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Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra Reviews: Is Wmbra Worth Your Money?

The primary objective of utilizing a posture-correcting bra is to retract the shoulders, with the ideal outcome being the fortification of neck and shoulder muscles, thereby enhancing one’s posture. Consequently, the bra is expected to serve as a preventive measure, alleviating or reducing instances of back, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

Additional strategies for averting back pain encompass a regimen of regular exercise, the utilization of ergonomically designed furniture, and the consumption of a balanced and nutritious diet.

This article delves into an examination of the health advantages and potential risks associated with the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra. It also elucidates the functionality of the Wmbra Bra. Furthermore, it offers a compilation of red flags and addresses frequently posed inquiries.

Studies And Research Behind The Posture Correcting Bra

A small study conducted in 2021 discovered that posture-correcting bras effectively provide breast support and enhance neck and shoulder positioning without exerting pressure on the back. Over a span of three months of usage, they demonstrated the capability to reduce instances of back, neck, and shoulder discomfort among the study participants.

The researchers posit that posture-correcting Glodence Bras offer more uniform breast support compared to conventional bras, consequently alleviating shoulder strain. These articles of clothing also exhibit the potential to facilitate an upright posture, thereby enhancing overall postural alignment.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that excessive reliance on these posture correctors can eventually result in muscle weakening. Consequently, they are not intended for prolonged usage.

Additional research has unveiled a potential correlation between sedentary behavior and lower back pain. Hence, regular physical activity may serve as a viable alternative to posture-correcting bras in an effort to alleviate pain in this region of the body.

What Is Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra?

The Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra, available exclusively on Wmbra.com, constitutes a noteworthy addition to their collection of bras and underwear. In this review, I aim to provide insights into my personal experience with the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra, which I procured from this reputable online store.

The exceptional demand for the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra on the website can be attributed to its distinctive features, coupled with an enticing promotional offer. Wmbra.com currently offers a “buy one get one free” promotion, along with complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $69.

While the legitimacy of the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra is apparent, the central objective of this review is to evaluate its efficacy in fulfilling its posture-correcting claims. Drawing upon my personal encounter and taking into account the perspectives of fellow customers, this review will comprehensively assess whether the bra warrants consideration for purchase.

I Tried Wmbra Posture Corrector Bra: Read My Honest Opinion

On May 1st, 2023, I initiated my order for the posture-correcting bra through wmbra.com. To my surprise, subsequent to receiving the confirmation email, I was provided with tracking information indicating that the bra was dispatched from China. I had not anticipated its origin from such a distant location.

After about three weeks had elapsed, the bra was delivered to my doorstep. Regrettably, upon examination, I discerned that it did not precisely correspond to my designated size, despite my adherence to the sizing guidelines provided on wmbra.com. Consequently, it proved to be somewhat tight and constricting when worn. Additionally, I observed that the bra failed to meet the quality standards portrayed on the website.

To begin with, the material itself exhibited a notable lack of durability. The cups were so thin that I found it necessary to acquire additional covers to wear them comfortably, should they ultimately fit. Furthermore, due to the bra’s deviation from my customary size, I encountered some difficulty when attempting to fasten it. Moreover, it did not effectively draw my shoulders back, resulting in no discernible improvement in my posture. You should also read the product that I reviewed Cesarias bras.

Upon my endeavor to establish contact with the store for the purpose of initiating a return or obtaining a refund, I was informed that returns would only be accepted if the item were shipped back to China, an endeavor associated with considerable expenses. This left me profoundly disillusioned, prompting me to opt for a refund instead. However, gaining access to customer support proved to be a formidable challenge. It is worth noting that the customer service experience was far from satisfactory, as I spent a considerable amount of time attempting to reach customer care, and when I finally succeeded, I was informed of a shipping cost ranging from $50 to $70, a price that I found to be exceptionally exorbitant.

Consider Taking These Red Flags Into Account Before Buying Anything From Wmbra.com

Made And Shipped From China

Wmbra.com is located in China. This explains the absence of a physical address on their website. Nevertheless, they mislead customers by suggesting that their products originate from the United States.

Extended Shipping & Delivery Time

Although Wmbra.com promptly dispatches orders, the extended distance results in delivery times of two to three weeks. In my personal experience, my package arrived after a wait of 19 days.

Subpar Customer Support

The customer support provided by the website leaves much to be desired. On occasion, it takes a full three days to receive a response, and it’s worth noting that the email address info@wmbra.com may not be functional.

Absence from Social Media

Notably, the store is conspicuously absent from all social media platforms. This is cause for suspicion, as legitimate online retailers typically maintain an active presence on social media.

Deceptive Discounts & Sales Offers

The discounts offered are primarily a sales strategy. The store employs a fictitious original price that significantly exceeds the actual sale price, creating the illusion of substantial savings.

Questionable Refund Policy

While the store advertises a 30-day refund policy, there’s an important caveat. Customers are required to cover the return shipping costs, which can be quite exorbitant.

Is Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra Scam And Legit?

The Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra is a scam and there are some red flags about the store that you should be aware of. Some customers have reported receiving low-quality items or having difficulty getting refunds. There have also been complaints about the wrong size chart, delayed delivery, and unresponsive customer support.

If you’re considering buying the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra, I recommend doing your research and reading reviews from other customers before you make a purchase.


I tried the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra, and I found it to be of medium quality. The cups are a bit thin, so it didn’t do much to improve my posture. But for the price, I shouldn’t have had high expectations. I think the quality was almost the same as Dotmalls Posture Correcting Bra.


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  1. I ordered a bra from Wmbra and it never arrived and customer service kept saying it was coming and even provided a tracking number which couldn’t be traced! Terrible service and still no bra!

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