Reverse Health Reviews

Reverse Health Reviews: Is It Better Than Noom?

2024’s Updated Reverse Health Weight Loss App Review!

In my capacity as a Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert, I possess insight into the challenges that women over 30 may encounter in their pursuit of weight loss.

The aging process introduces a multitude of changes. These encompass potential slowdowns in metabolism, shifts in appetite, and alterations in the digestive system. Consequently, achieving weight loss can present heightened difficulties.

Several women, confronted by frustration and fatigue, opt to discontinue their weight loss endeavors. The question emerges: Can there exist a simpler avenue for women over 40 to attain weight loss?

Reverse Health—a potential solution to this predicament. Designed as a 12-week weight loss program, it caters to the needs of women over 30 aspiring to shed pounds without adverse effects on their metabolism. The program is founded on the principles of sustainable, enduring outcomes.

Continuing forward, I will provide an in-depth evaluation of all aspects of this weight loss program. Expect comprehensive insights into its features, advantages, disadvantages, pricing structure, and user reviews.

Who Is Behind The Reverse Health Program?

The Reverse Health program spans 12 weeks and is tailored exclusively for women. Its creators, Matthew Jones, a sports nutritionist, and Monika, a lifestyle and mindset coach, aim to facilitate the adoption of a healthier lifestyle among women. The program encompasses a meal plan, supplement guide, community support, and an exercise regimen, all conveniently accessible through a single app. This app is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the schedules of busy women, boasting a user-friendly interface and requiring just 15 minutes per day for lesson reviews.


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What Is Reverse Health App?

The Reverse Health Diet app offers a comprehensive resource for achieving your goals. Initially, a quiz is required to determine the most suitable approach. Upon completion, the app generates a personalized meal plan. Additionally, the app provides access to a supportive community, professional guidance, and exercise routines.

Coaching videos within the app assist you in implementing lifestyle changes. While adhering to a meal plan might be simple for some, the key lies in making consistent daily adjustments for the long term to effectively maintain weight loss.

For addressing queries, you also have the option of online calls with one of the founders.

Lastly, a progress tracker is available to ensure you remain on course and maintain motivation throughout your weight loss journey.

Considerations Before Joining the Reverse Health Diet Program

Prior to purchasing a subscription to the Reverse Health Weight Loss App, which presents a promising weight loss option, several aspects warrant your attention.

Gender-Specific Program

It’s important to note that the Reverse Health program exclusively caters to women. If you are seeking a weight loss journey that includes a male spouse or partner, alternative options might be more suitable.

While the program offers a family-friendly feature to address the dietary requirements of the entire household, it’s worth mentioning that individualized coaching is unavailable for men.

Duration and Time Commitment

If you anticipate rapid weight loss results within a short span, the Reverse Health Weight Loss App might not align with your expectations. This program does not cater to those seeking swift outcomes. Similarly, if a prolonged approach is what you desire, this might not be the ideal fit.

Additionally, keep in mind that the program’s duration is limited to 12 weeks. Although the option to repurchase the program exists, its structure is primarily designed for a one-time experience.

Virtual Nature of the Program

While the program’s app boasts user-friendliness, particularly for women aged 40 and above, individuals who are averse to incorporating more technology into their daily routine should consider this aspect.

Moreover, if you prefer to minimize phone usage, alternative avenues such as in-person coaching might be more appealing for you to explore.

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How This Diet App Operates?

Initiating the program involves completing the quiz provided here. The quiz plays a vital role as it enables the company to generate a personalized meal plan based on your preferences and requirements.

A notable advantage of the Reverse Health weight loss program is its comprehensive approach. It addresses not only dietary and exercise aspects but also extends its support to sleep improvement and the adoption of beneficial lifestyle modifications through a mindset-oriented approach.

The synergy between tailored meal plans and proactive lifestyle adjustments forms a potent amalgamation aimed at facilitating sustainable weight loss and ensuring its enduring maintenance.

