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What Makes a Dispensary Service Standout?

What makes a dispensary worth recommending? While product quality does matter, service and customer support make a huge difference. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when going to a retailer, no matter what the product is. When customers walk in the door and feel welcomed, it makes a huge difference in the buying experience.

Dispensaries Come of Age

Much of the problem with early dispensaries was the fact that they were operating in a gray area with a lot of conflicting information, unreliable legal advice that changed frequently, and a social presence that wasn’t very welcome. A lot has changed since those early years, including legalization, and that means dispensaries today also need to step up their game with professional service and customer support.

Finding Help Off the Beaten Path

Cortez, Colorado, serves as an excellent hub for exploring the local area, offering attractions like Cliff House and other ancient Southwest sites shared with adjacent states in the Four Corners area. However, for travelers seeking dispensaries, it can be disconcerting without prior knowledge of where to find them. As a result, having a customer-friendly dispensary in Cortez, like Mountain Annie’s Cannabis Cortez, reduces a lot of stress and helps folks spend more time enjoying their visit versus worrying about going to the wrong place and asking the wrong questions. It doesn’t hurt to have the location within walking distance of some good restaurants too. Who says dispensary visits don’t go well with a delicious hamburger?

Good Selection Matters Too

Of course, the whole point of visiting a dispensary is the product. A high-quality operation makes sure to have a solid portfolio of types and breeds for different outputs as well as taste and flavor. The early standouts of dispensaries were dedicated to their work, and it happened with the maintenance of selection and variety. Today, thanks to cultivation and better support, the product line available to customers is noticeably larger with better control and quality. It’s a win-win for the cannabis dispensary industry and customers alike.

Cortez Makes a Great Location for a Visit

As noted earlier, Cortez itself has a lot to offer visitors. The town proudly holds the title of Gateway to Mesa Verde, situated adjacent to Mesa Verde National Park. Apart from their rich archaeological ties to ancient Pueblo cultures, the surrounding areas offer a plethora of recreational and environmental resources. From camping and hiking to horseback riding, biking, road trips, and more, there’s an array of activities available. Additionally, the high desert landscape provides an excellent opportunity for stargazing and indulging in astronomy pursuits under the expansive night sky!

So, if you’re looking for a dispensary in Southern Colorado while on a big trip or just passing through, Cortez is a perfect place to stay!


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