Scorolash Reviews

Scorolash Reviews: Does This Eyelash Serum Work?

Everyone appreciates natural, full, and lengthy eyelashes. They hold a special place in our hearts as they give us a captivating and dramatic appearance. Preserving their beauty is our top priority. However, if you desire lashes that rival the allure of false eyelashes, a lash serum might be the perfect solution for you. Lash serums are designed to enhance the growth phase of your eyelashes, making them longer. Scorolash Eyelash Growth Serum claims to deliver the same remarkable results. By the end of our Scorolash Reviews, we will determine if this claim holds true.

I understand your skepticism regarding products that often fail to live up to their grand promises. It’s disheartening when brands resort to deceptive advertising. Is this lash serum one of those disappointments? Soon enough, you will have the answer to that question.

About Scorolash Eyelash Growth Serum

Scorolash is a lash serum that confidently supports lash health, while enhancing volume and increasing length, all without any fragrance.

This lash serum is extensively promoted online as a specialized peptide complex that effectively enhances the natural lash renewal cycle, resulting in thicker, longer, and healthier lashes. It claims to achieve this by delivering nourishing plant extracts and essential nutrients directly to the lash follicles, improving the overall appearance of lash health. You can conveniently purchase Scorolash from their official website or reputable third-party retail stores.

When it comes to Scorolash reviews, opinions are diverse and varied. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss and analyze these reviews, along with providing essential information like the product’s ingredients, the manufacturer’s background, potential side effects, and other crucial details that potential buyers may find beneficial in making their decision.

Scorolash Eyelash Serum claims to provide longer, fuller, and healthier lashes naturally. It incorporates a nourishing complex that promotes lash growth, with visible results promised in just two weeks. This raises the question: Can such remarkable outcomes be achieved within such a short timeframe?

To find the answer, I decided to give it a try and ordered the product. While I hadn’t used any Scorolash hair care items before, I convinced myself to test out this lash serum. My main concern was thin lashes, and I desired a fuller appearance. It has now been a month since I started using it, and to my astonishment, the results have exceeded my expectations. I will share my final verdict on the authenticity of this product, but first, let’s explore why our lashes become susceptible to breakage.

What Causes Such Frequent Lash Shedding?

Our lashes frequently falling out is a common concern. It is normal to lose two to four lashes per day. However, if you experience a sudden and significant loss of lashes, it is essential to assess the health of your eyelashes. Numerous factors can contribute to excessive lash loss beyond the average. Some individuals may have hormonal disorders like Thyroid or Diabetes, which are accompanied by hair loss, including eyelashes.

In addition, incorrect habits such as prolonged use of eye makeup, harsh removal of lash extensions, or excessive use of eyelash curlers can also lead to lash loss. Severe health conditions like Skin Cancer, Alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair follicles to be attacked and leads to hair loss), or Blepharitis can also be contributing factors.

Furthermore, stress, inflammatory diseases, and nutritional deficiencies can impact both scalp hair and lash loss. To address this, many people turn to over-the-counter lash serums in conjunction with their prescribed treatments. In all honesty, lash serums provide relief by enhancing the appearance of sparse lashes. This is precisely what sets Scorolash Eyelash Growth Serum apart. Now, let’s explore its comprehensive findings in detail.

Legit Information About Scorolash Serum

Experience the lightweight and barely-there sensation of this transparent serum as it effortlessly glides along your upper lash line. Encased in a sleek cylindrical design with a captivating golden brown hue, it features an applicator resembling a slender, orange-colored brush tip. Weighing a mere 0.15 oz or 4.5 ml, it embodies elegance and convenience.

Scorolash lash serum not only caters to all skin types but also seamlessly complements lash lifts, lash extensions, contacts, and false lashes. Its remarkable formula incorporates the lash-stimulating peptide complex Technology, an exclusive combination of potent peptides carefully calibrated for maximum effectiveness. This concentrated blend stimulates hair growth during the initial phase along the lash line. Rest assured, this cutting-edge technology fortifies the skin barrier, aiding in the natural growth cycle and enhancing lash retention. Witness the transformative power of this serum as your lashes gradually become longer, thicker, stronger, and fuller within a few weeks of consistent use.

How To Use It Effectively?

The application method is crucial for achieving optimal results with any product. When it comes to Scorolash Serum, there are specific steps to follow in order to maximize its benefits. Here’s how:

  • Apply the serum twice daily, both in the morning and evening, on clean and dry skin.
  • Take the brush and dip it once, then gently apply the serum along the upper lash line of both eyes. Avoid applying it to the lower lash line.
  • Allow the serum to dry for a duration of 90 seconds, and there is no need to rinse it off.
  • If you wear contact lenses, apply the serum before putting them on. However, it’s advisable to wait for 10-15 minutes before wearing your contacts. Rest assured, this lash serum is safe for lash lifts, extensions, and false lashes. Wait for the serum to completely dry for 90 seconds before applying any makeup.

And there you have it! You’re ready to conquer the rest of your day. Just ensure that you’re comfortable with the ingredients before applying them to your eyelids. Take a quick look at them here.

