Tanasi CBD Reviews

Tanasi CBD: Reviews & Facts Checked Through Lab Test!

It’s easy to be influenced by the quality and variety of hemp goods available, and it can be depressing to look for products to satisfy your hectic schedule. That is why, at CBD Origin, we make it our job to review products objectively and without bias or favor. We’ve tested several cannabis goods, and today we’ll look at Tanasi’s CBD-menthol-free salve. Plenty of the CBD salves we’ve tested have employed menthol as a soothing component to permeate the skin and provide immediate comfort, which is why this ointment stands out and intrigues us. Tanasi (not to be confused with Tinashe, the musician) has supplied us with their 150mg salve, and we’re delighted to break down the price, cannabis data, manufacturing, and guest satisfaction. (Tanasi CBD Reviews) We’ll begin by investigating the brand, which will help us evaluate the original product. Let’s get started!

Tanasi Company Information

Tanasi CBD’s brand name is a twisted way of saying “Tennessee,” which is where the firm was created. So, Tanasi CBD provides high-quality CBD products such as topical treatments, soft gels, tinctures, and much more. Each of their products is scientifically supported by over $2.5 million in research and innovation, with a group of Ph.D. and DPH.D.ors committed to designing and producing high-quality cannabis that can be used and loved by all who require it.

The Tanasi website (pronounced “ta-NAH-see”) is elegantly and professionally built, and it is simple to use. Colorful images of their products adorn the pages, alongside well-written phrases that completely describe the item. The site has a highly user-friendly field that is peaceful and not at all overbearing, which is an appealing aspect for both beginning and advanced CBD users. For those interested in learning more about CBD, the “Science” page provides a plethora of knowledge in bite-sized morsels.

Regular intervals of ratings, photographs, and diagrams help propel this information home and pique the interest of both casual browsers and curious customers. With such dedication to consumer education, I was eager to see how the real product would fare. Let’s go over the package design and components now before moving on to the actual product review.

Packaging and Ingredients

Tanasi’s 150-mg salve arrives in an extremely beautiful glass jar and appears to fall into the more premium range of CBD products. A tri-color label wraps pretty much totally around the entire jar in exquisite packaging. The label’s front has a neon orange color with white wording that contains the brand name (Tanasi), CBD content (150mg), weight (150mg), and CBD kind (hemp extract full spectrum salve). The label rapidly transitions to a white background with green letters dictating care directions, intended use, and an estimated number of applications.

I liked that the firm gave us time to calculate how many instances you may use this small jar (about 30 doses), how much CBD is in each topical treatment, and how long you should wait to clean your hands (about three minutes). Finally, the label’s back section was a deep land of green with white lettering that presented the nutritional information (almond oil, carnauba wax, patented technology hemp tincture from marijuana Sativa L [industrial hemp variety] that includes CBD), as well as patent and production information.

Price versus Value

With such advanced wrapping and beautiful words, I expected this ointment to cost at least $40–$50. Imagine my delight when I went to the company’s website and learned that this attractively presented salve normally costs $14.99 but was on sale for $10.49! Most salves cost between $30 and $75, so finding one this cheap was a true treat. There were no further discounts available, such as for membership buys or bulk orders, but the cost was so low that you could easily stock up without spending a lot of money. There is, however, a portion of the website where you can purchase pre-selected CBD bundles, such as beginning sets of topicals, gift boxes, and a combo of Tanasi’s best-selling goods.

Product Review: CBD-Infused Salve

I love including CBD treatments and salves in my regular beauty regimen, particularly near the end of the day when my legs are fatigued and hurting. Given the lovely packaging and creamy-looking texture of Tanasi’s CBD salve, I was eager to find out how it felt. I quickly unhooked the black plastic cover and noticed that the salve resembled petroleum jelly. I carefully poked the cream with my finger and was shocked to find it to be very stiff, similar to beeswax. Also, I carefully pressed the salve with my thumb to obtain a better sense of the texture, and I saw that the salve quickly folded away and left an oily residue on my fingers.

I held the ointment to my nose and smelled a faint hemp scent. The hemp aroma was not harsh or caustic like those of other famous CBD salves, but rather a gentle plant-like fragrance that was immediately relaxing. The salve dissolved fast on my finger (due to my body heat), reminding me of beeswax once more. I picked off a good amount of the salve with my fingernail and slathered it on the back of my neck as well as between my shoulder blades with my palm.