Reverse Health Weight Loss Program
Reverse Health Weight Loss Program

Who Can Benefits From Reverse Health Weight Loss App?

The Reverse Health app targets women aged 40 and above who encounter difficulties in weight loss and are prepared to enact lifestyle modifications. If you’re seeking a rapid solution, this isn’t a suitable choice. A 12-week commitment to transforming your lifestyle habits is imperative. Ultimately, their primary aim is for you to become self-sufficient after successfully concluding these 12 weeks.

Reverse Health Weight Loss Program Features

Let’s delve into the attributes of the Reverse Health weight loss program in this review. These distinctive elements set it apart from other options.

Tailored Meal Plan

Unlike many weight loss programs that offer a generic meal plan for a wide audience, Reverse Health takes a personalized approach. The program crafts a meal plan tailored to individual nutritional requirements and objectives. This strategy minimizes risks and aligns better with your body’s needs.

Moreover, you can adjust the meal plan according to your preferred eating pattern. Whether it’s keto, vegan, pescatarian, plant-based, or low-carb, the app flexibly adapts to your choices, ensuring your comfort.

The meal plan also provides a variety of recipes to explore. If a particular recipe doesn’t suit your taste, you can switch to one with similar traits, aiding your adherence to the plan.

Expert Guidance

In today’s landscape, weight loss advice is abundant, but the credibility of the source matters greatly. Reverse Health stands out as it was established by knowledgeable professionals well-versed in nutrition and mindset.

In addition to this expertise, you can seek assistance from registered dietitians, health coaches, and physical therapists. This comprehensive support network enhances the program’s value.

Supplement Recommendations

While not obligatory, supplements can enhance the effectiveness of a weight loss journey. However, some programs push their own products, potentially compromising integrity or appropriateness for specific demographics like women over 40.

Reverse Health Weight Loss Program takes a different approach. It offers personalized recommendations for supplements that might aid your progress. Collagen, vitamin D, protein powder, and ashwagandha are among the supplements they commonly suggest.

The emphasis is on tailoring recommendations to individual needs. This ensures that you only receive advice relevant to your situation.

Optional Exercise Program

The program’s exercise component is discretionary, designed to promote bone and muscle health.

The app includes a guided exercise routine to help you stay physically active and work towards your objectives.

As women age, concerns about injury risks often arise. However, Reverse Health addresses this concern effectively. The program is supervised by physical therapists, minimizing the chances of injury and providing a platform to address queries.

Supportive Community

Starting on a weight loss journey alone can be daunting and anxiety-inducing.

Reverse Health Community
Reverse Health Community

Reverse Health Weight Loss Program not only offers professional guidance but also facilitates connection through a Facebook community. This community comprises women sharing a similar journey, providing a space to exchange tips, offer encouragement, and find inspiration when needed.

Ultimately, this communal support can significantly ease the path towards achieving your goals.


  • This weight loss program is supported by scientific research.
  • It has been developed by professionals in the field.
  • The program accommodates various dietary preferences, including vegan, keto, pescatarian, low-carb, and plant-based.
  • It is designed to contribute to sustainable and enduring outcomes.
  • The program is tailored to cater specifically to the requirements of women.
  • A user-friendly mobile application enhances the experience.
  • Each participant receives a personalized program for their journey.


  • The program’s duration is not suitable for those seeking a long-term solution.
  • Participation is limited to the female demographic.
  • While suitable for all experience levels, some more experienced dieters might find the educational aspect basic.
  • Certain individuals may not find the workout routines sufficiently challenging.
  • To access the benefits, consistent use of the application is necessary.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Let’s closely examine genuine customer reviews for Reverse Health. Here’s a compilation of positive feedback regarding the program:

  • Several users have reported significant weight loss.
  • Most users appreciate the wide array of delicious recipes, enhancing the ease of following the meal plan.
  • The app’s user-friendliness is praised by many.
  • Users find the exercises both engaging and enjoyable.

