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V Shred Reviews: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up For Vshred

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Initiating a weight loss journey can seem impossible, pushing countless individuals to surrender even before embarking.

Nevertheless, an organized regimen for exercise and nutrition might offer a semblance of remedy, furnishing the impetus and direction required for the attainment of fitness objectives.

V Shred purports to possess this magic solution, but can their weight loss strategies be taken at face value, or do they merely represent yet another transient trend? Dive into the ensuing analysis to uncover the upsides and downsides affiliated with this enterprise, coupled with my personal tryst with V Shred.

The prospect of conducting a VShred assessment had frequently arisen, yet my enthusiasm remained tepid, given the obligation to endure their eccentric videos and a deluge of their advertising propaganda, a tribulation I wished to sidestep.

Only when a long-lost acquaintance forwarded me the VShred link, pondering over participating in their weight loss program, did I spring into action?

Her testimony, acknowledging Vince Sant’s rhetoric as convincing, triggered a visceral response in me. No! Absolutely not!

A compulsion took hold; I couldn’t merely advise her against VShred. I needed to compile an exhaustive inventory of rationales.

So, gratitude is owed to my friend for inviting me to action. Her almost-faux pas is poised to benefit numerous others!

Appraising VShred is monumental, akin to plunging into a labyrinth and wandering its alleys for weeks. Content abounds, obscure recesses beckon, and let’s not overlook the labyrinthine entity backing VShred (a topic too dubious for an in-depth exploration).

In this assessment of VShred, I’ve endeavored to restrict my purview to the most pivotal program facets, concurrently flagging conspicuous red indicators for your appraisal. Brace yourself for a high tally!

What Exactly Is VShred?

V Shred emerges as an online brand for fitness, nutrition, and supplements. It took its form in 2015 under the guidance of Vince Sant, aiming to reintroduce a semblance of enjoyment into fitness, albeit in a somewhat realistic manner. The forefront figure of VShred is none other than Vince Sant, an individual excessively adorned with muscles who seems to have an aversion to shirts.

Vince’s past was adorned with a career in fitness modeling prior to his entanglement with VShred. Strangely, his designation now seems to have transformed into that of a ‘celebrity fitness trainer.’ Curiously, numerous authentic fitness trainers aren’t hesitant to point out that Vince’s execution often showcases a lackluster form, raising concerns about the potential harm stemming from the exercises he prescribes.

Within its offerings lie an array of products, encompassing a workout application, individually tailored fitness and nutrition regimens, and even supplementary enhancers to accompany your voyage toward health. Sant insists that should one maintain unwavering dedication, a shedding of at least 21 pounds within a mere 90-day span could be within reach.

Quick Facts

⭐ Rating 1 ★ Out Of 5 ★★★★★
💊 Product Form Tailored diet and fitness plans, an app, and supplements
🧰️ Personalized Yes
🏋️‍♂️ Uses Diet, Weight loss, Muscle building, Toning
🥦 Vegan Yes
⚠ Addictive No
💰 Price From $19.99

VShred Supplement Offerings

In addition to diet plans, the Sculpt Nation range by V Shred includes nutritional supplements. These are supposed to enhance the results you achieve from their diet and exercise programs. The offerings include:

  1. Burn Evolved 2.0: Alleges to address sluggish metabolisms.

    Burn Evolved 2.0
    VShred Burn Evolved 2.0
  2. Burn PM: Addresses poor sleep quality, a factor that may disrupt the balance of fat-storing hormones like ghrelin and cortisol.
  3. Turmeric Black: Highlights the potential benefits of turmeric, including combatting inflammation, aiding skin health, and boosting energy.
  4. Fat Loss Stack: Combines Burn Evolved, Burn PM, and Turmeric Black to supposedly give your metabolism a push.
  5. Greens: Claims to draw from 26 superfoods for increased collagen levels within the body.
  6. HGH Boost: Supposedly elevates levels of human growth hormone (HGH) to help maintain a sense of fitness and youth.
  7. Probiotics: Puts forth support for healthy gut bacteria and digestion.
  8. Enzymes: Contains 5 distinct digestive enzymes aimed at facilitating nutrient breakdown.
  9. Pre-workout: Marketed as a means to enhance athletic performance for optimized workouts.

