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Ossare Review | Is Ossare.com Scam Or Glam?

When seeking to purchase jewelry, whether online or in-store, ensuring the authenticity of the company is paramount. One option worth considering is Ossare Jewelry, a global jewelry retailer. Presently, Ossare Jewelry, located at ossare.com, is generating significant online buzz due to its coupon code ‘XYZ333,’ which offers a 100% discount on all items.

Regrettably, similar to previously reviewed jewelry stores like 310Drip and Kegura, Ossare does not meet the standards of a genuine jewelry store. Our investigation uncovered the following shortcomings:

The store claims to have been operating since 2017, yet this is untrue. The website was registered on September 17, 2021, making it operational for only a few months.

Ossare Jewelry Customer Feedback

A customer shared the following review regarding the store:

“I bought some rings from their website. Shipping cost $7.49, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ The rings were listed at $274.99. It took a little over a month to receive them, and they arrived today. The rings are cute, but not something I would ever pay $275 for. Maybe $8, but definitely not the listed price. I don’t think it’s a scam in terms of taking your money and not delivering a product, but what you receive is only worth the price of shipping. The rings I got were cute.” – Emma

At this point, you might want to reconsider your decision. However, if you’re still interested in shopping from this store, read on!

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Reasons to Avoid Shopping From This Brand

  • Lack of Originality

Ossare.com shares the same website design and content as a recently reviewed jewelry store. It offers high-priced jewelry at discounted rates. Unfortunately, online reviews suggest that the quality of their jewelry is subpar.

The jewelry items lack uniqueness and are not worth the $200+ prices listed on the site.

  • Shipping & Delivery

Despite an estimated delivery time of 2-4 weeks, the actual delivery takes more than a month. This delay is due to the packages being shipped from China. In many cases, tracking information indicates that shipments have not left the warehouse even after nearly a week from the payment.

  • Return Policy

The store’s refund policy is misleading. In reality, customers are required to cover shipping fees, which could amount to half the cost of the jewelry.

Is Ossare.com Truly a Scam?

Based on the noted concerns above, Ossare.com raises several red flags. Customers have reported frustrating experiences with prolonged delivery times exceeding a month.

Customers have also expressed frustration over the lack of available contact information, as there is no phone number provided on the website.

However, these issues do not categorize Ossare as a fraudulent jewelry store. It functions as an Aliexpress drop shipper.

Can Ossare Jewelry Store be Trusted?

Unlike most online jewelry stores, Ossare lacks a physical store presence. It operates exclusively online, specializing in women’s and men’s jewelry. The brand offers advanced customization options for designing perfect jewelry pieces. Additionally, it features the latest jewelry designs at affordable prices.

Despite its online nature, Ossare supports a diverse range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The website’s secure HTTPS connection ensures data safety.

The site also presents an enticing 75% discount campaign. However, it lacks in-house customer support and traditional dispute-resolution processes. While not flagged by blacklist engines, it also isn’t categorized as a suspicious site. Cash on delivery (COD) is not available, meaning mailed deliveries entail extended waiting periods.

Customer reviews are abundant, yet the customer service quality falls short compared to competitors. Limited reviews and poor web page ranking raise concerns. Nevertheless, the site boasts a flexible refund policy, contributing to its reliability. The strong HTTPS connection underscores the brand’s commitment to security.

The site features an innovative design function to enhance the shopping experience. Ossare’s extensive collection spans women’s, men’s, and male jewelry.

Final Take On Ossare Review

Ossare.com presents itself as a trustworthy online jewelry retailer. Customers may encounter delivery delays but can anticipate receiving their jewelry.

For those unwilling to endure lengthy waiting periods for their jewelry, exploring Amazon sellers below might be a preferable option. These sellers offer swift delivery and timely responses.


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