Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

I Tested Snow Teeth Whitening Kit: Learn How To Use It In This Review

Are you seeking a more radiant smile without straining your budget? Just like Sensepro Toothbrush, Snow Teeth Whitening has made some noteworthy promises in this regard. However, it could potentially be just another passing trend in the realm of teeth-whitening solutions. Does it truly meet the expectations it has generated? I advise against making a purchase until you’ve had the opportunity to peruse this review.

In this comprehensive review, I will gladly share my experience of purchasing and using this product to assist you in making an informed decision.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Overview

The manufacturers of Snow Whitening assert that their teeth whitening system utilizes advanced LED technology to deliver professional-grade results while remaining cost-effective. The Snow Whitening Kit includes three Diamond Teeth Whitening Serums, an LED mouthpiece, and a shade guide for your convenience. This kit is designed to be portable, enabling you to utilize it in various settings, including at home, in the office, or even at the gym. The crucial question is: Does it effectively produce the desired results?


  • I have experience with teeth-whitening LED kits, and this one performs quite well. It steadily brightens your teeth over time; although not at a superstar level, it’s still noticeable.
  • The mouthpiece is somewhat spacious for individuals with smaller mouths, but it can be managed during the 30-minute application.
  • While there is some sensitivity, taking a short break can easily alleviate this discomfort.


  • The mouthpiece, as mentioned earlier, is a bit large, which may cause minor discomfort.
  • After approximately four sessions, I experienced some sensitivity in my teeth. However, it’s not a significant issue and typically subsides within a few days.
  • I have yet to observe any noticeable results.

How To Use

To begin using the product, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by applying the whitening serum to your teeth, similar to painting a picket fence, using the brush tip.
  2. Insert the mouthpiece and connect it to initiate your teeth-whitening session.
  3. After you have completed the session, be sure to rinse both your mouth and the mouthpiece thoroughly with warm water.

Is Snow Teeth Whitening Worth The Hype? Here’s what customers have to say:

According to customer reviews, the Snow Teeth Whitening Strip is not a scam, but it’s not a miracle worker either. It takes months of use to see visible results, and it can be painful for people with sensitive gums.

Malina stated, “I tried the Snow Teeth Whitening Strip for a few days and didn’t see any results, so I thought it was a rip-off. But I kept using it, and after a month, my teeth were definitely whiter. It’s slower than toothpaste whitening strips, but it doesn’t hurt my sensitive teeth.”

Also, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the owners of Snow Teeth Whitening for making false claims about their products. The lawsuit alleges that the products cannot whiten teeth, protect against COVID-19, or any of the other claims the company has made.

You may also read about NuBeam Teeth Whitening and Udental Pro.

My Experience with the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

I have previously experimented with a couple of LED teeth-whitening products, and while they yielded some results, they were not exceptionally effective. They brightened my teeth by just one shade and then seemed to plateau, refusing to progress any further. My go-to choice had been the VieBeauti kit from Amazon, but I opted for a change and decided to try the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

My kit arrived in a swift five days, courtesy of Amazon. Following the provided instructions, I commenced the process. Now, here’s the catch: the mouthpiece is somewhat sizable, which may pose a slight inconvenience for individuals with smaller mouths. It can feel somewhat uncomfortable, but the silver lining is that you only need to wear it for 30 minutes, making it manageable.

After approximately four treatments, I began to experience a slight sensitivity in my teeth. However, this was not a deal-breaker for me. I simply took a break, and in a matter of days, the sensitivity subsided. Although my colleagues at work have been complimenting me on the improved whiteness of my teeth, I have yet to witness the transformative magic that was promised. I remain cautiously optimistic about the results.

How Much Is The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit And Where To Buy?

You can acquire this product on their official website,, or through Amazon. The price on Amazon is $149.99.

Final Verdicts

Snow Teeth Whitening revolves around the application of LED technology to provide you with professional-level results without straining your budget. After approximately four sessions, my teeth experienced some sensitivity, but rest assured, it’s not a major concern, and it typically subsides within a few days.


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