LegXercise Pro Reviews

LegXercise Pro Reviews: Consumer Complaints And Pricing Details!

LegXercise Pros Overview

LegXercise Pro is a medical device that promotes circulation, reduces pain, and increases mobility. The maker of the device says that “Relief is Just a Click Away,” and it simulates walking by moving the legs from a seated posture.

But are these merely promotional claims, or has LegXercise Pro really been shown to be effective? Will its impacts on health be comparable to those of walking? Which retailer offers LegXercise at the most affordable price? Furthermore, how do actual users evaluate and characterize the device’s effects?

We’ll address all of these concerns and more in this post as we examine the suggested mechanism of action for LegXercise Pro and determine whether any research supports it.

We’ll discuss our opinions on the possible health advantages of LegXercise Pro over walking, offer a price comparison showing which retailer offers LegXercise at the lowest cost, and present actual user evaluations of the product.


  • Unlikely to induce side effects.
  • Free from pharmaceutical substances.
  • Has the potential to enhance circulation.
  • Has the potential to enhance muscular function.
  • Offers convenience.
  • Simple and quick setup process.


  • No evidence of clinical testing is available.
  • Slightly higher cost.
  • Unsubstantiated claims regarding pain relief

Is LegXercise Pro Effective And Backed By Science?

It doesn’t seem like any clinical trials have been conducted on the LegXercise Pro machine.

As of the time this article was published, there were none mentioned on the brand’s website, and none could be found on PubMed, one of the biggest databases of free clinical trials.

This indicates that there is no clinical evidence linking LegXercise to any particular health benefits.

Nonetheless, clinical trials have examined comparable devices. A comparable gadget called the Leg Exercise Apparatus (LEX) was investigated for its effects on blood flow in a clinical trial that was published in the Journal of Rural Medicine.

When using the leg exercise equipment as opposed to when at rest, blood flow increased by 76%, which was higher than the usual recommended amount of exercises connected to ankle movements.

This similar gadget was demonstrated to improve muscular activation in a clinical experiment conducted in 2016.

In light of the data that is currently available, we believe that LegXercise Pro has the ability to support and enhance circulation by increasing blood flow.

Nonetheless, it might make more sense for customers to think about buying the LEX, a clinically verified gadget.

Due to the lack of proof from LegXercise Pro’s maker and the lack of data from clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of similar devices, we are unable to locate any medical evidence supporting the device’s potential for pain relief.

However, what are the opinions and ratings of actual users regarding LegXercise?

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Real Customer Reviews and Complaints about LegXercise Pro

In our opinion, Amazon serves as a more reliable resource for candid customer reviews when compared to a brand’s website.

LegXercise Pro, the flagship product from this brand, boasts an impressive track record on Amazon, garnering over 2,000 reviews and achieving an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

One notable positive review comes from a verified purchaser named “Casey Sinclair,” who gives the product a 4-star rating and describes it as convenient and effective:

“I am 80 years old, and despite various physical problems, I am having no issues using this device. I can feel its positive effects on my feet, even though it’s too early to assess its impact on edema and restless leg syndrome. Also, I plan to provide an update in a couple of weeks, but it appears promising thus far. The device is user-friendly and intuitive.”

Conversely, the leading negative review comes from a verified purchaser named “Bonnie,” who asserts that it’s a poor investment.

“This product is a $200 disappointment! It fails to improve circulation in any meaningful way. Its two-speed settings might as well be one, and neither of them provides sufficient motion to effect any change. I strongly advise against purchasing this machine; it’s a complete waste of money. Moreover, my attempts to contact the seller for a return have gone unanswered.”

IntelliBrands, LLC, the manufacturer of LegXercise, has received an average review rating of 1 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

It is noteworthy that the brand promptly addresses all customer complaints, signifying a commitment to quality. Therefore, we recommend dissatisfied customers file their complaints through this channel, as it may expedite resolution.

LegXercise Pro Reviews: Our Final Opinion

Given its design, LegXercise Pr may help individuals with limited mobility increase their range of motion, muscle function, and circulation.

The health of the elderly or physically challenged can be enhanced by any gadget that encourages greater mobility and energy use.

Having said that, LegXercise Pro doesn’t seem to have undergone clinical testing, so in our opinion, it’s not shown to offer any particular benefits and might perhaps be a waste of money.

Since LegXercise is straightforward physical equipment, we don’t think there will be any negative effects. However, users should make sure they firmly plant their feet on the ground after using the device to lower the chance of damage.

Because LegXercise Pro may enhance calorie burning, it may result in minor weight loss; however, clinical investigations have not demonstrated this benefit.

The best way for customers to save money on LegXercise purchases is to go through the official brand website.


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