    Vshred Pre-Workouts
    Vshred Pre-Workouts
  10. Post-workout: Touted as a recovery aid for quicker recuperation after exercise.
  11. Protein: Positioned as a supporter of lean muscle mass growth.
  12. BCAAs: Contains a blend of 3 crucial amino acids for the purpose of lean muscle building.
  13. Neuroctane: A nootropic supplement with claims of enhancing brain functionality, while assisting mental clarity and focus.

V Shred Muscle Building, Diet & Weight Loss Programs – A Glimpse into Discontent

Displayed on its website, V Shred presents a dozen distinct programs, each brimming with diverse objectives tailored for both genders. The range includes:

  • Fat Loss Extreme for Him/ for Her: Dual tracks for men and women grappling with the desire to shed 20 to 50 lbs of unwelcome fat.
  • Ripped in 90: Promising to impart the elusive art of constructing lean muscle amidst the bleak endeavor of fat eradication.
  • V Shred Accelerator +: A touted “proven shortcut” to navigate the labyrinth of fat incineration and sculpt a facade of lean muscle.
  • Six-Pack Shred: A virtual guide to constructing abs and obliques, a pursuit that often feels as arduous as it sounds.
  • Move: At Home: A fleeting promise of fat dissipation through succinct 15-minute exercise rituals, an oasis in the desert of the sedentary.
  • Toned in 90: A drawn-out 90-day sojourn, burdened with the ambition to shed 17+ lbs and inches, a feat that casts a shadow of doubt.
  • Clean Bulk: A paradoxical notion that offers the hope of acquiring lean muscle without the unwelcome baggage of fat, an enigma itself.
  • Big Arms: A pledge to expand upper body musculature, yet the path is strewn with skepticism.
  • Booty Builder: A meticulously crafted program for women yearning to amplify their glutes, a quest often fraught with frustration.
  • Custom Diet Plan: An intricate, yet potentially misleading, mosaic of diet and training blueprints from the realm of V Shred mentors.
  • Recipe Guide: A culinary compass designed by fitness virtuosos to ostensibly bolster your aspirations, amidst the sea of culinary temptations.

How Do These VShred Programs Work?

VShred presents an array of programs, such as Fat Loss Extreme, Custom Diet and Training for Her (and for Him), Ripped in 90 Days, Clean Bulk Program, 6-Pack Shred, The Booty Builder, and more.

It’s evident that the VShred 90-day Fat Loss Extreme program holds favor with those I’ve conversed with. However, it’s quite likely that the other offerings from VShred are essentially variations of this one.

Here’s the rather predictable trajectory of the VShred experience:

You’re prompted to answer some questions on the VShred site to determine the recommended diet and exercise program.

Then, you’re subjected to a 60-minute video featuring the ‘world-famous fitness model and certified trainer’ Vince Sant. He goes on about body types and proposes three simple solutions to rid yourself of your ‘soft, out of shape body,’ complete with visuals of women clutching their bellies. All of this is supposed to lead to a ‘slim and toned body’ that you’ll supposedly want to flaunt, all without ‘starving yourself.’ Oh, and Vince has three ‘fat destroyers’ that he tantalizingly unveils at the video’s end.

You’re prompted to figure out your macros or purchase the meal plans for an extra cost.

The workouts commence.

Curiously, there seem to be no provisions for age (yes, even the ‘teen’ category exists) or cautions regarding eating disorders or any other incompatibilities for partaking in such a program. This is a definite red flag.

What’s truly disconcerting is that when I fed my 13-year-old daughter’s details into the VShred site (yes, they have a ‘teen’ category), it handed me a 60-minute video of Sant discussing how some women ‘struggle with willpower’ and how VShred can come to the rescue by banishing stubborn fat.

Vince, in his video, delves into personal anecdotes about his mom and sisters, which is seemingly meant to forge an emotional connection (marketing strategy), but it’s so glaringly manipulative that it left me feeling quite queasy.

