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Miyanxi Tooth Powder Reviews | Is It Worth Or Gimmick?

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Are stubborn teeth stains causing you distress? Longing for a radiant white smile seems futile, doesn’t it? Contemplating the use of Miyanxi Tooth Powder to achieve that elusive sparkle might just be wishful thinking. Is the Miyanxi Tooth Whitening Paste truly deserving of your hard-earned money? Can you even trust its claims? Does it genuinely possess the power to transform your teeth?

Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t promising. Prepare yourself for a consumer report that sheds light on the reality. Delve into this review for an unvarnished perspective on Miyanxi Teeth Whitening Powder and the questionable value it brings.

What Is Miyanxi Tooth Powder?

Miyanxi Tooth Powder is a probiotic powder designed to enhance oral hygiene by targeting teeth whitening. Its unique formulation aims to eliminate stubborn stains and brighten teeth, catering to those battling issues such as plaque, tartar, and calculus. Crafted with potent active ingredients, it goes beyond regular brushing by adeptly removing tough stains and various deposits.

This tooth powder extends its benefits to individuals grappling with an array of oral concerns, encompassing calculus, foul breath, tooth sensitivity, and more. Consistent utilization of this product holds the promise of diminishing dental accumulations. As affirmed by the official website, the Miyanxi Tooth Whitening Powder promises a convenient yet impactful solution for brightening, granting you a radiant smile and a revitalized breath.

Ingredients In Miyanxi Tooth Whitening Powder

In the composition of Miyanxi Tooth Powder, the packaging reveals a disheartening mixture: edible probiotics and Xun Bai, supposedly for freshening breath. Regrettably, the rest of the information is inscribed in Chinese, leaving most in the dark. The additional components comprising Miyanxi Tooth Whitening Paste encompass Water, Glycerin, PEG-400, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Nitrate, Saccharin Sodium, and Mentha Pulegium.

I Bought Miyanxi Tooth Powder | Here’s My Verdict

Constant battles with not-so-white teeth and stubborn coffee stains on my gums have always been my companions due to my daily 2-cup coffee habit. I’ve experimented with various toothpaste brands, only to be met with disappointment each time. In this instance, I took a leap toward tooth powder. I made a purchase of Miyanxi Tooth Powder from Aliexpress, priced at £4.93 for a 50g quantity.

Upon arrival, a refreshing minty flavor and scent caught my attention. However, the packaging was adorned with Chinese characters, leaving me clueless about the instructions. During my initial trial, I brushed with the product before following up with regular toothpaste. The aftermath of using the product left my teeth with an exceptionally clean and polished sensation. I was almost tempted to let my teeth be, despite the other areas of my mouth requiring attention – they were that clean.

My brushing routine consists of three times a day. A morning shower involves my usual toothpaste, while Miyanxi tooth whitening powder becomes the focus for my afternoon and nighttime brushes. After just one day, I noticed a reduction in staining along the gum line of my front teeth. The remaining stains are predominantly situated between teeth, although even those are gradually fading away.

Is Miyanxi Tooth Powder Truly Effective?

From my own experience with Miyanxi Tooth Powder, I’ve witnessed some improvement in fading gum stains, though the lingering stains between my teeth persist. Nevertheless, my teeth display a slightly enhanced whiteness. So, to some extent, Miyanxi Tooth Powder demonstrated efficacy in my case. However, it’s important to acknowledge that its success might not be universally consistent.

Regrettably, the lack of any customer reviews accessible online concerning this product casts a shadow over its credibility. Compounded by the novelty of the selling website and an utter absence of information regarding its owner, significant uncertainties surround this product. To circumvent potential scams, it’s imperative to opt for trustworthy platforms like Aliexpress when considering a purchase.

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Usage Instructions

  1. Begin with warm water cleanse
  2. Uncover the product and apply it to your toothbrush
  3. Coat the toothbrush with the toothpowder
  4. Brush for a duration of 2 minutes without water
  5. Conclude with rinsing


  • Experience hours of refreshed minty breath
  • Observe improved teeth whiteness after just a couple of uses
  • Effortlessly eliminate plaque and tartar
  • Notice a reduction in teeth sensitivity since product adoption


  • The proclaimed benefits lack substantiation
  • A scarcity of customer reviews accessible online
  • The ingredient list is presented exclusively in Chinese, potentially alienating for non-Chinese speakers.

Final Assessment

Miyanxi Tooth Powder, touted as a solution for teeth whitening by eliminating stains, plagues, and calculus, presents a clouded picture. The substantiation of its effectiveness remains shrouded in uncertainty, primarily due to the dearth of online reviews. Personal encounters with the product have yielded marginal results at best—modest fading of gum stains and improvement in tooth whiteness.


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