UDental Pro Reviews

UDental Pro Reviews: Is This New Electric Toothbrush Worth It ?

Would you like to achieve a brighter, more sparkling smile? Are you interested in purchasing the Udental Pro Toothbrush Teeth Whitening product? Curious about whether the Udental Pro Toothbrush Teeth Whitening offers good value for your money? Delve into this review to gain insights into the product and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

What Is Udental Pro?

Udental is a toothbrush that utilizes ultrasonic technology to effectively eliminate tartar, plaque, stains, and more from your teeth. The manufacturers assert that it can also contribute to teeth whitening. However, the question remains: does it truly deliver on these claims? While numerous Trustpilot customer reviews have labeled it as a passing trend, my own curiosity led me to put it to the test.

This toothbrush employs 5,000 to 8,000 rapid vibrating movements to thoroughly cleanse your teeth, and it incorporates a built-in LED blue light to enhance teeth whitening and eradicate stubborn coffee or tobacco stains. Additionally, it promises that consistent use of the product can reduce dental buildup.

According to the official website, the mouthpiece is crafted from the highest medical-grade silicone, making it up to 10,000 times more hygienic than conventional nylon toothbrushes.

While Udental Pro Teeth Whitening appears legitimate, the primary objective of this review is to determine if the product lives up to its reputation. This assessment will provide all the essential insights needed to make an informed decision about this product.

I Tried Udental Pro Electric Toothbrush: Here’s My Honest Review

I initially came across an advertisement for Udental Pro on TikTok, which piqued my interest. So, I proceeded to place an order for it through the UdentalPro.com website, and it arrived promptly. Upon its arrival, I promptly commenced its use; however, I must admit that my experience has been rather disappointing. The product has not lived up to the claims made about its effectiveness, leaving me with no choice but to revert to using my regular toothbrush. Furthermore, I have found that the company does not honor its 30-day money-back guarantee, which is disheartening. Upon closer examination of the terms and conditions, it becomes evident that they have no intention of issuing refunds. In sum, my overall experience with the product and the company has left me profoundly dissatisfied.

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Does It Really Work, and What Do Consumers Have to Say?

No, I don’t think so. It does not perform as claimed. All the claims are false; please refrain from investing your money in them. Much like the Ortho Sparkle Toothbrush I reviewed earlier, it uses the same product images under a different name. It’s deceptive! Avoid falling for it. Numerous other customers have also expressed their dissatisfaction by posting negative reviews online, stating that it failed to meet their expectations.

Some customers shared their experiences:

“What went wrong? I failed to read the reviews for this product before making a purchase. There are numerous U-shaped toothbrushes available, and I opted for the most expensive one. It arrived beautifully packaged in an expensive box and was presented well. However, after using it, my teeth still didn’t feel clean, and I had food stuck between them. It’s clear that it doesn’t work with the soft silicone mouthpiece. How can it be? When I requested a refund within their 30-day return policy, they refused, citing ‘hygiene rules.’ Lesson learned… at a significant cost! Stick with electric toothbrushes; they are much more effective and hassle-free.” Saible H.

“Whether it’s called Udental Pro or Udental-pro, avoid this product. You can likely find a reasonably priced and effective alternative elsewhere. I feel cheated by this purchase: £49 for one, £29 for a discounted second one. All of them are subpar, and returning them is impractical due to the high shipping costs to the US, despite the fact that they were supposedly dispatched from a UK warehouse. This sale, operated by a California-based crook and manufactured in South China, is a scam.” Emily J.

Pros Of Udental Pro

  • The Udental toothbrush boasts an attractive design and presents an impressive appearance.
  • The packaging is exceptionally well-crafted.
  • It is effective for gently massaging the gums.

Cons Of Udental Pro

  • Unfortunately, it does not perform as advertised.
  • The refund policy appears to be somewhat unclear or unreliable.
  • Some customers have experienced refund complications, receiving only £44 out of the £49 originally paid and, in some cases, incurring a £19.85 return cost to the USA despite the product originating from a UK depot.

Is UDental Pro a Scam?

Yes, it’s undoubtedly a deceptive scheme. The product falls short of its promises to eliminate stains and tartar. If it were effective, there would be no need for dental professionals. What’s particularly troubling is the challenging process of returning these items, akin to throwing your money into an abyss. Despite their origin in a UK warehouse, the postage costs to the US are exorbitant. It raises suspicions that this operation is situated in California while manufacturing in South China. The claims they make defy the principles of science; it’s implausible that a device can miraculously remove dental plaque and whiten teeth in just 30 seconds.

The Bottom Lines

The Udental toothbrush, regrettably, does not enjoy a high level of popularity. Many individuals have expressed their disappointment, finding it to fall short of the expected standards. Some even go so far as to label it as a “don’t waste your-money” proposition. Furthermore, the process of returning the product presents its own set of challenges. Despite being shipped from the UK, the return journey to the US can feel as complex as a lunar expedition. In light of these concerns, we advise against investing your money in this product.


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