Wellamoon Sleep Patch Reviews

Wellamoon Sleep Reviews: Does This Sleep Patch Really Work?

Sleep aid prescription medications often come with a long list of unwanted side effects, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, prolonged drowsiness, and muscle weakness. While these medications can assist you in getting some rest, the possibility of feeling unable to function the next day may make them seem less appealing.

Scientific research has uncovered a variety of natural sleep aids that come with minimal side effects. Wellamoon comes in the form of sleep patches that incorporate some of these natural sleep aids. Also, This product has the potential to help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Who manufactures Wellamoon Sleep Patch?

“Wellamoon” is the manufacturer of Wellamoon Sleep. The official Wellamoon website does not provide any information regarding its manufacturing and production processes, and it is also unclear where Wellamoon sources its ingredients. You should also read Does Post-Meal Sleepiness Indicate Diabetes?

How Does the Wellamoon Sleep Patch Work?

The Wellamoon Patch operates by employing an innovative approach. It is a wearable patch that effectively administers a unique blend of herbal extracts and melatonin to your skin, which collaboratively encourages restorative sleep. Notably, this patch has been meticulously designed to offer a significantly higher absorption rate than competing brands, ensuring you derive the maximum benefits from its ingredients.

Here’s a breakdown of its functionality:

  1. Application: Upon affixing the patch to a clean, dry area of your skin, it gradually releases these beneficial ingredients into your bloodstream.
  2. Synergistic Effect: The combined action of these ingredients promotes relaxation and induces a natural feeling of drowsiness.
  3. Rapid Onset: Within just 30 minutes of applying the patch, you should begin to experience the gentle pull of sleep.
  4. Extended Use: For your convenience, the patch can be comfortably worn for up to 8 hours, ensuring a full night’s rest.

Wellamoon Sleep Patch Ingredients

The manufacturer states that Wellamoon’s ingredients synergize to deliver quality sleep, reduce stress, offer a sedative effect, and activate calming neurotransmitters. According to Wellamoon’s Chief Data Scientist, Megan Ramon, 82% of customers have reported experiencing more effective sleep when using our sleep patches.

You can find a list of Wellamoon’s ingredients on its official website.

  • Melatonin: Currently, there is limited research exploring the use of transdermal melatonin. Older studies suggest that transdermal melatonin may provide more sustained sleep benefits compared to orally administered neurohormone supplements because of its short elimination half-life. Delivering melatonin topically, such as through a patch, may allow for a more sustained release.
  • Folate: In a double-blind and placebo-controlled trial, magnesium supplementation significantly improved sleep time and sleep efficiency while reducing sleep latency and cortisol levels in elderly subjects with poor sleep quality. However, a recent medical review indicates that we need more clinical trials to establish the relationship between magnesium supplementation and sleep disorders.
  • Hops: Hops are the flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant and are commonly used in brewing beer. However, traditional herbalism employs hops for its sedative effects. Hops contain a flavonoid known as xanthohumol, which binds to GABA receptors to promote sleep. Research suggests that a specific combination of Saaz and Saphir Hops varieties may be more effective in addressing sleep disturbances compared to other varieties.
  • Valerian Root: A medical review of over 60 studies has concluded that valerian could serve as a safe and effective herbal intervention to promote sleep. However, this research emphasizes that the quality of valerian root varies significantly depending on its source and may influence its effectiveness. Valerian root is likely to offer the most benefits for sleep when it is of high quality and administered consistently.

Wellamoon Patch Pros

  • This product can assist you in falling asleep more easily.
  • It will also aid you in staying asleep through the night.
  • Wellamoon Sleep patches are likely to leave you waking up feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.

Wellamoon Patch Cons

  • Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not supply a certificate of analysis (COA) to verify the safety of the ingredients.
  • There is a lack of references on the Wellamoon website to substantiate their scientific claims.
  • It’s worth noting that a few of Wellamoon Sleep’s ingredients have the potential to interact with certain medications.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Wellamoon Sleep has gotten rave reviews from customers. Many people have said that they fall asleep more easily, wake up feeling refreshed, and have an overall improvement in their sleep quality. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your sleep, Wellamoon is definitely worth a try.


Wellamoon Patches presents a distinct approach to harnessing the benefits of natural sleep aids. Their transdermal delivery mechanism holds the potential to enhance the absorption of melatonin and other essential components. So, If you’ve found that traditional oral sleep supplements fall short of providing the support you need, it might be worth giving Wellamoon Sleep a shot.

While existing research has not documented any adverse effects associated with Wellamoon Sleep’s ingredients, obtaining a Certificate of Analysis (COA) could further ensure the safety of this product. We highly recommend consulting with your doctor or a healthcare professional before experimenting with Wellamoon Sleep, especially if you have an underlying medical condition or are currently taking medication.

FAQs: Consumers Also Ask

Q: Is Wellamoon Sleep safe for everyone?

A: Wellamoon Sleep is generally safe for most people, but it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplement, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Q: How much does Wellamoon Sleep cost? Where can I buy it?

A: You can conveniently purchase Wellamoon Sleep on its official website. Each box contains 28 Wellamoon Sleep Patches, and the prices are as follows:

  • One box is priced at $17.95.
  • Two boxes are priced at $33.96.
  • Three boxes are priced at $45.96.
  • Four boxes are priced at $55.96.

Q: What if I don’t like Wellamoon Sleep?

A: No problem! You can return it for a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

Q: How should I apply Wellamoon Patch?

A: To use Wellamoon Sleep effectively, apply the patch to a clean, preferably hairless area of your body about one hour before bedtime. Suitable areas for the Wellamoon Sleep patch include the forearm, thigh, shoulder, or stomach, as recommended on the Wellamoon website.

Q: Where can I compare reviews of products similar to Wellamoon Patch?

A: You can find reviews for Wellamoon Patch on its official website. Additionally, if you’re looking for similar products, you may want to explore reviews for products like Relaxium Sleep and Peptiva Sleep Support.

Q: Are there any side effects to using Wellamoon Patch?

A: The most common side effect is skin irritation. If you experience any other side effects, stop using the product and talk to your doctor.

Q: Where can I learn more about Wellamoon Patch?

A: For additional information about Wellamoon Sleep, please visit its official website.


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