Pumiey Shapewear Bodysuit

Pumiey Shapewear Reviews: Does This Brand Live Up To Its Claims?

Interested in Pumiey Shapewear? Unsure if it’s the right fit for your needs? I’ve personally purchased and put this shapewear to the test for the whole 14 days. Here’s my review after using it for the full two weeks.

Pumiey Bodysuit Brand Overview

Pumiey is a brand that sells different types of clothing. The Pumiey clothing line specializes in offering an assortment of bodysuits, shapewear, and dresses designed exclusively for women. Their claim revolves around the Pumiey Shapewear, which is touted to provide immediate smoothing, enhance core shaping, and achieve a desired ‘snatched’ appearance. However, one might wonder, does it truly live up to these assertions? Let’s delve deeper to find out, shall we?


  • Initially, it may pose a slight challenge to put on, but once worn, it proves to be remarkably comfortable.
  • The fabric exhibits both durability and breathability, ensuring it doesn’t feel suffocating against your skin.
  • The upper portion offers decent support, and if you’re not particularly well-endowed in the bust department, you might even forgo wearing a bra.
  • Its soft texture, devoid of any scratchiness, makes it an excellent choice for extended wear throughout the day.


  • Regrettably, there are seams along the legs that could potentially become visible under tighter clothing, which might not provide the seamless look you desire.
  • In terms of the butt padding, it didn’t work wonders for me, so if you’re seeking a substantial boost for your posterior, it’s best not to expect miraculous results.

Customer Reviews and My First-Hand Experience with Pumiey Shapewear Bodysuit

I’d like to share my personal experience with Pumiey Shapewear before delving into customer reviews. I ordered a bodysuit from pumiey.net, selecting from their sharp collection. Allow me to recount my experience. I stand at 5’5″ and weigh around 170lbs, opting for the M/L size. Donning it was initially a bit challenging, I must admit. However, once it was on, I found it surprisingly comfortable. The material is both sturdy and breathable, a definite plus in my estimation. Unlike some other shapewear items, I didn’t feel constricted or confined.

It provides shaping without any uncomfortable abrasion. The bust area also pleasantly surprised me; it offers sufficient support to potentially obviate the need for a bra if you have a smaller bust.

Now, here’s my sole concern: the seams on the legs. They might, in tighter clothing, be visible. On the topic of the posterior, the padding didn’t quite achieve the desired effect for me.

Customer Reports and Complaints

It’s worth noting that the Pumiey bodysuit for women in the ‘Sleeveless Backless Tank Top Sharp Collection’ shares its material composition with SKIMS. Many customers seem to favor SKIMS over Pumiey. However, there are tons of positive customer reviews on Amazon along with some negative ones. You can read Pumiey Shaewaer’s Amazon Reviews here. One customer’s report reads as follows:

Jenna Dawson: “I own both SKIMS products and this one, and I must say, I would choose this one over SKIMS any day. It’s incredibly comfortable and provides excellent shaping. I appreciate the support it offers. It’s comfortable enough to wear under my business casual attire at work. My only complaint is that it’s somewhat inconvenient when nature calls. I wish it had some sort of opening, so I wouldn’t have to completely remove it to use the restroom.”

Another customer has voiced concerns about the sizing of the Pumiey Shapewear Tummy Control Suit. Let’s hear her perspective:

Alice J.: “Everything seems fine except for the sizing. They sent me the completely wrong size. I wouldn’t even fit into this if I were a skinny girl. I attempted to contact their customer service, but it seems to be experiencing some issues. A rather disappointing experience, I must say.”

You should also read about the Wmbra Posture Correcting Bra and Dotmall Posture Correcting Bra.

How You Can Select The Perfect Pumiey Bodysuit For Your Needs?

Here are the straightforward steps for selecting the perfect Pumiey Bodysuit:

  1. Please take a moment to measure your waist and hips accurately. You can refer to our size chart for guidance.
  2. Determine the level of compression you desire from your shapewear. Consider how snugly you want it to shape your body.
  3. Reflect on the outfit you intend to pair with the bodysuit. This will help you choose the most suitable style and coverage.

Conclusion: Is Pumiey Shapewear Bodsuite Worth Trying?

Absolutely, Pumiey Shapewear Bodsuite can yield varying results, making it a worthwhile consideration. This shapewear prides itself on offering a comfortable fit crafted from soft, breathable fabric. While it may provide mixed results, its effectiveness largely depends on your specific requirements and outfit preferences.


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