UVlizer Lamp Reviews

Uvlizer Lamp Reviews: Pros & Cons Of This UV Light Lamp

Have you encountered the numerous advertisements praising the virtues of the UVlizer lamp? Each touts its germ-eliminating capabilities without the typical chemical solutions you’re accustomed to. The pressing inquiry is: Is UVlizer a genuine article? Can it effectively eradicate bugs? Does it perform flawlessly?

In light of these bold claims inundating social media, I undertook a journey of research and experimentation with this device. This review endeavors to uncover its strengths and weaknesses, illuminating whether it truly meets the hype or falls short.

What Is UVlizer, and Did It Serve Its Purpose?

The UVlizer is a device purporting to utilize UV light for surface cleaning without chemical intervention. It emits a specific UV light spectrum known for germ eradication and air purification.

Upon encountering the UVlizer video on Facebook, I initially harbored doubts regarding its accuracy. Nonetheless, I decided to procure it from the official website. The delivery process took approximately two weeks, during which I observed inadequate packaging. The package included a remote control, USB cord, and timer settings.

Regrettably, the product failed to meet expectations. It sparked, emitted smoke, and ceased functioning entirely. Upon initiating a return request, the company stipulated the submission of photographs, a video, and proof of purchase as prerequisites for processing. This requirement is frustrating, as the return process hinges on the provision of such documentation.

Claimed Features

  • Capable of eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Able to disinfect entire rooms.
  • Rapid sanitation within seconds.
  • Operates with 38W of ultraviolet light.

Does the Uvlizer UV Light Lamp work?

No, it does not. This product lacks research, testing, or certification. Essentially, it is a standard Chinese product bearing the “Uvlizer” label, with pricing inflated to four times its actual value. UV-C light, a pivotal feature of the UVlizer, is highly effective in germ eradication, yet the appropriate dosage depends on the room’s size targeted for cleaning. Thus, for disinfecting an entire room, a specific dose or strength of UV light is required. However, devices such as the Uvlizer lamp fail to emit sufficient UV-C light for effective disinfection of a room. For genuine UV-C devices capable of disinfecting entire rooms, refer to the examples provided.

Moreover, such devices are typically unavailable for purchase to the general public due to their potency, requiring expert handling. They are primarily distributed to hospitals and businesses rather than to ordinary consumers.

You may find an online website named PlanetofReviews.com that says that this product does work. Don’t fall victim to these scammers because this product is not worth wasting your time over.

What Do Customers Say About This Product?

Numerous customer reviews and complaints can be found on platforms such as Trustpilot, Reddit, BBB, and other review websites regarding the Uvlizer. Although many customers express satisfaction, it has come to our attention that a significant portion of these reviews are fabricated. Below are examples of the reviews commonly encountered online:

“I purchased a Uvlizer tower several months ago. Despite my dust mite allergy, which I had somewhat managed through regular dusting and vacuuming, I decided to try out the Uvlizer one day. The results were astounding. Not only did my primary symptoms subside, but I also noticed improvements in other symptoms I hadn’t realized were connected to the allergy. No more sneezing fits or runny nose after breakfast, and most importantly, no more pressure or ‘popping’ of my Eustachian tubes. It’s been a complete game-changer. Now, in addition to regular housework, I run the lamp once a week and feel revitalized.”

“As a registered nurse, I understand the criticality of a product that effectively disinfects a room. I consider myself fortunate to have two Uvlizers in my home. This product provides me with peace of mind, knowing that it eliminates mold and influenza. It’s a valuable addition to my personal arsenal of cleaners!”

“The unit ceased functioning within weeks of operation. Dealing with Customer Service has been a frustrating experience. The phone number is consistently unreachable, with the mailbox perpetually full, and emails are bounced back. (Yes, I’m aware it’s a dot co, not com.) This marks the second unit that has malfunctioned. They requested a video demonstrating the unit’s failure.”

Red Flags Regarding Uvlizer Lamps

Delayed Delivery and Inadequate Support

Uvlizer ships its products from China, thus it is improbable that they can fulfill the promised 7-9 days delivery timeframe in the US. Numerous customer complaints suggest that the company does not adhere to its delivery schedule. For instance, a customer who placed an order in December has yet to receive it by January. The tracking information is unavailable, and attempts to contact customer service result in automated responses.

