Raw Garden Cartridge And Live Resin

Testing Raw Garden Cartridge & Refined Live Resin: Unbiased Review

Since 2014, I have been professionally writing about cannabis, giving me the perfect opportunity to become well-versed in the world of dabbing. Despite this, I still primarily enjoy using traditional flowers. However, throughout the 2010s, what kept me intrigued by concentrates was the knowledge of which brands consistently delivered pure-grade, top-notch products. In my mind, Raw Garden has always been synonymous with the perfect dab.

Unfortunately, the past decade has seen a flood of both legitimate technological advancements in dab gear and a surge of cheap imitators. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran in the dabbing community, finding a reliable and high-quality concentrate is crucial for an exceptional experience.

In this review, we will be exploring Raw Garden’s Vape Cartridge, Refined Live Resin Diamonds, and Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds. We tested them to provide our readers with an unbiased assessment of whether they truly live up to the hype.

Raw Garden THC Cartridges Overview

The distillate cartridges crafted by Raw Garden boast a cannabis oil that distinguishes itself from others on the market. The distillate oil, possessing a water-clear appearance with a subtle hint of yellow, emits an exquisite aroma detectable even from outside the vape cartridge. Employing 510-thread cartridges, the most commonly utilized type in the industry, Raw Garden ensures an optimal vaping experience. The THC cartridges are designed to efficiently vaporize every drop of the distillate oil, minimizing waste. Notably, I observed that the cannabis oil may adhere to the glass of the vape cartridge, a residue easily liquefied with the application of a flame.

In this comprehensive Raw Garden cartridge review, an array of strains was sampled to afford a thorough assessment of the THC cartridges’ quality and consistency.

  1. Topical Dream #7: An exceptional sativa boasting remarkably high THC content and delivering cerebral effects.
  2. Mandarin Mist Sativa: A superb sativa cartridge catering to those seeking heightened energy and enhanced focus for prolonged work tasks.
  3. Keylime Cookies: Contrary to its strain name, the THC vape oil may not precisely replicate the flavor, but it undeniably imparts robust sativa effects.
  4. Mendo Stomper: An exceptionally potent THC cartridge, boasting an impressive 88.20% THC content.
  5. Cloud Chaser: Eclipsing all others, this Raw Garden THC cart stands out with an unprecedented 90% THC content, inducing robust Indica effects discernible with just one vape hit.

What Sets Raw Garden Apart?

Raw Garden distinguishes itself prominently from its counterparts, primarily through its pricing strategy. The cost of its concentrates consistently proves to be markedly lower than that of other brands offering comparable products and quality. Acquiring a gram of premium sauce for approximately $30 in Los Angeles is commendable.

The packaging exudes both cleanliness and allure, adopting a straightforward “just-sauce” approach that aligns seamlessly with the Raw Garden experience. Each box is supplemented with a sticker containing pertinent strain information, THC content, batch number, and a QR code for readily accessible lab results.

While not a practice I engage in as frequently as I should, I took the initiative to scan the QR code for each product using my phone. The online accessibility of all lab results with clear formatting further underscored the transparency and reliability of Raw Garden’s offerings.

Testing Raw Garden’s Pomello Jello-Refined Live Resin Cartridge and Pen

Testing Raw Garden Cartridge
Testing Raw Garden Cartridge


Even in the form of a vape cartridge, the flavor profile of Raw Garden’s Pomello Jello Refined Live Resin proves to be exceptional. Typically, I find vape cart flavors to lack distinctiveness, often merely indicating quality in a general sense. However, the taste of my sativa hybrid cart was notably sweet and dense, featuring comparable and equally enjoyable spicy notes akin to the Crushed Diamonds variant.


While I do not frequently indulge in vape cartridges, the convenience and discreet nature of the product are undeniable, especially in urgent situations. Having a cartridge and battery on hand during a recent visit to my mother’s, where supplies were limited, provided a welcome relief. In the form of a vape cartridge, Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin delivered an optimal THC experience, easing me into a tranquil late evening before drifting off to sleep. It took approximately four or five substantial puffs before the full effects were discernible.

My Experience With Raw Garden Cartridge

As the others in my mother’s house retired for the night, I nestled next to a warm, inviting lamp in the living room with an old paperback acquired from a local bookstore earlier that day. Engaged in reading, I intermittently indulged in the vape, and the high manifested gradually—initially behind my forehead and then as a subtle tingle in my extremities. By the fourth puff, the complete high emerged akin to the gradual crescendo of an orchestra tuning up, notably rich and mood-enhancing with a touch of discreet sedation.

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Testing Lime Mojito Refined Live Resin Diamonds

Flavor Profile

Upon uncapping my gram of Live Resin Diamonds, a pronounced heavy-citrus terpene aroma greeted me with each twist. Without exception, Raw Garden concentrates have consistently delivered the most captivating olfactory experiences, and this particular instance was no different. The tart and citrusy notes of the Lime Mojito strain provided an olfactory delight that persisted with each encounter. Upon engaging in the dabbing process, the pure lemon-lime citrus flavor emerged prominently during exhalation.


Prefacing my remarks, I predominantly indulge in flower consumption; however, when I opt for a dab, I revert to my conventional torch and banger setup, reminiscent of the practices from 2018. Despite a considerable hiatus from dabbing, the act of loading saucy, adhesive crystalline diamonds onto my dab tool, placing them in the banger, and observing the ensuing bubbling transformation into a smooth, velvety vapor was a pleasantly familiar experience, akin to riding a bike.

The vapor exhibited an unexpected level of smoothness and coolness, surpassing my initial expectations. Memories of inadvertently subjecting a dab to excessive heat and subsequently enduring a severe coughing fit briefly flashed in my mind. Moreover, the onset of the effect was discernible and immediate.