Now, let’s outline negative observations from Reverse Health app reviews

  • Some users believe that the exercises might be too straightforward.
  • A small fraction of users found the Reverse Health meal plan to be somewhat basic, though not overly complex.

Here are a few comments shared on the website:

“I found the app to be quite helpful, offering me all the information I needed. It’s also quite user-friendly. I did need to make a few adjustments to the recipes to suit my preferences and ingredient availability at home, but the option to propose substitute items was really beneficial. Their assistance in customizing my plan was greatly appreciated. Thank you for your unwavering support, even when I was on the verge of giving up.”

“Initially, I chose the Vegetarian Meal Plan, and the flavors were fantastic. Later, I discovered they had a Vegan Meal Plan! I inquired if I could switch, and in just five minutes, I had access to the delightful Scrumptious Vegan Meal Plan! Additionally, Kimberly offered me a PDF copy of my previous meal plan, which was truly remarkable. It allows me to merge my new plan with the old.”

“The diverse collection of delectable recipes is admirable. The suggested meal plans are indeed suggestive; you can effortlessly swap meals according to your preferences. An added advantage is the option to convert your weekly plan into a shopping list, streamlining the process and enhancing focus. Unlike many diets I’ve attempted before, this emphasizes a lifestyle shift and equips you with the tools for lasting change. Its flexibility and user support make it a joy to follow. I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead.”

Reverse Health Program Costs and Payment Structures

The website does not currently provide a standard pricing overview. To access information about available plans and their associated costs, you must complete the quiz.

On average, the pricing begins at $2.65 per week. It’s important to note that you’ll likely be billed for the entire program.

While the cost may appear reasonable in comparison to similar programs, the lack of upfront pricing transparency prior to signing up raises certain concerns.

The Refund Policy of Reverse Health App

Reverse Health maintains a rigorous refund policy that applies under specific circumstances. A refund can be requested solely in cases where access to the personalized coaching program is not granted within 14 days from the date of purchase or if a defective product is received.

In instances where a faulty product is involved, providing visual evidence is a prerequisite for initiating the refund process.

Moreover, the company extends a money-back guarantee. If the desired outcomes are not observed within the initial 14 days of program commencement, you possess the right to seek a refund.

However, it is imperative that you adhere to the program for a continuous 14-day period and furnish substantiation of your program engagement to facilitate the refund process.

Final Verdicts

In summary, the Reverse Health Diet App appears to be a reasonable choice for women aged 40 and above who are new to adopting proper nutritional habits and engaging in regular exercise. It provides fundamental insights to guide the essential adjustments in lifestyle and emphasizes achieving lasting outcomes.

However, it’s worth noting that individuals with extensive experience in dieting might not find novel information within the program.

In light of this, while the Reverse Health Diet App could serve as a viable option for women over 40, it’s worth considering that there are other alternatives that might align better with specific needs.

FAQ: Consumers Also Ask

Q: Is The Reverse Health Plan Effective?

A: Certainly, based on certain reviews, women may witness significant weight loss while adhering to the Reverse Health plan. On average, participants can shed 10-20 lbs throughout the program.

Q: Is Reverse Health Better Than VShred And Noom?

A: Yes, the Reverse Health Diet App is way better than Vshred as per online customer reviews and facts. But Noom is probably more reliable than both of them.

Q: What Does The Reverse Health Diet Entail?

A: The Reverse Health diet offers a customized meal plan tailored to your weight, height, age, and activity levels. Through a combination of a low-calorie diet and physical activity, you can create a caloric deficit, facilitating weight loss.

Q: What Does the Reverse Health Program for Menopause Involve?

A: The Reverse Health program tailored for menopause is well-suited for women either preparing for or currently experiencing menopause. It aids in hormone equilibrium, mitigates potential side effects, and promotes weight loss.

Q: What Does UK Reverse Health Refer To?

A: The UK Reverse Health denotes a 12-week program designed specifically for women in the United Kingdom, aiming to deliver sustainable results.


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