Peloton Power Zone Pack

Peloton Power Zone Pack Review: Complete User Guide!

If you have participated in several Peloton Power Zone rides, you have likely encountered the instructor’s reference to the Power Zone Pack or noticed the hashtag #PowerZonePack on the leaderboard.

I have been a proud member of the esteemed Power Zone Pack for multiple years now, and my affinity for it continues to grow exponentially.

In the following discourse, I shall elucidate the essence of the Peloton Power Zone Pack, delineate the steps to join, and furnish comprehensive insights into this remarkable Peloton community.

Peloton Power Zone Pack Overview

The Power Zone Pack community, founded in 2017, is a distinguished Peloton enclave dedicated to Power Zone training.

Commencing with a select cadre of enthusiasts, the group has burgeoned into a formidable collective boasting over 120,000 members.

By conducting seasonal challenges, wherein members unite within teams to collectively pursue rides, the group endeavors to enhance participants’ performance output concurrently.

Pros Of Peloton Power Zone Training

As a woman in her fifties, I have discovered that engaging in Power Zone training on my Peloton has significantly contributed to achieving the peak of physical fitness in my life. It is important to clarify that by “best shape,” I refer not merely to aspects such as weight or clothing size, but rather to an overall state of optimal health, encompassing both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

For instance, approximately two years ago, I assisted my then 23-year-old daughter in relocating to a new apartment for her graduate studies. Her residence was situated on the third floor of a building without an elevator, requiring us to ascend and descend three flights of stairs repeatedly throughout the day. This endeavor included trips to IKEA, where we transported cumbersome flat-pack furniture—known for its considerable weight—and subsequently maneuvered these items into her apartment.

Naturally, by the end of the day, I experienced fatigue, and perspiration was abundant. However, following a nourishing meal, adequate hydration, and a brief period of rest in the evening, I recuperated well. Remarkably, the following day, I felt no lingering soreness or discomfort. This experience served as a tangible demonstration of the significant improvements in my physical strength and endurance attained through consistent participation in the Peloton Power Zone training regimen.

How I Joined The Peloton Power Zone Pack

I enrolled in the Power Zone Pack after being introduced to a challenge by my friend Kieranne one summer. Having acquired my Peloton bike a few months prior, I encountered difficulty grasping the dynamics of the regular spin classes.

As a habitual runner, gauging the appropriate level of exertion and devising strategies for improvement on a bike proved challenging for me (further compounded by the ambiguity of setting worthwhile goals for cycling).

While recognizing biking as a valuable cross-training activity, I sought a more structured approach.

After a thorough discussion with Kieranne, I made the decision to enroll in my inaugural Power Zone Challenge. These seasonal challenges, organized by PZP, are inclusive of all proficiency levels and incur no cost.

The primary objective of these challenges is to complete the designated rides (with no emphasis on output or leaderboard standings) and, ideally, to enhance performance on the bike.

Enticed by the prospect, I registered for the challenge.

The challenge presented various participation options, ranging from three to five rides per week. Opting for the former, alongside my running regimen and supplementary bonus point rides, ensured my schedule remained comprehensive.

To prepare adequately, I undertook several power zone classes, followed by an FTP test to establish approximate power zones.

While I appreciated the custom zone setup for my inaugural challenge, I soon realized during classes that instructors were adept at assisting participants in estimating their zones, albeit less accurately than an FTP test would allow. Nonetheless, this serves as a viable alternative for those unable to undergo an FTP test.

Joining the Power Zone Pack is effortlessly accomplished by adding the designated hashtag to your profile.

Upon doing so, you are seamlessly integrated into the Power Zone Pack community. Additionally, there are supplementary avenues for engaging with fellow PZP members, such as joining the designated group (which also facilitates access to Matt’s weekly 60-90 minute endurance rides). Thinking Of Getting Into Cycling? Here’s Some Top Tips!

What’s The Best Time To Start Power Zone Training On Peloton?

I am confident in the belief that individuals of any fitness level, regardless of age or duration of Peloton ownership, are well-prepared to undertake the Peloton Power Zone training program. An excellent point of initiation is the “Discover Your Power Zones” program accessible through the Peloton bike or app. This comprehensive cycling program spans five weeks, serving as an introduction to the principles of Power Zone training. Formerly spanning four weeks in duration, it has now been extended to five weeks.

What’s The Pricing Of Power Zone Pack?

  1. Membership to the Power Zone Pack is complimentary, yet there is a premium option offering additional features.
  2. To gain access to the library, view your results with zone graphs, and track your FTP test, a subscription fee of $7.99 per month is required.
  3. There is no obligation for a monthly contract, and cancellation is possible at any juncture.
  4. As a paid member for several months now, I am thoroughly enjoying the feature of filtering classes.
  5. Currently, I am focusing on training for a running race, thus my engagement in challenges is limited. However, the library enables me to maintain my Power Zone training regimen effectively.
  6. The ability to filter rides by TSS is greatly appreciated as it facilitates finding suitable options for my training schedule.

Types Of Power Zone Rides

Upon accessing your Peloton account or participating in a Power Zone Pack (PZPack) challenge, you’ll find three distinct types of Power Zone rides available. These include the Power Zone Endurance ride, the standard Power Zone ride, and the Power Zone Max ride. Allow me to elucidate the disparities among them for your better understanding.

What Happens Once You Complete FTP Test?

Following the FTP test, the bicycle will prompt you to adjust your FTP within your settings. Please respond affirmatively by selecting “Yes.”

These numerical values will be incorporated into your Preferences within your Profile. You can access your Profile by clicking on the gear icon located above your profile picture on the bicycle display table. On this screen, you have the option to enable “Display Power Zones.” Enabling this feature will provide you with the Power Zone Meter on the screen for every subsequent ride. With this setup, your power zones are now readily available for reference.

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Last Words

If you’re in search of an outstanding and supportive community, I wholeheartedly suggest exploring Peloton Power Zone Pack! Membership in the group is complimentary, although they do offer a premium subscription option that grants access to additional features such as line graphs, the Power Zone class library (inclusive of filters), and the ability to track your progress and output. Having been a member for several years myself, I can confidently say that I adore the community.


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