Teens Are Using Beauty Serums

TikTok Skincare Trend: Teens Are Using Beauty Serums But Why?

The aspirations of first-grade students encompass the desire to engage in beauty shopping at establishments such as Sephora. Moreover, 11-year-old children demonstrate a profound comprehension of anti-wrinkle creams that rival the understanding of seasoned adult influencers. On a daily basis, they meticulously apply numerous beauty products and subsequently share their beauty regimen on the TikTok platform. This raises pertinent questions: What is the underlying cause of these developments, who bears responsibility, and what instills a fear of aging in the hearts of these young individuals?

The Digital Beauty Trend In Teens: An Escalating Phenomenon

Amidst jovial beauty sleepovers and elaborate 12-step facial routines that can last up to five hours, adolescents are not merely experimenting with skincare – they are transforming it into a digital spectacle. The hashtag #grwm (get ready with me) has now surged to become one of TikTok’s most popular trends, boasting over 146.5 billion views at present.

The majority of these countless views originate from teenage influencers who review skincare products or exhibit their school makeup routines. Some, like 13-year-old Harper Zillmer from Texas, have ascended to social media stardom.

Harper’s viral “Get Ready with Me” TikTok video garnered an impressive five million views, propelling her into the spotlight and amassing one million followers in just one month. The widespread allure of TikTok beauty videos has contributed to a cultural shift where skincare products have become essential even for the average youngster.

“Even my 11-year-old stepdaughter, equipped with a plush headband, can proficiently recite the latest skincare product ingredients, rivaling a Sephora consultant,” as noted by Hannah, a reader of Supplements 4 Fitness.

While venerable luxury brands like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli strive to captivate the affections of teenagers, cosmetic industry giants like Glow Recipe, Laneige, Bubble, Touchland, and others are making substantial strides. Their vibrant packaging and whimsical names, exemplified by “Drunk Elephant,” appear tailor-made for the TikTok spotlight.

Heightened Concerns Among Parents and Experts

Dermatologists issue warnings to adolescents regarding the excessive use of skincare products. They emphasize the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure to specific ingredients, including skin damage such as premature aging and an elevated risk of skin cancer.

One Doctor a Health Reporter named Rosmy Barrios, MD Says that parents exercise vigilance in monitoring the skincare products their children utilize. As this surge in skincare enthusiasm continues, it prompts inquiries into whether it might be fostering a generation overly fixated on aging and beauty standards. The repercussions of such trends on the mental well-being and self-esteem of young individuals constitute a subject of ongoing concern for both parents and mental health experts.


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