As the video progresses, Vince appears to dive into scientific territory, discussing metabolism, white fat vs. brown fat, and somatotypes. However, somatotypes—endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph—have yet to be substantiated by credible evidence as factors influencing the ideal diet or weight management. Nevertheless, Vince claims that Fat Loss Extreme is tailor-made for endomorphs, even for my 13-year-old daughter. He hails it as an ‘automated fat loss solution’ promising results ‘within weeks.’

By this point, my interest was waning due to the video’s ceaseless droning, but Vince did pique my attention momentarily when he brought up triglycerides.

Hopes of a redeeming moment were quickly dashed when he unleashed this gem:

“Triglycerides are very large particles that can’t exit the fat cell and therefore get stored away to make up those ‘stubborn, fatty areas on your body that seem impossible to get rid of.”

And then, the grand revelation: these triglycerides can be targeted and broken down, leading to fat simply ‘melting off your body.’

Of course, reality doesn’t align with Vince’s proclamation. Shirtless Bro Mansplainer Vince, science is not your forte, evident by this RED FLAG!

Somebody ought to enlighten Mr. No Shirt that targeted fat-burning isn’t grounded in science, and the breakdown of triglycerides is a natural bodily process—a function of NATURE, not VShred’s innovation.

Let’s all collectively say it: LI-PO-LY-SIS.

Moreover, let’s all acknowledge that FAT DOES NOT MELT. For an insight into what truly happens to fat when it exits our bodies, I invite you to read my post on the matter. In fact, no evidence-based entity or individual I’ve come across uses the term ‘fat melting.’

All of these observations offer us a glimpse into the skewed mindset of the VShred creators, particularly concerning females. A stunning revelation, indeed. Another red flag.

And to make matters worse, VShred is raking in substantial profits by peddling this drivel to both men and women. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that the company is steered by a clique of internet marketers—this is their domain. Vince merely serves as the public face of VShred. The other individuals are a bunch of marketing aficionados who excel at selling.

How You Can Get Started With V Shred?

Starting on your V Shred journey comes with a certain tinge of bleakness. Prior to enrolling in the monthly membership labeled as “V Shred University,” you’ll confront the task of completing a body-type quiz, a mere facade of personalization.

Vshred Quiz
Vshred Quiz

This questionnaire, a series of simple inquiries, ostensibly determines your category in the V Shred scheme. This is meant to align you with a supposedly tailored monthly plan, although the authenticity of this customization is questionable.

Enduring a rather extended video becomes your next endeavor, a mandatory step preceding your purchase. Here, Vince Sant takes the spotlight, doling out three ‘fixes’ promising a road to slimness and toning.

Screenshot of Vince video
Screenshot of Vince’s video after taking the Quiz

The gloom lingers as you await the conclusion of this video, which then reveals your macronutrient recommendations and program breakdown – perhaps the only tangible aspects in this uncertain journey. An option to purchase a supporting meal plan emerges, but whether it truly aids you remains uncertain.

Should you choose to commit, access to V Shred’s digital fitness program repository is reluctantly granted. In this vast expanse, you’ll find offerings like Fat Loss Extreme, and Ripped in 90, each casting a shadow of doubt on their effectiveness.

Furthermore, the prospect of buying standalone programs emerges, supposedly tailored based on your quiz responses. These programs bear a starting price of around $19.99, their worthiness overshadowed by the looming uncertainty and the ever-shifting discounts.

Perks of VShred Diet And Weight Loss Program

For those aiming to achieve weight loss or muscle gain, V Shred offers a diverse range of programs tailored to various fitness objectives. Programs like Toned in 90, Clean Bulk, Move at Home, and Six Pack Shred hold noteworthy advantages that should be highlighted if considering V Shred:

Customizable Plans

V Shred’s Custom Diet program creates personalized meal and training plans based on your requirements. In the initial assessment, you provide information about your height, weight, activity levels, food preferences, training history, and favorite exercises. Qualified coaches then calculate your daily macros and calories to design an enjoyable plan.

Efficient Workouts

Certain programs feature high-intensity workouts lasting only 15 minutes, making them feasible even for the busiest schedules. Research indicates that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) burns 25 to 30% more calories within the same time frame compared to less intense workouts.

