DIY Microneedling vs Professional Treatments Pros and Con

DIY Microneedling vs. Professional Treatments: Pros and Cons

One of the main reasons for the withering down of skin with age is the reduction in the skin’s natural levels of collagen and elastin. These are the primary skin proteins responsible for providing the skin with an overall youthful, supple appearance and keeping it firm.

Do you face a similar condition? Microneedling could help! This minimal cosmetic treatment involves pricking the skin with tiny sterile needles.

That prompts your body to produce more collagen and elastin.

You can get microneedling done professionally at a clinic. But you can also try it at home yourself. Both options – DIY microneedling and professional microneedling – have advantages and drawbacks.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the procedure clearly. We’ll also discuss the key differences, pros, and cons of doing microneedling yourself versus having it done by experts.

Target areas of Microneedling

The following are some of the targeted areas for this collagen-induction treatment:


The face can be incredibly benefited through this amazing cosmetic procedure. It can seamlessly combat facial wrinkles, dryness, and other similar issues and provide you with gracefully young-looking skin.


Darkening of the neck area is quite common due to hormonal factors. Also, some people might have sagging skin and deep neckbands. Getting this needle-induced treatment done in the neck region can help provide you with competitively lighter skin with fewer marks.


The abdomen often becomes subject to stretch marks, sagging skin, dark patches, etc.

This collagen-induction therapy functions to induce natural healing of the skin. The skin is pricked during the treatment, making it much tighter and firm.

DIY Microneedling Vs Professional Microneedling: Differences, pros, and cons

The differences between the treatment approaches are based on the following parameters:


Professionalism is a major factor determining the success of any cosmetic procedure. Getting this skin rejuvenating treatment done at a professional center would provide you with more effective results than a DIY session at home.

In a professional clinic, the skin specialist will aim to supervise the condition and health of your skin first, and then cater a treatment approach according to your requirements. Also, professional techniques and equipment will be used by them for promising results.

However, doing this treatment at home will have fewer prominent results since you will lack the expertise and experience of a professional.

You might call over a professional to perform this treatment at your home but, this again would not provide professional-looking results due to the limited cosmetic facilities at your home.

Number of sessions

When it comes to professional needle-induced treatment, it requires much less number of sessions compared to DIY treatments. If you select to go for treatment under professional care, you will require a maximum of 2 to 3 sessions once a year.

Contrary to this, the DIY technique needs to be administered much more frequently to observe even the slightest results. You will be required to perform this procedure once every 1 to 2 weeks to experience a minimal result.

However, too much microneedling can severely damage the skin both externally and internally. Hence, you should be utterly cautious while proceeding to get this procedure done so frequently.


Safety is one of the most important parameters to consider while choosing the treatment approach. Since the professional technique comprises enhanced facilities and the expertise of the technician, there are much lower chances of getting your skin injured during the treatment.

Compared to this, if you opt for a DIY treatment, there are much higher chances of getting injured due to a lack of expertise. You might end up pricking the skin too hard, leading to permanent skin damage.

Since puncturing the skin can give way to bacterial buildup, you should be utterly careful while administering it. Also, the needles used at professional centers are highly sterilized, greatly minimizing the risk of infections or allergies.

Pros of DIY Microneedling

The following are the advantages of getting this treatment at home:


Getting this procedure done in the comfort of your home can provide enhanced convenience compared to a clinic or salon. You can adjust your schedule accordingly and make time for other important activities as well.


Microneedling at home is much more affordable than professional treatments since the cost of a DIY microneedling device is not very expensive.

Cons of DIY Microneedling

The following are the disadvantages of getting this treatment at home:

Inappropriate depth control

When performing this procedure at home, you may not have appropriate knowledge about depth control. Hence, it might result in improper needle penetrations into the skin. It would lead to partial results.

Inadequate aftercare guidance

Proper aftercare guidance post-treatment is incredibly essential to achieve good results. However, when you perform this cosmetic technique at home, following the appropriate aftercare guidelines might not be possible due to limited guidance.

Pros of Professional Microneedling

The following are the advantages of getting this procedure done professionally:

Long-term solution

If you are looking for long-lasting solutions, you should undoubtedly proceed to get professional collagen-induction treatment since it comes with long-term results. Getting 2 to 3 sessions a year can provide you with fruitful results.

Fewer side effects

Since the procedure is administered by professionals, there is a much lower chance of developing potential side effects. Hence, individuals with sensitive skin should look forward to professional treatments.

Better skin penetration

The needles used in the professional technique are much longer and uniquely designed to cater to the requirements of the skin perfectly. Hence, with this treatment approach, the skin is penetrated better.

Cons of Professional Microneedling

The following are the disadvantages of getting this procedure done professionally:

Less privacy

Compared to getting your treatment done at home, you will have much less privacy at a professional cosmetic clinic.


Professional microneedling services are not at all convenient to the pocket. These sessions might be expensive depending upon the facilities used by the salon.

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To sum up, both treatment approaches have respective advantages and disadvantages. However, getting professional treatment is considered much safer and comes with visible results.

Hence, if you are looking for potential skin benefits, opting for a professional microneedling treatment will be much more effective than a DIY collagen-induction treatment.


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