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Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee Reviews: Is It Worth Buying?

Losing extra weight is not as easy as it seems. To shed some pounds one must change his lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean your clothing or anything like that. I’m talking about your eating habits. These days people eat a lot of fast foods that not only increase body weight but also lead to several health conditions. The health issues that are caused by obesity are High blood pressure (hypertension), High LDL cholesterol, low HDL, cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (dyslipidemia), Type 2 diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, and Gallbladder disease. So, Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee is a new supplement in the market that claims to help with the issue of Obesity which is the culprit behind many other health conditions.

Are you seeking to purchase Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee? Do you find yourself contemplating the value of the viral TikTok reviews regarding this product? This review aims to address your inquiries. Let’s dig in!

What Is Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee?

I’ve tried this product myself and sharing my firsthand experience with this product. Before I share my opinion, let’s see a little about this product.

Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee represents a daily beverage that asserts its ability to provide energy while facilitating fat burning. Comprising robusta coffee and enriched with X5 collagen, L-glutathione, along with vitamins derived from white grape and goji berry, this coffee boasts a powerful formulation. Furthermore, it stands out for being both sugar-free and calorie-free, effectively promoting weight loss through its fat-burning properties.


  • The product provided a modest increase in energy levels during my workouts, which I found to be a favorable aspect.
  • Its pleasant taste made the act of consuming it genuinely enjoyable.
  • The delivery was remarkably swift, arriving at my doorstep within a mere three days.


  • The most significant drawback is its apparent ineffectiveness in facilitating weight loss; regrettably, I have not seen any discernible progress.
  • It is possible that my expectations were unduly elevated due to the prevalence of TikTok videos promoting the product.
  • Consequently, I have reservations about its ability to truly meet the expectations set by the considerable hype surrounding it.

My Experience With Bloom Collagen

Here’s the grim reality. I encountered some viral TikTok videos extolling the virtues of a product that purportedly assists in shedding those stubborn extra pounds. With a sense of curiosity, I made the decision to acquire it from Lazada Philippines.

Much to my surprise, the delivery was astonishingly swift, taking merely 4 days. Although I anticipated this with apprehension, I began the regimen. The instructions dictated the consumption of this elixir two to three times daily, a routine I dutifully adhered to. I did observe a slight uptick in energy during my exercise sessions, which, I must concede, was a small consolation. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the flavor wasn’t that bad.

However, the sobering reality is that, over time, I came to the disheartening realization that I had not experienced any meaningful weight loss. Regrettably, I find myself unchanged from the starting point.

You should compare this weight-loss coffee with Keto Activate Chocolate.

Is Bloom Collagen Peptide Coffee Effective?

The effectiveness of their claims leaves much to be desired. Should you entertain hopes of shedding a substantial amount of weight by consuming this coffee, prepare for disappointment, as four weeks will likely yield no discernible results. In my personal experience, the product marginally boosted my energy levels for workouts, leaving the weight loss potential open to skepticism. The singular path to weight loss, in contrast, involves integrating cardio into your exercise regimen, reducing your consumption of refined carbohydrates, and increasing your intake of protein and fiber.

Instructions for Usage

  1. Brew your coffee in your usual manner.
  2. Measure approximately 20 grams of collagen protein.
  3. Stir it gently into your coffee until it is fully blended.


To sum it up, Nugen Bloom Collagen Coffee may present itself as a miraculous weight loss product, but regrettably, it proves ineffective. It offers some benefits, including serving as an energy booster, but its weight loss claims fall short of reality. Therefore, we don’t think it worth your hard-earned money.


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