Supportive Community

Upon enrollment, you gain access to the V Shred online member community. This grants you the opportunity to engage in Vince’s weekly Couch Talk, where he addresses weight loss and nutrition queries. The community also maintains a dedicated Facebook page, enabling members to exchange tips, advice, and encouragement. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals pursuing similar goals proves to be an effective motivation strategy for weight loss.

Downsides of V Shred Diet Plans

Despite the assortment of benefits, several concerns have been raised by us and other users, highlighting the following issues:


Each V Shred program is geared towards a specific end goal, such as achieving a six-pack or becoming toned in 90 days. However, maintaining these results long-term might prove challenging, relying solely on motivation. While V Shred factors in weight, height, and goals to determine recommended calorie intake, many provided daily calorie goals are exceedingly low and not sustainable. Insufficient caloric intake can lead to fatigue, hair loss, and potential post-diet binging, resulting in weight regain.

Negative Customer Reviews

Both Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau feature a multitude of negative reviews for V Shred, citing slow customer service responses. Transparency regarding cancellations, refunds, and program quality has also been questioned by numerous customers.

Persistent Upselling and Hidden Charges

Customer complaints often revolve around unexpected additional charges during checkout, lacking upfront clarity. Committing to V Shred frequently results in continuous phone calls and lengthy emails urging additional purchases.

Mandatory Calorie Tracking

Unless opting for the supplementary meal plan program, calorie counting becomes necessary. While V Shred provides recommended daily carb, protein, and fat intake, the responsibility of tracking consumed foods falls on you. This process can be time-intensive, demanding extra meal planning and food preparation.

How Much Does VShred Cost?

Upon successfully downloading the complimentary V Shred app, you will receive a complimentary trial duration of 5 days applicable to any 90-day program you decide to acquire. Following the conclusion of this trial phase, you will be prompted to initiate payments for accessing new content. The pricing for this varies based on the specific membership or plan you select.

For instance, the V Shred University membership presents an introductory rate of only $1 for a 30-day trial, subsequently transitioning to a monthly cost of $19.99. This subscription can be terminated at your convenience.

Regarding individual programs, the cost starts at $19.99 for the least expensive option and goes up to $87 for the most premium offering. Additionally, there is an option to purchase a weight loss recipe guide priced at just $14.95.

VShred Reviews 2023 | Final Verdicts

When considering V Shred programs and supplements, our perspective leans toward a disappointing verdict.

Our experience with their programs left us unimpressed, leaving much to be desired in terms of equipping us for lasting, positive changes in our lifestyle. Instead of promoting sustainable solutions, they advocate for confining, calorie-restricted diets and fleeting exercise regimens.

Regrettably, transparency and reliability seem to elude the brand, pushing customers towards unnecessary purchases that hold no potential to truly aid them on their path toward weight loss.

FAQs: Customers Also Ask

Q: Is V Shred legitimate?

A: VShred, while claiming legitimacy as a fitness and nutrition brand, is marred by a plethora of negative customer reviews that cast doubt on the efficacy of their programs. Transparency issues plague the company’s purchasing and cancellation processes, and their extravagant product assertions lack substantiation through scientific validation.

Q: Is V Shred worth the investment?

A: Regrettably, despite suiting a minority, V Shred fails to merit consideration due to its inability to foster enduring transformations. Countless more efficacious weight loss regimens exist, empowering individuals to cultivate sustainable, well-rounded lifestyles, exemplified by programs like Beyond Body.

Q: What knowledge does V Shred impart?

A: V Shred imparts rudimentary guidance on exercising and nutrition to expedite rapid weight loss.

Q: Does V Shred qualify as a commendable program?

A: While V Shred might yield swift weight reduction results for select individuals, it falls short in endorsing enduring weight maintenance or nurturing sound dietary practices, thus detracting from its commendability.

Q: Who is Vince Sant?

A: In 2015, Vince Sant, alongside three other co-founders, initiated V Shred. While serving as the company’s public face, he also assumes roles as a personal trainer, author, and fitness model.


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