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Koshio Bean Bag | Why Customers Are Dissatisfied?

Have you encountered the Koshio Bean Bag through a TikTok ad like me? Eyeing the bean bag or perhaps the Space Buddy projector from their store? This candid Koshio Bean Bag Review will lay bare all you must fathom about Koshio.us.

About Koshio Bean Bag Brand

Situated at koshio.us, Koshio Bean Bag Brand stands as an online emporium, vending an assortment of home embellishments, blankets, and attire such as projectors, flora, colossal bags, snug blankets, and the speaker table. Presently, the buzz surrounds their Koshio bean bag retailing at $89.95.

Alas, my inquiry has unveiled a string of disillusionments about the establishment. These demerits are delineated below. Also, Check This Clothing Brand Called Zerouin.

Why Koshio Bean Bag Look Like A Scam?

The trustworthiness of the Koshio Bean Bag Brand is seriously questionable, and here’s why. Unpleasant indicators strongly suggest that koshio.us might just be a scam.

We meticulously examined the Koshio Brand, meticulously scrutinizing 40 distinct data points. These included the server’s location, ratings across other platforms, the incidence of malware reports, the nature of the source code, and more. Our team employs this comprehensive dataset to calculate a trust score.

Based on our exhaustive analysis, we’ve assigned an abysmally low trust score to this website. However, human checks, unlike algorithms, can’t be infallible. It’s recommended that you independently verify the website before making any purchases or divulging personal information. You Should Also See This Scam Brand Called Hhoutlets.

Koshio Bean Bag Brand Pros

  • Regrettably, there’s nothing remotely positive to note about the Koshio Brand.

Koshio Bean Bag Brand Cons

The usage of free email addresses is prevalent throughout:

  • The contact email address
  • The technical contact email address
  • The administrator’s contact email
  • This website struggles with attracting visitors.
  • Currently, this website appears to be dormant (advice on reclaiming funds).
  • Numerous reviews—predominantly negative—cast a shadow on this site.
  • Feedback for this site varies significantly, oscillating between positive and negative.
  • Alarmingly, an SSL certificate is conspicuously absent.
  • It’s worth noting that this website’s registration is a recent occurrence, adding another layer of uncertainty.

Red Flags That You Need To Consider Before Buying A Koshio Bean Bag

Address Abyss

The store does not furnish a tangible address or warehouse details. Only post-order placement does the shipping source surface. Troublingly, the solitary mode of contact remains an email at ‘info@koshio.us’.

Deceptively Alluring Prices

The store employs its beguilingly low price as bait, luring you into their clutches. Securing a bean bag of such dimensions for $89 is implausible. Have you considered the cost of national shipping for an item this substantial, coupled with the material’s quality?

Negative Feedback

The customer appraisals adorning koshio.us’s order page lack authenticity. Is it not suspicious that every rating boasts a perfect 5 stars? Furthermore, the page lacks the option for customers to contribute their own reviews or ratings. How then do these preexisting ratings exist?

Dubious Nature

Notably, upon placing my order, neither a bean bag chair nor any correspondence materialized from these stores. This scenario is likely to echo with Koshio.

Neonate Website

While shopping on a fledgling website isn’t wholly perilous, patronizing a store that hasn’t yet traversed the six-month safety threshold is inadvisable. As per who.is, a domain checker, Koshio.us’s inception dates back to November 2022. Essentially, it’s a mere 2 months old.

Verdict on Koshio Bean Bag’s Authenticity

Glimpsing the consumer grievances and weaknesses of the platform, it’s apparent that the Koshio bean bag stands far from a legitimate proposition. Customers who engaged with the store have registered a scam complaint on bbb.org, epitomizing their dismal shopping encounters.

Have You Fallen Victim? – Take These Measures

Patronizing this outlet leaves customers vulnerable to credit card hacking and overcharges. The outcomes can range from receiving an inferior or cheaper substitute item to receiving nothing at all. Ergo, it’s prudent to notify your bank, advocating for a replacement credit (or debit) card. For those who opted for PayPal, meticulously document your transactions for future reference.

Undoubtedly, online shopping has ushered inconvenience, yet in your online pursuits, observe the subsequent pointers:

  • Gauge the website’s age.
  • Verify the availability of a return address.
  • Search for authentic customer reviews online.
  • Ensure the functionality of social media icons.

Always bear in mind, that procuring items from reputable Amazon vendors, as enumerated above, remains a wise option. Amazon boasts a lenient return policy, promising reimbursement if your acquisition fails to please.

Final Thoughts

On all fronts, Koshio bean bag reeks of deception. The trust score allocated to the ‘koshio.us’ domain is abysmal, leaving us with no recourse but to advise against it. Like Wooken, Nctway, and their ilk, customers are destined to be bereft of their expected acquisitions.


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