Moyess Total Body Massager

Moyess Total Body Massager: (Reviews, Pros, & Cons) 2024 Deep Dive

Are you looking for an excellent method to get rid of stress from your muscles and bring back the energy in your body? Are you intrigued by the benefits that the Moyess Total Body Massager is said to offer? Put an end to your hunt! Moyess is an internet merchant that sells a wide range of massage accessories, including neck, knee, and body massagers. But does the Moyess Complete Body Massager provide a good massage? Are clients happy with how well it performs? Examine the Moyess Total Body Massager reviews to find out if its claims are true and whether it is a good fit for your needs.

Moyes Total Body Massager Overview

The FDA-approved Moyess Total Body Massager represents a cutting-edge system designed to enhance lower back health and provide enduring relief from discomfort. Boasting scientifically validated and preset NMES parameters, this esteemed device harnesses proven electrical stimulation to address the underlying causes of pain.

Noteworthy for its user-friendly interface, the Moyess Total Body Massager allows for customizable massage intensity, catering to individual capabilities. Endorsed by medical professionals for its efficacy, this device stands as an optimal solution for those seeking unparalleled pain relief. Embark on a transformative journey with the Moyess Total Body Massager, seizing control of your well-being and experiencing a positive shift in your quality of life.

Manufacturer Details

The goal of is to make effective pain management easier. They carefully choose massagers and high-end pain relief equipment from reliable producers, then thoroughly test their items to guarantee their dependability and security. With a wide selection of massagers and accessories for different body areas and pain levels, ensures client happiness by offering top-notch support during the entire purchase experience. Additionally, the friendly and informed customer support staff is there to serve you at all times.

At, security is of the utmost importance. You can shop with confidence knowing that your personal information is protected by cutting-edge security technology. The website’s user-friendly design makes browsing and buying easier. Long-term client relationships and the development of trust are priorities for Please contact them at if you have any questions or issues.

Choose to find cutting-edge pain management techniques. Well-known for their dedication to quality, is a great place to find high-end massagers and accessories that are committed to making their customers happy. Release yourself from the limitations of pain and rely on as your go-to source for the help you need.

Features Of Moyess Massager Brand

  • Resolution of Chronic Pain in Target Areas: In just 15 minutes per day, it eradicates pain in the back, neck, shoulders, or legs, fostering enhanced muscular and joint health.
  • Groundbreaking Discovery: Through a proprietary blend of electrical stimulation and scientifically validated frequencies, this method directly addresses the root cause of pain.
  • Elimination of Swollen Calves and Ankles: By resetting muscles, alleviating tension in overworked nerves, alleviating pain, promoting body healing, and enhancing strength, flexibility, and mobility, it concurrently mitigates swelling and inflammation.
  • Universal Efficacy for Muscle and Joint Pain: Effectively diminishes and halts muscle and joint pain, enhances the overall health and functionality of the musculoskeletal system, improves posture, and imparts an instantaneous sense of relief and well-being.
  • Nerve Damage Reversal: Activates nerves and muscles, fortifying and rehabilitating them, aiding in recovery, and effecting substantial alleviation from long-term pain and muscle soreness.

Incorporating these features, the Moyess Total Body Massager emerges as a potent instrument for the adept management and alleviation of chronic pain.

I Bought Moyess Total Body Massager: Read My Verdict

I placed an order with Moyess on June 16th and painstakingly followed up several times before the item was delivered. Unfortunately, the product did not help with my ongoing back pain. After that, I got in touch with customer service, and after trying to fix the problem online for a while, they finally decided to send out a replacement on July 1.

Even with constant emails, a considerable period of fifteen days has passed with no indications or developments. Now that a month has passed since my first purchase, I’ve discovered that Amazon is selling the exact same item for half as much. I escalated the issue to PayPal after receiving no response to more than ten emails from customer service, and they quickly gave me a refund.

The package arrived unexpectedly while I was on vacation, and PayPal requested payment. But I had already purchased the item at a lower price from Amazon. When I refused, Moyess offered a refund, but there’s no shipping label, and it will cost a whopping £15 to send it back to China, so there are big barriers.

I feel compelled to warn against making any purchases from Moyes’ website because I feel taken advantage of. Many difficulties have tainted my experience, and I strongly suggest being cautious to prevent the unnecessary anguish I experienced.


