Cotrexin Reviews

Cotrexin Reviews: Does It Really Help Heart Or Just Gimmick?

The American Heart Association has reported that more than 80 million individuals in the United States are affected by cardiovascular disease. In addition to receiving appropriate medical care, adopting a wholesome diet and lifestyle can effectively address numerous primary causes of cardiovascular disease. Should you desire additional assistance, you may find value in science-backed supplements specifically designed to enhance cardiovascular well-being.

Cotrexin stands as a dietary supplement with the potential to bolster heart, brain, and joint health. Its formulation incorporates potent antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

The producer of Cotrexin is Medix Select. They have indicated that they procure the ingredients for Cotrexin from various locations around the world but undertake its production and testing within the United States. Regrettably, they do not furnish a certificate of analysis (COA) as evidence of third-party testing.

As per the information available on the official Cotrexin website, Dr. Chauncey Crandall IV is credited with formulating the product.

Would you like to explore how Cotrexin could support your journey towards improved heart health? Let us delve deeper into this supplement.

Cotrexin Pros

  • This product offers potential support for heart, brain, and joint health.
  • It also aids in promoting a proper inflammatory response.
  • Cotrexin may additionally offer antioxidant support.

Cotrexin Cons

  • Regrettably, the manufacturer does not furnish a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to substantiate the purity and potency of the ingredients.
  • Notably, no customer reviews for Cotrexin are available on its official website.
  • Furthermore, the official Cotrexin website lacks information concerning the sourcing of its ingredients.

Does Cotrexin Really Support Heart Health?

The manufacturer asserts that Cotrexin’s ingredients aid in promoting a healthy inflammatory response while mitigating cholesterol oxidation. However, there is no scientific evidence behind these claims that can prove the legitimacy of this supplement. To keep it short, we don’t think this supplement will do as they claimed it.

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What Are The Ingredients In Cotrexin Heart Health Supplement?

The comprehensive list of Cotrexin’s ingredients on its official website is as follows:

Vitamin E

The antioxidative properties of Vitamin E have shown potential in safeguarding against cardiovascular diseases linked to cholesterol oxidation, such as atherosclerosis. However, substantiating the efficacy of Vitamin E in preventing cardiovascular disease pathogenesis necessitates more robust human trials. Manufacturers may incorporate Vitamin E into supplement formulations to mitigate lipid peroxidation.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In a meta-analysis encompassing 38 clinical trials, the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids displayed associations with reduced cardiovascular mortality, coronary heart disease events, major adverse cardiovascular events, and instances of revascularization. Additionally, Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to support brain health. In a medical review of nine clinical trials, ingestion of Omega-3s yielded improvements in learning, memory, cognitive well-being, and cerebral blood flow.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10, a naturally occurring substance in every cell, particularly in the heart, plays a pivotal role in supporting mitochondrial function and acts as an antioxidant. A medical review has indicated that CoQ10 supplementation has resulted in enhanced clinical outcomes for patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. It has also been associated with the prevention of oxidized cholesterol accumulation in arteries, reduction of hypertension, improved endothelial function, and increased nitric oxide levels for vasodilation.


BioPerine, an extract derived from black pepper, is frequently incorporated into supplement formulations to enhance the bioavailability of other nutrients. Beyond its role as a nutrient enhancer, BioPerine possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antihypertensive properties. An antihypertensive agent is one that effectively lowers blood pressure.

The Cotrexin Heart Health Supplement’s official website does not provide scientific references to substantiate the claims made about the product. All of the research mentioned earlier was conducted independently.

What Is The Opinion Of Consumers Who Used Cotrexin Heart Health Support?

As mentioned earlier, there are no customer reviews available for Cotrexin on its official website. However, you may discover customer feedback through third-party retailers.

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Is Cotrexin Heart Health Supplement Safe To Use? Potential Side Effects

The safety of Cotrexin is not addressed by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that high doses of omega-3s can potentially elevate the risk of bleeding as per studies. If you have a heart condition, it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider before considering an omega-3 supplement.

Furthermore, the manufacturer does not furnish a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify the purity and potency of its ingredients. Such documentation is particularly crucial for this supplement since it contains marine by-products, which are often susceptible to contamination from heavy metals. Regrettably, we cannot assure the safety of this product.

Pricing And Best Place To Buy Cotrexin

Cotrexin is available for purchase on its official website. Currently, you can avail of a free trial of the product by simply covering a nominal $4.95 fee for shipping and handling. A single bottle of the product typically retails for $33.00. Following the conclusion of your free trial, it appears that the product can only be acquired through a 90-day subscription model.

Cotrexin offers a complimentary 30-day trial, requiring only a $4.95 fee for shipping and handling. Beyond the trial, Cotrexin provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with the product or its results within 30 days of your original purchase, please do not hesitate to reach out to Cotrexin’s customer service team to commence the refund process.


Cotrexin is a dietary supplement that claims to support heart, brain, and joint health. All of its ingredients have clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness for cardiovascular and brain health. However, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer does not provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify the purity and potency of these ingredients. This absence of a COA also means that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the ingredient dosages as stated on the label.

While Cotrexin Heart Support is formulated by medical professionals, the lack of customer reviews and limited information on its official website raises questions about its authenticity and effectiveness. Therefore, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider or a qualified medical professional before considering Cotrexin as a dietary option.


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