Tanasi’s Salve has a total of 150 milligrams of cannabis ingredients in each jar, which retails for $19.99. The patent-pending mixture provides sustenance from hemp extract as well as the calming and moisturizing properties of almond oil and beeswax. With each application, users receive five milligrams of hemp extract, and the jar includes enough products for 30 doses. Allow the product to infuse for three minutes before washing your hands.

Tanasi CBD Tincture of Full Spectrum Oil

Tanasi’s Full Spectrum Oil Tincture is the most basic and straightforward CBD product. Each dose offers consumers an alpha of 40 mg/mL for a powerful effect and is available in a 1200-mg bottle for $139.00.

Tanasi CBD Water Soluble Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate

The Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Drink Concentrate is great for customers who wish to incorporate CBD into a meal or a liquid that they already use. The mixture may be mixed into any drink, and its solubility makes it simpler for stomach contents to ingest and metabolize, resulting in a speedier effect. The price of the 240-mg bottle is $34.99.

Tanasi CBD Capsules with the Entire Spectrum

The Full Spectrum Pills, available in 750-mg and 1500-mg bottles, compress the use of cannabis into a pill for users who want the product’s advantages but not the flavor. These pills cost $89.00 for each bottle.

Tanasi CBD Lotion (from Hemp Extract)

This lotion, like the salve, is a topical medicine designed to meet users’ requirements for immediate and focused pain management. It includes significantly more cannabis extract per bottle, with 1,200 mg of extract. Although this lotion costs $144.00, users just require roughly one pump to achieve the desired results.

Tanasi CBD Hemp Quality 

Finding good-quality cannabis can be difficult in a nation that does not completely comprehend its significance. Nonetheless, the Tanasi CBD brand is supported by a full team of Ph.D. specialists who have spent years of their lives researching and developing this superior product. Tanasi is so committed to its art that it donates a portion of its sales (not profits!) to biomedical research on hemp across the globe. Tanasi hemp is scientifically tested through third-party lab testing (which we’ll discuss briefly in the following section), has a pending patent, and is supported by over $2.5 million in research and innovation.

The simple salve is made with three fine components and a custom blend that everyone who uses it loves. Finally, this full-spectrum salve incorporates not only the healing effects of CBD but also the raw form of CBD (CBDa) to provide even more advantages to their clients. The hemp includes less than 0.3 percent THC, as permitted by the 2018 Farm Bill, making it lawful for resale throughout the US anywhere cannabis is legally purchased and sold.

Tanasi  CBD Lab Testing

Tanasi encourages the customers by giving unbiased third-party lab test results for all of the theories. You can access these lab findings by going to the product’s page and scrolling halfway down the page. A clickable tab labeled “Certificate of Analysis” takes you to a PDF file that details the lab results. These lab tests might be incredibly expensive, yet they are required to offer present and potential clients peace of mind.

Because the CBD and hemp industries are not regulated by the FDA, many users have complained about what is truly within their CBD products. These tests demonstrate that the package satisfies what it claims to include without any prejudice or compensation from associated labs, emphasizing the significance of “independent” and “third-party” labs.

Some firms have started to use QR codes that are only available on the packaging, which means you’ll have to buy the thing before you can find out what’s inside. While I appreciate the desire to reward clients with this type of plan, I was glad to find that Tanasi provides this content accessible to anybody who chooses to visit their website.


I was quite pleased by how much I appreciated Tanasi’s salve. The product presentation, as well as the unusual decision not to utilize it and the quantity of knowledge provided, were extremely amazing. The price was reasonable, the website was simple to use, and I can truthfully say that this is one of the best goods I’ve reviewed for under $20. I defined this ointment for both new and veteran CBD users because its superior quality and ease elevate it above the average hemp product. I’m excited to test additional products in the Tanasi collection, such as the tinctures and soft gels.

CBD products are an excellent method to calm an anxious mind, aid in the treatment of sleep problems, offer comfort for achy muscles and joints, and much more. CBD products can also be tightly coupled into your everyday routines, whether as a supplement taken with your morning vitamins, a tincture consumed with your favorite beverage, or a topical used at the end of the day before bed. Tanasi’s 150-mg CBD ointment should be in your CBD armory no matter how you use it!


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