Reflexmd Reviews

Reflexmd Reviews: Is Recommended for Weight Loss?

ReflexMD is an injectable medication approved by the FDA for weight loss purposes. The manufacturer asserts its efficacy in facilitating weight loss and maintaining the achieved results.

Semaglutide serves as the generic name for this medication, while ReflexMD denotes its brand-name counterpart. Throughout this discourse, we shall employ these terms interchangeably, as they both pertain to the identical active drug ingredient.

However, has ReflexMD demonstrated, through research studies, its capacity to induce weight loss? Furthermore, to what extent? Are there any associated side effects? Moreover, how do individuals who have used Reflex MD evaluate and describe its effects?

Within this exposition, we shall address these inquiries comprehensively, elucidating findings from clinical studies on ReflexMD to ascertain its effectiveness in promoting weight loss, alongside quantifying the extent of weight reduction it precipitates.

Additionally, we will delineate potential side effects, elucidate pricing details, and incorporate authentic user reviews of ReflexMD devoid of sponsorship bias.

Furthermore, we shall undertake a comparative analysis of Reflex MD’s efficacy and safety vis-à-vis other weight loss medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy, culminating in our reasoned assessment regarding the optimal choice among them.

ReflexMD Quick Overview

Company/Brand Name Reflexmd
Products Semaglutide weight loss medication (Semaglutide, the same active ingredient as weight loss drug Wegovy®)
Pricing Standard: $497, Discounted: $297
Official Website
Owner Keyla Torres
Found In 2023
Email Address
Contact Number +1 888 807 2462

Is ReflexMD Effective For Weight Loss?

Various clinical trials have examined the impact of ReflexMD on weight. A clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that individuals administered ReflexMD exhibited notably greater weight reduction compared to those receiving placebo injections.

The Reflex MD group demonstrated an average change in baseline body weight of -14.9% over 68 weeks, whereas the placebo group showed only a -2.4% change over the same duration.

In a 2021 clinical trial involving patients with type 2 diabetes, ReflexMD was evaluated with consistent findings. Participants who received Reflex MD injections experienced a weight loss of 9.6% from baseline after 68 weeks, whereas those receiving placebo injections demonstrated a 3.4% reduction from baseline weight.

Semaglutide, the active component in ReflexMD injections, has been clinically demonstrated to induce weight loss even at dosages lower than those found in Reflex MD.

The aforementioned trial utilized semaglutide dosages ranging from 22% to 44% of the quantity present in ReflexMD, yet still resulted in significant weight reduction.

Considering the available research findings and the FDA’s approval of ReflexMD for weight loss, we posit that ReflexMD is likely efficacious in achieving weight loss.

What Is The Price Of ReflexMD?

The retail price of Reflex MD is relatively high within the United States, currently estimated at approximately $297 as of the time of this article’s update.

Nevertheless, the retail price is subject to potential reduction contingent upon the extent of health insurance coverage.

It is our standard recommendation that patients consult their healthcare provider regarding generic alternatives, as these medications are anticipated to offer comparable efficacy to their brand-name counterparts, albeit at potentially lower costs.

Reflexmd Price

ReflexMD VS Ozempic: Who Is The Winner?

Numerous patients seek clarity regarding the comparative effectiveness of ReflexMD and Ozempic in facilitating weight loss, noting their shared active ingredient, semaglutide.

Reflex MD is indicated for the treatment of obesity, while Ozempic is indicated for managing type 2 diabetes. Notably, ReflexMD incorporates a higher semaglutide dosage, and both medications are administered via injection. You might be interested in Ozempic Keto Gummies.

In the realm of weight management, Reflex MD is poised to exhibit greater efficacy owing to the dose-dependent nature of semaglutide, substantiated by empirical medical research. This principle dictates that the effectiveness of the drug correlates with its dosage, within certain limits.

Given ReflexMD’s higher semaglutide concentration compared to Ozempic, it stands to reason that ReflexMD holds superior potential for weight loss. Furthermore, it merits acknowledgment that Reflex MD has obtained FDA approval specifically for weight management, a distinction not conferred upon Ozempic.

