
  • Display of counterfeit trust seals not endorsed by authorized organizations.
  • Lack of presence on social media platforms.
  • The website’s registration dates back to August 23, 2021, indicating a mere 9 days of operation.

Given these findings, it is advisable to seriously reconsider proceeding with any interaction with this platform. However, should you still be determined to pursue shopping from this store, we urge you to continue reading for more information.

Additional factors contributing to the inadvisability of making purchases from olecci.com are related to shipping and delivery. Olecci intentionally presents a deceptive image, suggesting its operations are based in the United States, when in fact, the provided company address is fictitious. This address, as indicated by Google Maps, corresponds to a residential residence.

The verifiable truth is that Olecci conducts its operations from China, resulting in lengthy shipping and delivery periods that can span weeks or even months.

Customer Feedback Regarding Olecci Jewelry Brand

Olecci Product Reviews posted by customers who made purchases from this store indicate that they were charged $79 for shipping, which they found to be a concerning issue. Furthermore, some customers reported difficulties in tracking their packages on the Olecci website due to recurring errors that displayed the message “Info unavailable, we can’t identify your number yet.”

Concerns About Olecci’s Return Policy

The store’s return and exchange policy has raised concerns among shoppers. The policy mandates that items must be returned in their original packaging and in the same condition. This approach is considered unrealistic by some customers. Additionally, the associated refund shipping fee has been criticized for being relatively high.

Assessing Olecci’s Legitimacy: Is It Really A Scam?

To determine the authenticity of the website, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Domain Creation and Validity: The portal’s domain was created on 23/08/2021 and expired on 23/08/2022.
  • Trust Index: Olecci’s trust index is a mere 2%, signifying a concerning level of trustworthiness.
  • Trust Rank: With a trust rank of 5.8 out of 100, Olecci’s credibility remains quite low.
  • Founder Information: The Olecci portal lacks any information about its founder.
  • Global Rating: The website holds a negligible Global rating.
  • Content Originality: The website’s content appears to be copied from other sources.
  • User Reviews: Reviews from Olecci users can be found online.
  • Social Media Presence: The website’s social media pages show no activity.
  • Product Range: Olecci offers a variety of watches and accessories.
  • Global Services: The website serves customers worldwide, including the United States.
  • Security Certificates: Security certificates are in place on the website.
  • Payment Options: Numerous payment modes are available.
  • Consideration of Domain Age: The website’s credibility is questionable due to its relatively early domain age.

Given these points, exercising caution is advisable when considering purchases from Olecci. Waiting for genuine reviews would be prudent before making any transactions on the platform.

Final Verdicts

The concluding assessment presents several aspects regarding its authenticity: Is Olecci a Scam or Legitimate? A limited number of customer reviews are available, coupled with the website’s recent domain age, low trust index, unfavorable trust rank, and the presence of high-priced items offered at seemingly implausible discounts. The absence of any active social network presence further contributes to the uncertain nature of the website.


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