September Cash 2023 Scam Or Legit

September Cash 2023 Scam Or Legit: Will They Give $750?

So, check it out – September Cash 2023 ( is this site that says you can easily pocket 750 bucks. But here’s the deal, There are some major warning signs you gotta know about.

First off, this site kind of just shuffles you around. You start at and end up at Now, here’s the kicker – VirusTotal thinks is shady and suspicious.

Second, no one really knows who’s running this show. I mean,,, – they’re all signed up by someone in the shadows.

Third, if you check out on BBB, they’ve got a crummy “C-” rating, and Trustpilot’s got mixed reviews. So, it seems like people are getting all sorts of weird experiences and not getting what they were promised.

Before you go any further down this rabbit hole, you should definitely read our full review. And if you’re in a hurry, just glance at the table below for a quick rundown of what we found in our September Cash 2023 Review.

Where Does Redirect The User?

You know, when we talk about September Cash 2023 and its buddies like August Cash 60 and JulyCash30, one thing that bugs us is these sneaky redirects. So, picture this: you try to go to these websites, but boom! You’re suddenly sent off to another place,, through a middleman, For all the nitty-gritty on how this redirection stuff works, including a screenshot that shows got flagged before, just check out our May Cash 2023 review.

Now, they call this little trick “domain forwarding,” and normally, it’s all legit. But here’s the twist – in this case, it smells kinda fishy because it’s pushing you toward a site that VirusTotal says might be bad news.

Talking about our middleman,, it used to be in hot water, but as of now, no alarms are going off., though, still thinks it might be up to no good, giving it a score of 50 out of 100.

And then, you hit the final stop on this wild ride, Reviews on that one? Well, they’re a mixed bag, mostly leaning towards not-so-great, with users griping about all sorts of issues. All this bouncing around from site to site, it’s like a maze, right? Makes it tricky for folks to figure out where they’re really going and could potentially put them in some hot water.

Bottom line: You’ve got to be super careful when you bump into these weird redirects. They could be a sign that someone’s up to some no-good stuff, like trying to scam you or spread malware. Stay sharp out there!

What Are The Pros and Cons of September Cash 2023?

We’ve made a list of the good and not-so-good stuff about September Cash 2023 to give you the full scoop on what this site is all about. While the idea of making some easy cash might grab your attention, it’s crucial to check out all the facts before jumping in. In the next part, we’ll dig into what the site has to offer and also point out some real concerns you should know about. Keep reading to get the whole lowdown.

Pros Of Septembercash2023

  1. Sweet Deals: The chance to pocket 750 bucks can be a real eye-catcher, especially if you’re in need of cash or just looking to boost your income a bit. These offers are all about quick money without needing mad skills or tons of time.

Cons Of Septembercash2023

  • Website Hopping: The fact that September Cash 2023 sends you through a bunch of different websites is a real headache. Each jump adds more complexity and opens the door for these sites to mess with your data or sneak in some sneaky software without asking
  • Security Worries: Legit security tools have raised some big red flags about parts of this website’s hopping-around routine. Like, VirusTotal says is sketchy, and Hybrid-Analysis isn’t too impressed with’s security. That’s a sign you might be taking risks by messing with these websites.
  • Mysterious Owners: When you check out the Whois info for, it’s like déjà vu with other shady sites like,, and It smells fishy and feels like they’re hiding something. Plus, the contact info is secret-squirrel mode thanks to DomainsByProxy, making the whole registration thing even murkier.
  • Where’s the Clarity?: The way September Cash 2023 shuffles you over to without explaining anything is just weird. Legit businesses are usually all about being upfront, but this is a major red flag that something’s off.
  • Promises, Promises: Lots of folks have said they didn’t get the rewards they were promised, even when they did everything they were supposed to.
  • Hidden Costs and Time Suck: While the idea of making money is tempting, remember that some stuff on September Cash 2023 might need extra cash or subscriptions, like signing up for paid offers or trials. It could be a buzzkill if those costs outweigh what you earn.

Before you dive into September Cash 2023, make sure you think hard about both the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. Understanding what’s at stake, the risks, and what other users have been through will help you decide if it’s worth giving it a shot and managing your expectations.

September Cash 2023 Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

You know about Trustpilot, right? It’s this cool online place where folks like you and me share their thoughts on stuff, like So, we checked out what folks are saying about, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

As of now, only has 3 reviews on Trustpilot. That’s not a lot, and you know, that might make the rating a bit iffy.

One review? It’s blank, not a single word. Another one gives it 1 out of 5 and calls it “badware” that sneaks stuff onto your computer. Yikes, right? The person had a bad time on August 03, 2022.

But hey, there’s a 5 out of 5 review saying it’s the bee’s knees. Sadly, they don’t spill the beans on why it’s so great.

Just remember, Trustpilot reviews can be a mixed bag. Everyone’s got their own story, so take them with a grain of salt.

BBB Ratings Reviews

Ever heard of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? They rate businesses and stuff. So, when we looked up there, we found some pretty concerning stuff.

The BBB gives a “C-” rating. That’s not great, huh? It means folks had issues and complained to the BBB. This rating can change, though, depending on how they handle these complaints.

Now, on the BBB page for, there are reviews galore. People say they did everything right but got no rewards. One review got super annoyed with their customer service. They said it felt like running in circles trying to sort things out. responded, said they’re sorry for the hassle, and talked about giving courtesy rewards sometimes. But remember, how things go down can be different for everyone.

So, these BBB reviews give us a hint about, but remember, they’re just one side of the story. Your experience might be totally different!

So, Is The September Cash 2023 Scam Or Legit Reward Program?

When you head over to, they’ll ask you to join their rewards program. It’s all about earning cash rewards by doing stuff like taking surveys, trying out free trials, and snagging some sweet deals.

So, once you’re on the site, they’ll want your email and a few Qs about how you plan to use your rewards and how often you hit the shops. After that, they’ll drop a bunch of cool offers and surveys on you, and you can pick which ones you wanna do to score some rewards.

Now, here’s the deal – those offers and surveys? Totally your call. They won’t help you earn rewards directly. But to cash in on that moolah, you gotta complete 20 deals from different categories. Some might be freebies, while others might need you to buy something.

Important stuff: When you’re ready to claim your cash, be ready for some ID checks. Usually takes about 5-7 days to make sure it’s all good. And, just so you know, when you agree to their terms and conditions, you’re also signing up for some email marketing, plus they might record your site visits through TrustedForm and Jornaya.

In a nutshell, those cash rewards sound awesome, right? But, remember, always play it safe with these reward programs. Read the fine print before you spill the beans on your personal stuff or start completing offers.


So, here’s the scoop on September Cash 2023 ( It’s an online gig that seems like a quick money fix, but hold up a sec! There are some major warning signs you should peep. While the idea of scoring $750 in a jiffy is enticing, this site’s really just a middleman sending you off to sketchy spots. The end spot,, is labeled shady by security folks and gets mixed to downright bad user reviews.

Speaking of reviews, Trustpilot and BBB Rating paint a picture of hit-or-miss experiences. Some folks don’t get what they were promised, and there’s even a chance you could run into some digital nasties. Plus, the secrecy game’s strong here, with domain proxy tricks hiding the owners. That’s like adding another layer of mystery and risk.

So, while the thought of quick cash is tempting, don’t forget the golden rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep your digital safety front and center. Before you dive into stuff like this, do some detective work: check reviews, make sure the site’s legit, and be super careful with personal info. September Cash 2023 might just be another one of those too-good-to-be-true deals. Stay sharp!


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