Skynpure Reviews 2024: Is This Skincare Brand A Scam?

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Quick Overview: Skynpure is a cosmetics company that launched the Pure Collagen Film Mask, which provides immediate benefits. Nanocollagen is used in the mask to enter the skin and deliver immediate and significant effects. The mask promises to tighten sagging skin, trigger cell renewal immediately after application, brighten, increase elasticity, firmness, boost skin moisture, and diminish wrinkles and fine lines. It also promises to prevent premature aging and produce smooth, radiant, plump skin.

Maintaining skin health has never been an easy task for men or women. It takes a lot of effort and, of course, a lot of money as well. I know this firsthand because I know my wife’s monthly spending on skincare products. The internet is filled with skincare products that claim to help users with many things. The most common claims are reducing fine lines, wrinkles, increased elasticity, hydrated skin, cell renewal, and many more. Well, these are just claims because most of the skincare product do not deliver as they claim. I’m not saying all products are the same. Some may work, and some may not. So, it’s our duty as skincare experts to find the best skincare product for our readers and let you know whether the product you are looking to buy is worth a shot or not.

Today, I’m reviewing SkynPure’s Pure Collagen Film Mask. Have you seen the Facebook ads about this product, and are you wondering if Skynpure is a legit brand? In this SkynPure review, I’ll delve into the benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and customer reviews. I’ll also compare it with other collagen products and see if this collagen mask is better than other products.

What is Skynpure?

Skynpure is a newly launched skincare brand with only one product in its catalog. The manufacturer claims that their Pure Collagen Film Mask can immediately deliver results, but does it really? That’s what we’ll find out in the coming sections of this article. According to the manufacturer, their mask uses nanocollagen to penetrate the skin easily, providing maximum and quick benefits to the user. The brand makes the following claims:

  • The mask can reduce wrinkles and fine lines easily.
  • The nanocollagen will help the skin rejuvenate and vitalize.
  • It improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Pure collagen film masks can boost skin hydration.
  • The mask prevents premature aging.
  • It will provide smooth, radiant, and plump skin.
  • It will activate cell renewal immediately after the first application.
  • The collagen mask will tighten the sagging skin.

This image was found on the official site of Pure Collagen Films. See the before and after results. However, I’m not sure if this image was taken by a Skyn Pure user or if they uploaded a random image.

SkynPure Reviews Before and After

The brand made quite a list of claims, aren’t they? Well, that’s nothing new because all brands make such claims after launching their products. Before getting into the working process of Skynpure Collagen Mask, let’s explore collagen.

What is Collagen & Why Is It A Popular Skincare Trend?

According to the Cleveland¬†Clinic, collagen is the most prevalent type of protein in our bodies. It makes up roughly 30% of the total protein in your body. The main component of your body’s tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, and other connective tissues is collagen. It’s also present in the lining of your intestines, blood vessels, and organs.

You may be wondering what makes collagen so special and why all the skincare brands are using it in their products. You can make a guess. There are a lot of anti-aging benefits we can get from collagen based products, from reduction in wrinkles and fine lines to tightening of skin. So, to increase the number of sales, most brands are using “Collagen” in the name of their product. They do this just to let the buyer know that this product uses collagen in it.

For years, people have used collagen injections to smooth out wrinkles and enhance their lips. But these days, hyaluronic acid fillers have mostly taken their place. Unlike collagen, these fillers fade after a few months and pose a lower risk of adverse reactions.

Some supplements with the name “vegan collagen” have no real collagen content. They are referring to vegan substitutes that are rich in plant-based vitamins and minerals that could stimulate our own synthesis of collagen or the same amino acids found in collagen.

Through genetic modification, researchers are able to generate human type I collagen using bacteria and yeasts in a manner akin to that of producing medicinal insulin.

How Does SkynPure Collagen Film Mask Work?

According to the official website, Pure Collagen Film Mask works by penetrating deep into the skin with the help of nanocollagen. Collagen molecules that have been meticulously broken down into little units are intended to instantly absorb into the dermis’s deepest layers, giving the skin a renewing boost from the inside out. Then, after that, the collagen will do its magic and make your skin radiant, plump, and wrinkle-free. That’s all I can get from the manufacturer’s website on the working process of the collagen film. Check out this video that I took from the official site.

In this video, the girl is applying Skynpure Collagen Films on her forehead, cheeks, and neck. After that, she showered a little, maybe with simple water or rose water, to dissolve the films. You can see how quickly the collagen masks absorb into the skin and make it all glowy and tight.

Ingredients Of Pure Collagen Film

According to the data that I’ve collected from the official website of Pure Collagen Film, hyaluronic acid and collagen are the only two substances used in the mask. There aren’t enough substances in the mix to provide the skin a texture free of fine lines and wrinkles. Although Skynpure’s official website is replete with glowing testimonials, customers have not left any reviews on the third party review sites.

What Do Consumers Have To Say About This Product?

I tried finding some customer reviews for Skynpure but all my efforts were wasted because I couldn’t find a single user’s feedback online. I checked Trustpilot,, and but not a single customer left a review on any of these most famous platforms where consumers share their experiences. However, there official website is full of positive reviews from customers.¬† You should see what their customers are saying about Collagen Films.

Bianca K. Says, “It’s as if I treat myself to a spa treatment every evening. I just love it!”

Xenia H. Says, “I am absolutely thrilled with this product. It has changed my skincare routine and taken it to a whole new level!”

There are many Skynpure Reviews like these, but there is no meaning in reading them all because all of these feedbacks are fabricated to manipulate customers.

How Much Does Skypure Collagen Mask Cost?

The Skynpure Collagen Mask retails for $29.99, but they are giving dubious discounts for two packs. This could result in con artists stealing money from customers or enrolling them in a monthly membership without their knowledge. Also, there is another offer. You will just have to pay $49.99 for a 3-month supply.

Watch the Skynpure video review below:

Skypure Collagen Film Vs Spoiled Child Collagen: Which One Should You Choose?

Skynpure is a new skincare brand that offers only one product. According to the company, the Pure Collagen Film Mask has instantaneous results. On the other hand, Spoiled Child is an anti-aging skincare brand that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers choose the right products for their requirements. The company describes its goods as “intelligent hair and skin products that dismiss the concept of aging” and promotes the idea that “Age Is An Old Idea.”

There is a big gap between both products in terms of quality and effectiveness. Skynpure is a new brand that does not have a fan base. However, Spoiled Child is a big hit in skincare industry due to their versatility. They produce different kinds of products, ranging from shampoos to collagen supplements.

Spoiled Child Collagen beats SkynPure in every term. They provide their five star products in same prices as Skynpure, but with one extra $36 gift. Their collagen not only benefits the skin but also help the joints and muscles. One more plus of the Spoiled Child brand is the variety of their products. You can choose anything according to your needs.

So, I definitely recommend Spoiled Child Collagen over Skynpure.

Final Verdict

To keep it short, Skynpure is a newly launched brand that I couldn’t trust for many reasons. First, they don’t have any social media presence. Second, I couldn’t find a single customer review on third-party websites like Trustpilot. How can I trust a brand without anyone attesting to its legitimacy? So, I recommend the buyers consider the alternative options to improve their skin health because Skynpure Collagen Films can be a trap.

Pure Collagen Film is a possibly phony product that might not live up to expectations. It is advised that consumers think about other choices in order to enhance the health of their skin and stay away from Skynpure’s fraud.


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