  • Portability: The massager is conveniently portable, allowing for ease of use on the go.
  • Rechargeable: The device is rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Varied Massage Modes: It offers diverse massage modes, ensuring a customized and personalized experience.
  • Rapid Pain Relief: The massager facilitates swift relief from pain, enhancing its efficacy.


  • Trustpilot Customer Reports: Negative feedback has been documented by customers on Trustpilot.
  • Extended Delivery Time: The delivery duration spans from 12 to 20 business days, potentially leading to extended wait times.
  • Skin Overheating Concerns: Prolonged use on a single body part may result in skin overheating and associated side effects.

How To Use Moyess Total Body Massager Effectively?

  1. Begin by opening the package and extracting the essential components, including the host, charger, USB wire, sticky pads, user guide, quick start guide, and a 90-day habit tracker.
  2. To charge the massager, connect it to a computer using the provided USB wire. The blue light will extinguish upon reaching full battery capacity.
  3. Affix the host to the sticky pad, remove the transparent film, and press the ON button twice to activate the device.
  4. Select your preferred massage method for the session.
  5. Position the Moyess Total Body Massager on the targeted area of your body, allowing it to effectively operate for a duration of 15 minutes.
  6. Witness the alleviation of pain and reap the benefits of your 15-minute massage session with Moyess Total Body Massager.

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Is a legitimate website or potentially an online scam?

Upon scrutinizing the authenticity of, several factors raise suspicion. Firstly, the presence of an email address,, is reassuring. However, the absence of an identifiable phone number and owner information is disconcerting, casting doubt on the website’s credibility. This lack of transparency complicates the assessment of its genuineness. Additionally, the Facebook page boasts 1,700 fans but displays only five pictures, while the Instagram page, with a mere 286 followers, features only six pictures. This limited social media footprint further challenges the credibility of

Furthermore, an examination of’s trust score on scam advisory platforms reveals an average rating of 57 out of 100. This middling score suggests room for improvement in terms of trustworthiness. A critical aspect emerges when analyzing the website’s details: it was registered on November 22, 2022, with an expiration date of November 22, 2023. The alignment of the last change date with the registration date raises eyebrows and appears unusual. The term “e-commerce” pertains to the online purchase of goods and services from a company. Additionally,’s use of paid services to conceal owner information on WHOIS contributes to the overarching skepticism regarding its credibility.

In light of these considerations, exercising caution is advisable, and placing trust in should only occur once the site substantiates its legitimacy with concrete evidence.

Moyess Total Body Massager Customer Reviews and Reports

It’s clear from closely examining Moyess Total Body Massager reviews that their dependability is in doubt. The main website,, which is purportedly devoted to consumer reviews, oddly chooses to display pictures instead of actual comments, raising questions about the veracity and quality of these evaluations. This approach presents serious concerns as it may include fabricating or manipulating consumer reviews.

Furthermore, a critique on Moyes’ Facebook page amplifies reservations about both the product and the business itself. The dissatisfied customer’s negative experience with and its merchandise underscores an unfavorable impression. Additionally, adverse comments on Moyess’s Facebook posts from other patrons contribute to the growing skepticism surrounding customer satisfaction. The presence of social media complaints regarding the Moyess Total Body Massager prompts a legitimate inquiry into its efficacy and overall quality.

Moreover, the scarcity of Moyess Total Body Massager Reviews on Trustpilot further diminishes the product’s credibility, with only nine reviews to its name. The abysmal overall ranking of 2.9 serves as a clear indicator that customer satisfaction requires significant improvement. This dearth of positive reviews renders the Moyess Total Body Massager even less dependable and trustworthy.

In light of these findings, it is advisable to exercise caution and refrain from purchasing the Moyess Total Body Massager, given the limited and predominantly negative Moyess Total Body Massager reviews available.

Where can I buy a Moyes Total Body Massager?

This product is available for purchase on both Amazon and their official website, On their official website, the price is $49.95; however, they currently have a 50% discount.

The Bottom Line

The Moyess Complete Body Massager falls short in terms of being sincere, reliable, and satisfying users. Although offers a wide range of pain-relieving devices, it is difficult to trust the website because it lacks consumer feedback and contact information. It is more difficult to trust the product and the company when combined with the few and primarily unfavorable reviews on Trustpilot, the minimal presence, and unfavorable comments on social networking sites.


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