Regarding type 2 diabetes management, patients should consult their healthcare provider regarding Ozempic. This recommendation stems from the fact that ReflexMD lacks FDA approval for treating this condition, notwithstanding findings from select studies indicating its potential for reducing blood glucose levels.

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ReflexMD Vs Wegovy: Which One Is Better?

Wegovy represents another FDA-approved injectable weight loss medication. Clinical studies indicate that both drugs, containing similar chemical compounds (liraglutide and semaglutide), demonstrate comparable safety and efficacy profiles.

A meta-analysis conducted on these medications revealed that the active ingredient in Wegovy exhibited greater efficacy for weight loss compared to ReflexMD.

However, it is important to note that the doses analyzed in this study were lower than those typically prescribed for Wegovy and ReflexMD. Therefore, the inference of Wegovy’s superiority should not be immediate.

While Wegovy may exhibit a slight advantage in effectiveness, further research is imperative to validate this observation.

At present, we advise patients contemplating the use of either of these medications to carefully evaluate their costs and potential side effects, given that their efficacy appears to be similar.

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ReflexMD Reviews And Complaints

Cutomer Reviews on Trustpilot

Kathy Pal Says:

Weight loss here I come!

My experience with this company is absolutely amazing! They answered my questions, sent me important links, and was friendly every time I called. They have a page that shows where you are in the process. I started this journey last week and got my pkg today! I am really excited to get started. I have no doubt I chose the perfect company. Thank you!

Bernadina Fesh Says:

Easy process

Easy process. Thorough evaluation. Fast shipping! Can’t wait to star my journey to a healthier self😊

Barbara Cole Schulz Says:

I’ve finished 2 weeks with very few…

I’ve finished 2 weeks with very few side effects. Starting On day 4 I experienced light-headedness but it passed after the first week. I’ve only lost 2 pounds and I’m exercising 5 days a week and following weight watchers diet plan.

Dani Overbaugh Complaints:

Refuse to respond to cancellation request

They are super responsive to your emails while they are taking money from you. I logged onto the portal to see when my next payment was going to process, made sure that I emailed them in advance. In addition to NOT responding to my cancellation request, they charged me the day following the request to cancel. I received a call yesterday and VM stating they received my request and they would email me to cancel. They never did.

Matt Smith Complaints:

It took an act of congress to get this…

It took an act of congress to get this filled. Very difficult to manage.

Customer Reviews On

Cathleen C Says:

So far as I can see things are going well. I haven’t begun my medication yet but I did need to contact customer service and she was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Katherine A Says:

A wonderful experience, very supportive and professional. Very understanding and great feedback. Very informative.

Margaret T Complains:

Reflexmd is billing me $497.00 without my approval. Medication and services are overpriced and they resort to sneaky billing practices.

Ashley W Complains:

Talked to a representative after credit card declined and stated that I could not afford it. Instead they charged my card again. I tried contacting them soon as I saw the charge receipt and stated I did not authorize this charge. When I saw the charge pending on my credit card statement I called ReflexMD immediately and left a voicemail since no one was picking up. I tried messaging them thru the doctor portal hoping to get a response. I also called and left another voicemail. After getting no contact back I reported the charge as fraud on my credit card. I get an email that a package will be delivered. I contacted the shipper to refuse delivery. Be warned they won’t let you cancel.


It has been clinically demonstrated that people with and without diabetes can lose weight using Reflexmd. But it is totally up to you to decide whether to try this weight loss injection or not.

This medication frequently causes moderate adverse effects, like nausea and vomiting. However, a medical review that we quoted in this article revealed that more serious side effects happen more than 7% of the time.

When it comes to weight loss, Reflex MD seems to be better than Ozempic, and Wgovy may be better than Reflexmd, but further study is required in the latter instance.

Whether or not a patient has health insurance will determine how much Reflexmd costs; at retail, it costs more than $297.


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