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Waist Shaper Reviews UK: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2024)

Can the Waist Shaper Shapewear contribute to the restoration of confidence? Are you contemplating its suitability for your needs? I acquired and evaluated this shapewear in search of a more favorable option. Presented herein is my review after two weeks.

What Is Waist Shaper?

The Waist Shaper, a shapewear product promoted by Waistshaperuk.com, asserts its ability to restore confidence. It purports to provide a snatched appearance to the tummy, waist, and buttocks. Customer feedback is essential to understanding the efficacy of this shapewear.

Features Offered by the Waist Shaper:

  • Snatched appearance
  • Lifted buttocks and hips
  • Instant reduction of the abdomen
  • Figure shaping
  • Customizable bra design for personal comfort.

My Whole Experience With Waist Shaper Purchase

I acquired the waist shaper both as a personal gift and for a friend, placing the order through the official website, waistshaper.com. While my order was delivered within two weeks, my friend’s order faced a delay.

Despite the passage of time since the event, my attempts to elicit a response from the company remain unanswered. Regrettably, I find myself compelled to resort to contacting trading standards—an action I have never taken before. The issue persists, and I await the company’s acknowledgment.

In terms of the product I received for myself, the shapewear exhibited incorrect sizing, necessitating that I retain it.

Waist Shaper Shapewear: Positive Aspects

  1. Affordability
  2. User-friendly website navigation

Waist Shaper Shapewear: Areas of Concern

  1. Non-receipt of second order
  2. Likelihood of incorrect sizing
  3. Unresponsiveness of customer service

Price & Purchase Option: Where to Buy?

The product is available for purchase on the official website, waistshaper.com. The listed price for a single shapewear item on their official website is GBP 29.99.

Efficacy of the Waist Shaper: Does It Really Work?

The Waist Shaper does provide temporary results; however, the purported transformative effects are largely exaggerated. Contrary to claims, the waist shaper does not induce any lasting changes in your waistline. While it won’t alter your body shape, it can offer a momentary snug fit. A dissatisfied customer expressed:

“If I could rate zero, I would. This is a scam. I wish I had seen reviews before. This person has defrauded me of £100, and I cannot recover the funds because I waited endlessly for my products to arrive.

I followed citizens’ advice and even sent a letter to the business address, but there was no response. The next course of action is the small claims court. You should be ashamed.” – Malina

Availability of Sizes: Can I Get The L Size?

Indeed, the product is offered in various sizes and colors. To determine the appropriate size, please refer to the size chart during the checkout process.

Important Considerations Before Placing an Order on Waistshaper.com

Non-Receipt of Orders

Upon ordering from this website, one may encounter challenges in receiving the intended items. Numerous online customer complaints indicate instances where orders did not reach customers as anticipated.

Lack of Responsiveness in Customer Support

The customer support provided by this company is notably unresponsive. Despite numerous attempts, including multiple emails and the completion of their online web form, no responses have been received.

Shipping Delays

Customers have reported delays in the fulfillment of orders, with the added concern of unresponsiveness from customer support even after the specified delay. Although the delivery time is advertised as four days, the actual arrival often extends to a period of two weeks.

Issues with Sizing Accuracy

There is a possibility of receiving incorrectly sized items when placing an order through waistshaper.com.

Use of Generic Products and Unresponsive Communication

The website utilizes visuals from other brands, incorporating their models. Additionally, attempts to establish communication with the company have proven futile, as there has been no response to emails.

Waist Shaper Customer Reviews

Victoria “Scam”!

“Scam. No email confirmation for order and no way of contacting them for a response. Email sent to address on website which doesnt seem to be legitimate email address and I’ve not had a response. Do not buy.”

Kasey “If I could mark zero I would SCAM wish…”

“If I could mark zero I would SCAM wish I seen reviews before this person has stole £100 pounds off me which I couldn’t claim back because I waited and waited for my products to arrive.
I even wrote a letter to the business address as advised by citizens advice and nothing the next step is small claims court you should be ashamed.”

Selecting Appropriate Shapewear: How To Choose Wisely?

  1. Ensure precise measurements of your waist and hips by referencing the provided size chart.
  2. Determine the desired level of tightness for the shapewear to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Consider the outfit you intend to wear it with, ensuring compatibility with the selected style and coverage.

Final Verdicts

Waist shapers exhibit similarities to the Pumiey Shapewear I previously tested, offering a fashionable solution suitable for various occasions or daily wear, resulting in a cinched appearance. Nevertheless, numerous customer complaints are reported on Trustpilot regarding waistshaperuk.com. It is essential to exercise caution when considering purchases from this website.


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