Top Social Media Fitness Models

Top Social Media Fitness Models to Follow If You Don’t Already

Fitness is an essential part of living a healthy life. If you are looking to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle but lack the motivation to know how to start and when to start, then don’t fret since we can easily get it by following top fitness role models. Everyone uses social media, and we can easily get productive results by following some certified fitness models.

However, there is an influx of fitness gurus and sometimes it gets hard to narrow down who is better and who to follow. We have solved this problem for you, our list has fitness models with certification, some are influencers and some even have various awards under their belts. We are sure that when you follow them, they will boost your motivation.

Without any delay, let us have a look at the top social media fitness models that you must follow.

Top 4 Social Media Fitness Models To Follow

1# Kayla Itsines

She is the woman who owns the Bikini Body Training Company. Kayla is the author of the “Bikini Body Guide” eBook series and a Personal trainer, from Australia and is among the most notable fitness influencer in the online world.

Kayla has earned herself the status of one of the most popular Instagram fitness models by posting short workout videos on YouTube every day. The Kayla brand has created an active fan base of over 16 million women who have faith in her regimen of exercise as well as recipe guide.

At the beginning of her time working at the Adelaide Fitness Center, she observed that classes based on machines did not seem to benefit her clients. She devised aerobic workouts that gained a lot of attention instead.

She gave lectures to students about nutrition and then asked them to take before and after pictures. She started putting pictures on Instagram because of his cousin’s recommendation. She had a plethora of millions of followers within a few months and people started seeking advice on nutrition and fitness.

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2# Amanda Rose

Amanda is famous for her WWE professional career and most people recognize her by Mandy Rose, her ring name.

She started her journey by winning the 2014 Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bikini contest, joined WWE, and started her impressive career. To remain the top athlete in WWE she has to maintain a perfect health regimen routine that she shares with her millions of followers. She has more than 55.3K followers on Instagram, and you can follow her to get a glimpse of her healthy and fit routine. Also, read about Brianne Howey Weight Loss story.

3# Michelle Lewin

Another well-known fitness model is Michelle Lewin, who has also graced the cover of Playboy Magazine. Lewin started as a bikini model and fell in love with it. She wanted to form her body and started exercising journey. She increased her weight from 95 pounds to 120 lbs. of muscle.

She slowly started getting requests for fitness modeling and magazines as well as from supplement companies. She stated in her videos that training is essential for her, along with eating a balanced diet. She believes that the most crucial exercises are lunges, sprints, and side lateral raises. Her high-intensity workout surely makes you sweat and motivate you to go to the gym.

She also has participated in a range of IFBB along with NPC competitions winning the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup in 2013. She was 2nd in 2013’s NPC Southern States competition.

4# Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa is one of the great fitness models to follow on social media. The Brazilian fitness model used to be a slim girl and used to train to improve her physique but stopped due to a lack of fitness knowledge and proper trainer. However, when she met her partner Jardel Barros, who was an athlete. This encouraged Eva to go back to concentrate on her routine.

The Brazilian NABBA Bravo Cup was her first contest when she was 21 years old and she won the title of Figure champion. The following year she participated in the NABBA Parana Championships and won nationals. The competitions she won throughout the years became more prestigious. After a string of highly impressive competitions in 2009, Eva retired from the championships and redirected her career path to become a full-time fitness model.

Besides becoming a media star, as a result of her notoriety, she also appears in various magazines and on TV. Her Instagram account and regular updates on her life and exercise routine have helped her maintain this fame.

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In terms of fitness and health, social media can be a great source of motivation to stay on top of your health. If you’re a brand is the ideal platform for you to advertise your services and increase your exposure. Many health experts as well as influencers make use of this tool to connect to their fans. All you have to accomplish is find the right fitness model for your business.


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