Glame Hair Removal Reviews

Glame Hair Removal Handset: Does It REALLY Work? My Honest Review

Have you encountered advertisements and customer reviews on Reddit and YouTube regarding the Glame Hair Removal Handset? Are you concerned that the online enthusiasm may potentially lead to another disappointment?

Introducing the Glame Hair Removal Handset

The Glame Hair Removal Handset represents an innovative hair removal solution, positioned as a superior alternative to traditional razors and other shaving devices. Employing advanced IPL technology, it effectively inhibits hair growth, catering to various body regions, including the face and bikini area.

Upon placing your order, Glame provides the following:

  • USB Cable for charging
  • Eye protection
  • IPL Hair Removal Handset
  • Instructional manual

This comprehensive offering ensures a convenient and efficient experience for users seeking a reliable hair removal solution.

Testing Glame IPL Hair Removal Handset

I recently received the Glame Hair Removal Handset after an approximate month-long wait. My initial encounter with this product occurred through a discovery on Pinterest, prompting me to explore its features. Notably, there was a discrepancy in the shipping information, as it indicated dispatch from China, while the packaging suggested an origin in California.

Upon its arrival, my enthusiasm for the product was palpable. Having struggled for an extended period, encompassing both my teenage and adult years (I am currently 29), to find an effective solution for my bikini area, I eagerly anticipated positive outcomes.

After utilizing the device, it is essential to convey that the product appears less effective on coarse hair. Despite experimenting on my less coarse bikini area, I have yet to witness the desired results. Nevertheless, I remain committed to its usage and will persevere in the hope of achieving the anticipated outcomes.

You must avoid buying Deluxe Skin Hair Removal.

Glame Hair Removal Handset: Pros & Cons


  1. Portability and user-friendly design
  2. Applicability to all body areas
  3. Affordable pricing


  1. Ineffectiveness on coarse hair
  2. Pending observation of results
  3. Generic appearance of the product

Is the Glame Hair Removal Handset Effective?

Presently, opinions on the efficacy of this IPL device are varied. Limited customer reviews available online make it challenging to conclusively determine whether it performs as advertised. Given this, exercising caution before making a purchase is imperative.

Purchase Information

The Glame Hair Removal Handset is available for purchase on eBay and Prices may vary, and for accurate pricing, please refer to the respective websites.

Usage Guidelines

  • Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying your skin.
  • Select the appropriate intensity level and delicately glide the device over your skin.
  • Ensure comprehensive coverage of all desired treatment areas.
  • Adhere to the recommended usage frequency outlined in the manual for optimal results.
  • Always observe safety tips to prevent any potential risks.

Is the Glame Hair Removal Handset Safe?

This hair removal method is painless and entirely safe, although some may experience mild irritation in the treated area.

Investigating the Legitimacy of the Glame Hair Removal Handset

Upon examining the product, it appears to be a generic item, notably lacking features associated with IPL devices or epilators. Instead, it seems to function as an electronic razor equipped with a trimmer head and a microfoil head.

Discrepancies in Reviews

The reviews showcased on the Glame site, particularly those from Facebook, appear to be incongruent with the product in question. Descriptions such as “tiny crystals on the pad” and “rubs the hair away” suggest a mismatch, indicating that these reviews may pertain to a different product, possibly a body buffer or crystal hair eraser pad.

Notable Mention of Jody

Within authentic reviews, a reference to Jody is made. Jody offers a distinct IPL device that necessitates a preliminary form of hair removal before use, involving shaving or epilation followed by laser treatment. Interestingly, some reviews discussing pre-treatment shaving for the Glame product seem to have borrowed from other items. It’s worth noting that the Braun product, in its intended use, has proven effective—a personal endorsement from my prior purchase. I was, however, enticed by the prospect of time savings provided by an all-in-one solution such as the Glame Hair Removal Handset.

Final Note

In all honesty, the appearance of this seems remarkably favorable; however, it raises skepticism due to the existence of comparable products being marketed elsewhere under distinct names. Therefore, exercising caution in the proceeding would be advisable.


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