Shark Tank CBD Gummies Scams Revealed

Shark Tank CBD Gummies Scams Revealed!

What Is Shark Tank?

What Is Shark Tank

The first episode of the American business reality television program Shark Tank aired on ABC on August 9, 2009. The program is the American adaptation of the global format Dragons’ Den, which made its debut in Japan in 2001 under the moniker Money Tigers. It depicts business owners giving pitches to a group of five investors, or “sharks,” who decide whether or not to fund their venture.

In the first four years of the category’s existence, the series won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program four times (2014–2017) due to its popularity in its time slot. Before that, it won Outstanding Realit in 2012–2013.

What Does Shark Tank Series Do?

The show has a group of investors, dubbed “sharks,” who make investment decisions when entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas. The sharks frequently uncover flaws and weaknesses in an entrepreneur’s product, business strategy, or company value. While some of the investors, such as panelist Barbara Corcoran, are often polite and work to lessen the blow of rejection, others, like Kevin O’Leary, commonly known as “Mr. Wonderful,” are “brutal” and have “no patience even for tales of hardship.” The sharks are compensated as cast members of the show, but they invest their own money.

CBD Gummies And Their Extraordinary Benefits

CBD Gummies are a lavish form of simple savory gummies that contain a suitable and tolerant able amount of CBD i.e. Cannabis an extracted component of the hemp plant. Also, CBD is purified and the CBD merchants make sure it does not have a trace amount of THC left in their product. By applying various techniques of clarification marijuana’s effect is diminished. CBD gummies offer numerous supremacies like lessening joint pains, being used in the treatment of epilepsy, increasing bowel movement, helping to relieve anxiety, and many more. These CBD Gummies are further enriched by various nutrients to make them more useful.

These are a good alternative to simple CBD oil as these tasty gummies make this CBD more palatable and beneficial. CBD Gummies merchants also claim that these gummies are so powerful that they can remove the urge of nicotine use. CBD is being used to cure the hereditary disease which causes children to grow older early, this is because of a mutation that causes a release of damaged protein causing disease progeria. (Source)

Khalife Sisters And Their Successful Business 

Khalife’s sisters are two young and inspiring ladies, both these girls are siblings Rosy Khalife and Donna Khalife. Both of these beauties started their business journey in the  Tv series Shark tank and were very promising contestants. They found Kevin O’Leary as their business investor in this famous Tv show. At first, their business idea was rejected by the sharks, and then the sharks again approached the Khalife sisters and offered them a new business proposal. Now their business is flourishing with the speed of light and they are very happy.

This is what they say about their business investor Kevin O’Leary! He has been a fantastic business associate. He is approachable, very smart, and compassionate. Every year in Miami, he holds the Mr. Wonderful Summit, when all of his portfolio firms congregate. It’s a few days of communal learning and connection, which is extremely potent. as well as sipping his excellent O’Leary wine! (Source)

Rumors Alleged  Khalife Sisters To Be Investors In Keoni CBD Gummies

The ad, which poses as a news story, describes how businesswomen Donna and Rosy Khalife closed an unprecedented $2.5 million deal with all six investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

It states that “apparently the Khalife sisters have created a unique Keoni CBD Gummies mix that may quickly & permanently decrease Nicotine Cravings.” O’Leary and the Khalife’s, however, are not affiliated with the company that is the focus of this campaign.

There are certain companies who are trying to sell their goods by using the name of the Shark Tank TV Show and the other famous personalities like O’Leary and the Khalife. The Companies are as follows:

The alleged fact: Shark Tank competitors Donna and Rosy Khalife’s CBD gummies were purchased by Kevin O’Leary.

Shark Tank CBD Gummies Scam

There is not a trace of truth in this statement that Mr. Wonderful of the Shark Tank series has invested in  CBD Gummies manufactured by the contesters Khalife Sisters. There is no affiliation of Khalife Sisters to CBD Gummies, they did not invest in any item of CBD gummies. The rumors are fled by unauthentic resources. Some sort of scammers started this all rules, all the news and the photographs circulating are fake and edited by the scammers.

The  CBD Gummies Are Not Affiliated With The Khalife Sisters Or MR. Wonderful.

Rosy Khalife informed USA TODAY that neither she nor her sister has ever promoted CBD gummies on “Shark Tank” and that they have no connection to this product.

Khalife Sisters Are Not Affiliated With CBD Gummies

The sisters said in a statement, “We get hundreds of letters a week regarding these gummies and want people to know the reality. The scam has been going on for months, which is annoying.” (Source)

The Khalife sisters claimed to be “in no way involved with the CBD gummies” and to have “never offered this product on Shark Tank” in an email to AFP on August 3, 2021.


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