MyoGlow Reviews

MyoGlow Reviews: My Experience of the Myoglow Neck Lifter

Are you interested in addressing fine lines and wrinkles? I’ve recently discovered the Myoglow Neck Lifting Device offered by My Derma Dream, which claims to provide effective tightening results. Intrigued, I decided to personally test its efficacy.

Within this review, I aim to recount my experience with the device, highlighting its merits and drawbacks, to assist you in making an informed decision.

Myoglow Neck Lifting Device Review

Myoglow asserts its ability to bestow a more youthful visage without resorting to surgical procedures or fillers. Designed for convenient use within the confines of your home, this device facilitates lifting, sculpting, and tightening of the skin through its comprehensive 4-in-1 anti-aging effects. Each unit is equipped with a USB charging cable and an accompanying instruction booklet.

The device purportedly confers the following benefits:

  1. Attain a natural lift without the need for injections.
  2. Enhance facial depth without relying on heavy makeup applications.
  3. Accentuate your cheekbones for a more prominent appearance.
  4. Showcase your best features with precision.
  5. Define your jawline for a refined aesthetic.
  6. Alleviate puffiness for a rejuvenated look.
  7. Assist in the reduction of wrinkles, promoting smoother skin.

How Does the MyoGlow Device Function?

The MyoGlow device utilizes Light Magic Therapy, enabling light waves to penetrate deeply into your skin and rejuvenate at a cellular level. The RED LIGHT combats aging, the BLUE LIGHT targets acne bacteria, while the GREEN LIGHT reduces puffiness, contours, and slims your face. Subsequently, it employs a needle-free method to deliver active ingredients deep into your skin, reducing cell wall resistance and opening pores for serum absorption.

Following this, it initiates a Warm-Up with Thermal Therapy and concludes the process with a Sonic Stress Melter.

Doesn’t it sound incredible? Intrigued by its efficacy, I decided to put it to the test.

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Testing MyoGlow System

I purchased the MyoGlow system from, and it was delivered within 7 days. The accompanying guide advises applying it to the neck, cheeks, and forehead. A helpful tip is to thoroughly prime the entire area to prevent any uncomfortable electro-tingling sensations when the tool is not gliding smoothly.

Fortunately, the learning curve was brief. Within a week, I maximized the power setting and incorporated it into my bedtime routine. However, the breaks between sections for primer application added extra time. While each repetition lasts only five seconds, the inclusion of breaks and primer extended the process slightly beyond the promised five minutes, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Reflecting on the 30 days of usage, I observed positive changes. Although my wrinkles are yet to show noticeable improvement, my forehead feels firmer, and there is visible enhancement in the appearance of my brows, cheeks, and the lines around my mouth. While the results may not be instantaneous, the MyoGlow system is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

MyoGlow Advantages: Appreciable Aspects of This Neck Lifting Device

  • The forehead experiences increased firmness within 30 days.
  • It holds the promise of a positive impact in the long run.
  • There are noticeable improvements in the lines around the mouth.

MyoGlow Disadvantages: Areas of Concern

  • Results in wrinkles are yet to become evident.
  • It’s important to note that it’s not an instant fix; consistent use is required.

Is MyoGlow Truly Effective?

Indeed, MyoGlow does deliver positive results; however, it’s important to note that the effects are not instantaneous, occurring within a five-minute timeframe. While some users may experience a sensation of tighter skin and a more sculpted appearance immediately after using MyoGlow, it’s essential to recognize that this could be attributed to a placebo effect. Realistically, visible results may take several days or even weeks to manifest.

Myoglow Customer Feedback and Important Information

While Myoglow maintains an impressive 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, it is noteworthy to address certain customer concerns raised on BBB and Reddit regarding delays in product delivery attributed to restocking.

I recently acquired a facial massager online from My Derma Dream. Unfortunately, the tool took over a month to reach me. Upon its arrival, I diligently followed all instructions, including charging the unit overnight. However, despite the lights and sounds indicating operation, the unit itself remained unresponsive. Despite reaching out to the company multiple times through email seeking a refund, I encountered obstacles in the form of troubleshooting suggestions. Despite following all troubleshooting steps, the unit remains non-functional. Regrettably, the company has been unresponsive to my subsequent emails and is unwilling to issue a refund.

It’s important to note that the customer has since withdrawn the complaint, and the company has successfully resolved the issue. Consequently, there are no lingering dissatisfied customers.

Where to Purchase Myoglow Sculpting Device

The Myoglow sculpting device is available for purchase on its official website,, as well as on Amazon. The price for this product is $68.00.

Instructions for Usage

  1. Skin Cleansing: Begin by gently washing your face.
  2. Serum Application: Apply your chosen activator serum.
  3. Power Activation and Mode Selection: Turn on the device and choose your preferred treatment setting.
  4. Effortless Application: Glide the device over your face, jaw, and neck using uplifting motions.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using the Myoglow Device?

Some users have reported mild sensations of tingling, discomfort, skin irritation, or dryness after microcurrent facials. Additionally, a few individuals mentioned experiencing drowsiness, dizziness, or facial twitching.

Safety of Myoglow Neck Lifting Device

The Myoglow Neck Lifting Device is considered safe, as it operates with low electrical energy. However, it is imperative to refrain from using the device if:

  • Pregnant: The effects on the baby are uncertain, making it advisable to avoid its use during pregnancy.
  • Pacemaker Ownership: Due to potential complications related to electrical energy, individuals with pacemakers should refrain from using microcurrent tools, though such occurrences are rare.
  • Epilepsy Diagnosis: Individuals with epilepsy should postpone the use of microcurrent tools until further research clarifies potential side effects associated with abnormal electrical activity in neurons.


Ultimately, MyoGlow proves to be user-friendly, boasting remarkable efficacy. Within a span of 30 days, I noticed increased firmness in my forehead. Although wrinkles haven’t entirely disappeared, positive changes are evident in my brows, cheeks, and the lines around my mouth. It is important to note, however, that MyoGlow is not a quick-fix solution.


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  1. I waited more than six weeks to get my order of the MyoGlow device with serum bundle. I used it only one time before it stopped working and won’t recharge. This is a terrible disappointment and obviously an inferior device that is being churned out without any quality control in place.
    Not a good value with so many other options on the market that are FDA approved devices.

  2. My device took about 2 months to arrive. I followed the directions, but it wouldn’t vibrate. I contacted Customer Service via email. They told me to send a video. Tried to send the video, but it was on delivered. The company did send me a return label, and I received the replacement device. Again, I followed the directions, but no vibration. Getting frustrated. Will ask for a refund or credit next. 😕😡

  3. My device took 2 mo to arrive. No instructions, had to Google guide to use , , , several devices exactly like myoglow. Cheaper, with instructions. And yellow light. And what order to use color . I had t ok call BBB. they said they return $ . Nothing yet. Told me keep device . 🤷‍♀️

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