Luv Flow Drops Reviews

Luv Flow Drops Reviews and Complaints: Don’t Trust Fake TikTok Videos

Luv Flow Drops are a nutritional supplement made especially for people who struggle with anxiety, tension, and poor focus. It is intended to improve both physical and mental health, as well as immunity. The product claims to show a performance rate up to 303% faster than traditional supplements and is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Lion’s Mane for mental clarity, Cordyceps for energy, Reishi for stress reduction, Chaga for general wellbeing, and Turkey Tail for immune system health are the active constituents in Luv Flow Drops.

Luv Flow Drops are an authentic supplement, but there are some unsettling aspects of the brand, such their unclaimed Trustpilot page and lack of personal social media accounts.

In this Luv Flow Drops Review, I’ll share my first-hand experience with this supplement that will help those consumers who are interested in buying this supplement. So, are you the one who is interested in buying Luv Drops? If yes, then fret not, because you’ll get all the necessary details about this supplement that will help you make an informed decision about this focus and immunity booster.

What Are Luv Flow Drops?

Luv Flow Drops is a dietary supplement that is designed to boost mental health as well as physical health and immunity. These drops will help those consumers who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and concentration issues. The manufacturer claimed that the Luv Flow Drops are made of organic adaptogenic mushrooms that are known for their ability to enhance focus, vitality, and overall health. However, do these drops really work, or are they just hyped by social media? Before getting into that, let’s see some features of this supplement.

Key features of this supplement encompass:

  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans.
  • Devoid of chemicals, additives, heavy metals, and toxins.
  • Allegedly exhibiting a performance rate up to 303% faster than conventional supplements.

Luv Flow Drops Ingredients

The active ingredients in Luv Flow are as follows:

The product comprises Organic Lion’s Mane Extract 10:1 (Hericium erinaceus), Organic Cordyceps Extract 10:1 (Cordyceps militaris), Turkey Tail Extract 10:1 (Trametes versicolor), Organic Reishi Extract 10:1 (Ganoderma lucidum), and Organic Chaga Extract 10:1 (Inonotus obliquus). A dosage of 50mg at a 10:1 ratio is commensurate with 500mg per serving.

According to the manufacturer, each ingredient in LUV Flow Drops has specific benefits, such as Lion’s Mane for mental focus, Cordyceps for energy, Reishi for stress management, Chaga for overall wellness, and Turkey Tail for immune system health.

Luv Flow Drops Ingredients Formula
Luv Flow Drops Ingredients Formula

Other Ingredients: The supplementary elements encompass MCT oil, stevia, and natural flavors.

My Experience With Luv Flow Drops

Well, as the name of my blog (Supplements 4 Fitness) suggests, I’m your gym buddy, and I’m always looking for new supplements to enhance my physical and mental health. After watching so many TikTok and YouTube videos, I thought that this product might be something I was looking for. So, after a thorough analysis, I ordered my Luv Flow Drops tincture from My tincture took almost 2 weeks to arrive, and trust me, I was pretty mad. I’ve tried so many supplements before, such as Bioma Probiotic and many others. But they didn’t take this long to arrive. Let’s forget the delivery issues and talk about the workings of this product.

The manufacturer recommended that you consume the Luv Drops daily in the morning or evening. Therefore, I simply followed the instructions mentioned on the product label. I poured five drops of Flow Drops under my tongue and waited until they dissolved in my mouth. As the brand claimed, I did feel a surge of energy in my system that encouraged me to do some more workouts.

So, after experiencing increased energy, I thought I should increase my dosage, but that gave me jitters. Therefore, I suggest that you shouldn’t increase the dosage so quickly.

Pros: What I Like About Luv Flow Drops

  • These drops provided me with a lot of energy that helped me with my workouts.
  • It improved my concentration levels and mental clarity.
  • The best thing is that I didn’t see any side effects from this supplement other than the jitteriness that I felt after overdosing.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About Luv Flow Drops

  • The supplement was a bit expensive for me.
  • The benefits weren’t permanent.

Do Luv Drops Really Work?

Yes, It does. These drops provide the same energy as an energy drink, but the difference is their ingredients. The energy drink contains a lot of caffeine, but these drops rely only on natural plant-based ingredients. After consuming these drops, you’ll feel a burst of energy that will help you do extra workouts in the gym as well as in your routine life.

Are Luv Flow Drops Scam?

Not. Luv Flow Drops are legit, but there are some concerns about this brand and I’ll talk about them below. The brand has a rating of 4.60 out of 5 based on 159 customer reviews, indicating a positive reception overall, despite varying customer perspectives.

However, it is difficult to locate them on social media because they don’t have personal accounts on any platform. Moreover, their absence from platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber, coupled with an unclaimed Trustpilot profile, adds more uncertainty. So, I won’t recommend these drops to my readers because they may be caught up in a scam. I wasn’t scammed, and that doesn’t mean that you won’t either.

Are Luv Flow Drops Scam
Are Luv Flow Drops Scam?

Many companies use the same strategy to lure consumers first, and then they steal there credit card information. They build trust from the start and then steal their money once the consumer trusts them completely. I gave this supplement a chance because of the frequent requests from my readers. Other than that, I wasn’t considering this supplement at all.

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Where To Buy Luv Flow Drops & How Much Do They Cost?

You can purchase Luv Flow Drops exclusively from the official website, The product is available in various packaging options, each priced as follows:

  • Sale price: $129.00
  • Regular price: $177.00
  • One-time purchase: $129.00
  • Subscription discount (20% off): $103.00

Luv Flow Drops Reviews And Complaints

Numerous customers who have tested this product have generously shared their insights on Among the feedback, there are observations regarding the product’s efficacy and its perceived value for money. Presented below are excerpts from some of these reviews:

“I have experienced a significant improvement in my overall well-being since incorporating this product into my daily regimen. My endurance during physical activities has notably increased, and I find myself recovering at a swifter pace. It is truly remarkable to discover a supplement that promotes both mental acuity and physical vitality.”

“While I found the effects of this product to be discernible, they were gentle. It serves as a commendable supplement for individuals seeking a mild and non-intrusive option.”

“Since integrating LUV Flow Drops into my routine, my productivity during workdays has undergone a remarkable transformation. I no longer experience mental fogginess or afternoon fatigue. The inclusion of mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps has provided me with a level of clarity and vigor surpassing that of coffee. I wholeheartedly endorse this product with a perfect rating of 10/10.”

Final Verdicts

Luv Flow Drops offer a holistic solution for stress reduction, increased energy levels, and enhanced mental focus. The benefits of Flow Drops manifest gradually yet consistently. I experienced a slight boost from Flow Drops. While it complements my fitness routine well, I anticipated a more pronounced effect.


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  1. Hello
    Yeah, my bottle seem to have taken the long route for delivery also. One dose worked great. Had to try “two doses”, walked around the rest of day feeling as if my head was attached to my shoulders with a string…and jittery to say the least. But, one dose to finish the bottle out. And it’ll be a memory from there. Thx for the right up. Maybe I’ll try the MCT Wellness. Take Care

  2. Luv drops are also sold on Amazon, are they the same? The price is $49 just wondering because someone else said they were $129 or more.

  3. It’s been more than two weeks and I still haven’t received my LUV FLOW drops. Moreover, they charged me $299, more than twice what most others paid.

    Do you have a phone number and/or a good e-mail address for these folks?

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