My Experience with Lime Mojito Refined Live Resin Diamonds

My encounter with these diamonds occurred during a quiet evening at home. Approximately five minutes after consumption, I found myself completely immersed in the rich, unhurried symphony of concentrated essence. For regular or heavy consumers, the intensity of flower highs may occasionally pale in comparison to the profound, revelatory, quasi-psychedelic experiences one might have had as a novice or following an extended tolerance break. The robust stoner-metal buzz induced by this Live Resin served as a poignant reminder that, at times, nothing surpasses the singular precision and dependability of a dab-induced high.

Testing Key Lime Cookies Crushed Diamonds

Flavor Analysis

In the realm of taste, the Key Lime Cookies Crushed Diamonds present an intriguing combination that caught my attention. Despite not being particularly adept at discerning nuances in flavors and aromas among concentrate varieties, I found myself notably impressed by the amalgamation of citrusy notes and subtle spicy undertones present in the gram of Key Lime Cookies Crushed Diamonds.

Effectiveness Assessment

Capitalizing on the Crushed Diamond’s dry and crumbly texture, I strategically incorporated it into a joint, enhancing the potency of my preferred consumption method. Noteworthy is the versatility of these diamonds, as they can be utilized like regular Refined Live Resin Diamonds, potentially yielding a comparable effect when vaporized.

My Experience With Key Lime Cookies Crushed Diamonds

Embarking on a stroll with a joint featuring sun-grown, mid-level THC flower adorned with a modest scattering of Crushed Diamonds, I eagerly anticipated a departure from my customary hazy and easygoing high. After approximately five minutes, the distinct sensation manifested—initially subtle, then steadily pervasive.

The peak unfolded gradually, delivering a clear and profound euphoria that endured beyond the typical duration of my flower-induced highs. I traversed the remainder of the evening effortlessly, carried along by a sustained and refreshing breeze of elevated sensations.

Features Of Raw Garden

Optimal Voltage and Temperature Settings for Raw Garden Carts

Raw Garden Vape Pen
Raw Garden Vape Pen

Each Raw Garden cart is equipped with an affixed sticker. Above it, a half-gram-sized vape cartridge is connected to an O.pen vape pen battery.

While Raw Garden provides its own 510-thread vape pen battery, its drawback lies in its single voltage setting. Regrettably, this limitation impacts the vaping experience negatively. When using Raw Garden’s battery and inhaling until the vape pen blinks, the vapor becomes excessively hot, diminishing the overall enjoyment. Opting for lower temperature settings, however, significantly enhances the experience with Raw Garden cartridges.

In this Raw Garden cartridge evaluation, an O.pen variable voltage vape battery, offering multiple voltage options, was employed. The most suitable voltage settings for this THC cartridge were identified as 3.2 and 4.0 volts. Given the potency of these vape cartridges, novices are advised to commence with a modest vape hit and exercise patience. Utilizing O.pen batteries ensures smooth and substantial hits, retailing at $39.99 on their website. Additionally, these vape pen batteries function as stylus pens, providing a pleasurable user experience.

Authentic Cannabis Terpenes

Pre-filled THC oil cartridges containing genuine cannabis terpenes deliver more robust effects compared to those without. This heightened intensity results from the full-spectrum effect. The Mandarin Mist cartridge from Raw Garden provided a delightful vapor experience, resembling the taste of premium cannabis rather than an actual mandarin. Unlike non-cannabis terpenes, which are both cheaper and often possess high THC potencies, the flavor profile is not overtly fruity.

Vape Cartridges with High THC Potency

Raw Garden carts boast an average potency ranging from 78% to 90% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. This potent THC content, combined with cannabis-derived terpenes, yields a premium, pre-filled cartridge. Available in California dispensaries, these cartridges are priced between $50 and $65 for a full gram. Notably, dispensaries across California commonly report Raw Garden cartridges as their bestsellers.

Lab Test Results Accessible for Every THC Cartridge

Accessing the lab test results for each Raw Garden cartridge is effortlessly accomplished through their website. The company consistently provides the latest available lab test results for all its products, establishing itself as a reputable THC cartridge manufacturer.

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup

It would be entirely accurate to assert that these cannabis oil cartridges represent some of the finest in the USA, as substantiated by multiple Cannabis Cup awards, particularly in the Bay Area.

Impressive Following: 130,000 Followers on Instagram

This THC cartridge company commands a substantial following on its Instagram account, boasting a current tally of 130,000 followers that continues to grow rapidly each month. The Instagram page is replete with captivating images showcasing the most exquisite cannabis buds from their cultivation operations. While their page is private, they extend acceptance to all those who choose to follow them.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its acclaim, Raw Garden’s 510-thread THC cartridge is not without a minor drawback. The sole criticism pertains to the tendency for some cannabis oil to obstruct the vapor passageway, particularly towards the end. However, rectifying this issue is easily achievable by drawing a bit more forcefully until the air smoothly passes through the cartridge once again.

Final Verdicts

The entirety of the Raw Garden experience, spanning from the point of purchase to the unboxing process and eventual use, consistently proves to be enticing. For those desiring to comprehend the fervor expressed by avid dab enthusiasts, Raw Garden stands out as an unparalleled choice. The brand’s reasonably priced Refined Live Resin line encompasses distinct, terpene-rich flavors, a refreshing inhalation, and a potent, enduring head high, constituting the indispensable components of a superior dabbing experience.

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In summary, regard my perspective as akin to that of the esteemed “Dos Equis guy” within the realm of concentrates—while I may not always indulge in dabbing when I do, Raw Garden is my preferred choice. Remain in high spirits, my acquaintances.


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