Missing Bulbs and Unaddressed Support Issues

A significant portion of customers receiving the product report crucial components missing, such as bulbs. Despite attempts to contact customer support, they are met with automated email responses.

Fabricated Reviews

Uvlizer’s website is rife with fake positive reviews, contributing to dissatisfaction among customers due to the product’s inferior quality. It appears that Uvlizer employs virtual assistants to disparage negative feedback and fabricate positive reviews. Moreover, they engage in attacking negative reviewers on platforms like YouTube. Caution is advised when encountering reviewers from the Philippines, as many may be involved in this deceptive practice.

Is UVlizer Worth The Hype?

Not at all, the UVlizer lamp is a small gadget that claims to use very little power to disinfect your surroundings or an entire room. I posted on their Facebook page and asked for their lab test reports demonstrating the device’s ability to eliminate viruses from entire rooms. However, instead of replying, they simply deleted my post. Hospitals invest tens of thousands of dollars in UV devices that undergo rigorous testing and certification before approval for use. Furthermore, those glowing 5-star reviews are likely fake because no product, even those from reputable companies like Apple, is flawless.

To effectively clean a 250-square-foot room, a robust UV device is necessary. Such a device can cover a large area and eliminate germs effectively. Conversely, the UVlizer, with only 38 watts of power, is much weaker and can probably only clean around 14 square feet. This coverage is insufficient even for the surface area of an average queen-size bed, let alone an entire room or office.

Using the UVlizer may only provide a false sense of safety, which could potentially be harmful.

Last Words

The Uvlizer is not a legitimate product. It is advisable to entirely avoid it and instead opt for an air purifier. If one does choose to purchase the product, there are essential precautions to be taken. These precautions include protecting one’s eyes and skin from UV light exposure while the product is operational. Additionally, refrain from entering the room during disinfection, and ensure that no individuals, animals, or plants are present to mitigate the risk of damage from UV radiation.

UVlizer Lamp Reviews: FAQs

Q: What is the UVlizer lamp and how does it work?

The UVlizer lamp is a device designed to utilize UV light for surface cleaning and germ eradication without the use of chemical solutions. It emits a specific UV light spectrum known for its germ-eliminating and air purification properties.

Q: Does the UVlizer lamp effectively serve its purpose?

No, based on extensive research and experimentation, the UVlizer lamp has shown to be ineffective. It lacks proper research, testing, or certification and is essentially an overpriced Chinese product bearing the “UVlizer” label. It fails to emit sufficient UV-C light for effective disinfection of rooms, making it unreliable for its intended purpose.

Q: Are there any notable features of the UVlizer lamp?

The UVlizer lamp is claimed to be capable of eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, disinfect entire rooms rapidly within seconds, and operating with 38W of ultraviolet light. However, these claims have not been substantiated through credible research or testing.

Q: What do customers say about the UVlizer lamp?

While some customers express satisfaction with the UVlizer lamp, there is a significant portion of negative reviews and complaints. Many customers have reported issues such as malfunctioning units, poor customer service, and missing components. Furthermore, there is evidence of fabricated positive reviews, raising doubts about the authenticity of the product’s reputation.

Q: Is the UVlizer lamp worth the hype?

No, the UVlizer lamp is not worth the hype. It lacks the necessary power and efficacy to effectively disinfect entire rooms, as claimed. Hospitals invest in UV devices that undergo rigorous testing and certification, unlike the UVlizer lamp, which lacks credibility and reliability.

Q: What precautions should be taken if using the UVlizer lamp?

If one chooses to use the UVlizer lamp, it is essential to take precautions to minimize potential risks. These precautions include protecting eyes and skin from UV light exposure, avoiding entering the room during disinfection, and ensuring no individuals, animals, or plants are present to mitigate the risk of UV radiation damage.

Q: What alternatives are recommended instead of the UVlizer lamp?

Instead of the UVlizer lamp, it is advisable to opt for an air purifier or other proven methods of disinfection. These alternatives offer more reliable and effective solutions for maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Overall, it is recommended to avoid the UVlizer lamp due to its lack of effectiveness and credibility.


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