Scorolash Reviews: Ingredients

Scorolash Eyelash Serum, as advertised on its official website, boasts a remarkable lineup of key ingredients:

Vitamins (C, B7, B5)

Scorolash leaves no stone unturned when it comes to essential vitamins for skin and hair health. The addition of Vitamins C, B7, and B5 is deliberate, as they offer a range of benefits, including antioxidant properties, nourishment, strengthening of keratin, and improved hair sheen. This comprehensive vitamin blend aims to provide a silky-smooth texture, enhanced appearance, and increased length and volume for the lashes.

Panax Ginseng

The inclusion of Panax Ginseng Extract in Scorolash is attributed to its rich source of ginsenoside found in the root. It is claimed to work tirelessly, from the lash follicles to the tips, enhancing both length and volume while imparting a luxurious silkiness. Additionally, this compound is believed to fortify lashes, making them more resilient against environmental damage.

Swertia Japonica Extract

Swertia Japonica Extract is incorporated into Scorolash for its remarkable ability to thicken and elongate lashes. It is purported to achieve this by improving direct blood flow to the lash roots, thereby promoting lash health, growth, and a truly sumptuous appearance.


Scorolash incorporates a selection of peptides, including Pentapeptide-17, Oligopeptide-10, Biotinoyl-Tripeptide-1, and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. These peptides are included for their multifaceted advantages, such as stimulating keratin production, enhancing blood circulation to the lash area, and preventing depigmentation. Collectively, they are purported to revitalize, promote growth, and improve the overall health of lashes, ultimately enhancing one’s facial appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid

Renowned for its moisture-boosting properties, Hyaluronic Acid is a prized addition to many skincare and haircare formulations. Clinical studies suggest that it effectively prevents dryness and brittleness, while conditioning and enhancing lash length and health. Its exceptional capacity to attract and retain significant amounts of water further contributes to its beneficial effects.

How Does It Work?

Scorolash is an extraordinary lash-enhancing solution designed to amplify and support the natural renewal cycle of your lashes. By using this lash-stimulating peptide complex, you can expect your lashes to become longer, thicker, and overall healthier. This remarkable formulation combines potent peptides and plant botanicals, which have been scientifically proven to significantly elevate lash length, luster, and overall health.

The active ingredients in Scorolash may include hyaluronic acid, a well-known compound in hair and skin care products for its exceptional ability to attract and retain moisture. Additionally, the formulation might contain pumpkin seed extract, believed to enhance lash silkiness, volume, and length. Panax ginseng, known for its ginsenoside compound, is also included to promote lash health and stimulate growth.

The incorporation of various types of peptides in this product serves to stimulate keratin production and strengthen the hair, while the plant botanicals and additional compounds further contribute to the promotion of healthy lash growth.

Benefits of Scorolash

  • Scorolash serum has the potential to enhance the length, thickness, and density of eyelashes.
    This formulation is designed to reduce brittleness and dryness, resulting in healthier lashes.
  • With its strengthening and rejuvenating properties, Scorolash can revitalize and invigorate your lashes.
    It has the ability to promote lash growth and increase volume, leading to fuller and more voluminous lashes.
    Scorolash conditions the lashes and improves their silkiness, giving them a smoother and more luxurious appearance.

Drawbacks of Scorolash

  • It is important to note that Scorolash is a relatively expensive product.
  • While it offers various benefits, the desired results may not be achieved as quickly as desired.

Scorolash Reviews – Summary

Our comprehensive Scorolash Serum Reviews conclude here. In summary, I confidently suggest giving this lash serum a try. However, it’s important not to go overboard and apply excessive amounts. Follow the instructions provided and be patient. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results, just like I was. I highly recommend reviewing the ingredients list beforehand as well.

Remember to remove your eye makeup before going to bed and wear sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with you in terms of how well you care for your eyelashes. Although this product has been tested by ophthalmologists and is free of prostaglandin, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you have sensitive skin.

FAQs: Questions & Answers

Q: Is Scorolash Lash Growth Serum Safe?

A: Scorolash Lash Growth Serum is formulated with ingredients that are not known to cause severe side effects. However, it may not be suitable for individuals under the age of 18, those with sensitivities to its ingredients, or those with broken or unhealed skin.

Q: How Much Does It Cost & Where To Buy It?

A: Scorolash is available for purchase at a price of $34 per bottle. By buying two or three bottles, customers can save up to $19 and $33 respectively. You can buy Scorolash from reputable retailers.

Q: Is There Any Free Trial Or Refund Policy Available?

A: There is no free trial option for Scorolash. However, the brand offers a 60-day, full refund guarantee to customers who are unsatisfied with the results after use. Additionally, free shipping is provided for orders over $49.

Q: How Should You Use Scorolash Eyelash Serum?

A: For optimal results, it is recommended to apply Scorolash at night for a duration of up to four weeks. To use, cleanse your face, apply the serum to the root of your eyelashes, and allow it to fully absorb.

Q: Where Can I Compare Product Reviews For Brands Like Scorolash?

A: If you are looking for genuine opinions and reviews on similar lash serums, it is advisable to compare them with products like Levaye Show Lash and Forever Brow Serum. These formulations also aim to enhance lash health, length, and volume.

Q: What Side Effects Does Scorolash Have?

A: Potential side effects of Scorolash may include itching, peeling, and redness.

Q: Where Can I Find More Information About Scorolash Lash Growth Serum?

A: To gather more information about Scorolash, you can visit the official Scorolash website. Additionally, we recommend checking neutral or third-party review sites to read the opinions of actual users.


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